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David Friesen.

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Turn in the Road. Bright Light Sky. Rainbow Song. Side Step. Another Time, Another Place. Right From Wrong. Let It Be Known. Soft as Silk. Everything We Are. Open Country. Whetstone David Friesen. Turn in the Road David Friesen. Bright Light Sky David Friesen. Rainbow Song David Friesen.

A guide to multiple exposures with film - by Scott Williams - FilmNeverDie

Side Step David Friesen. Right From Wrong David Friesen. Soft as Silk David Friesen. Everything We Are David Friesen. Open Country David Friesen. Double exposure portraits may look complicated at first. During the photo-taking process, you have to make the most of what you have, be it a limited wardrobe or one location. In the editing world, confinements become endless possibilities.

You can use these to transform ordinary photographs into powerful masterpieces. But with freedom comes uncertainty too. How can you make your double exposures look unique? No matter how popular multiple exposure photographs are. Forget about them. There will always be a need for your double exposure ideas. As for the double exposure images themselves, there are thousands of different images you can choose from. From fine art to smoke bomb photography. These have sharpened my editing skills. And inspired me to look at my photos from a new perspective.

Photoshop has a great tilt-shift tool that will transform your photos into soft works of art. If you want to be extra creative, blur one of your photos instead of the entire image. Or blur everything except for one important detail.

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Shooting through windows is a fun photographic technique. But there are other ways you can create reflections. One of them is creating a double exposure with the help of a separate window photo. Take photos of different reflections.

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  6. Merge them with photos of people, animals, or simple objects. This will create moody — often abstract — photos that will add a spark to your portfolio. I love using photos of surfaces with raindrops and bokeh , as you can see. Diptychs are photo collages made of two separate images. These are a dream come true for those who love artistic photography. You can take these collages to the next level with the help of double exposures.

    They might look appealing next to each other.

    Now for Final Cut Pro X

    Or they might tell a clearer story about your subjects. If they do, place them side by side to create the ultimate double exposure diptych. Two, in this case, is much better than one. This is a great way to show off those multiple exposure photos. Sand, raindrops, rocks, wood, etc. Combining something plain with something complicated will give you a balanced result. It will also save a lot of simple photos that you might discard. I have saved hundreds of photos by taking the time to experiment with them in Photoshop.

    And those spontaneous creations are some of my most popular double exposure effects. A lack of colour will strengthen the emotions in your double exposure. If you want to express yourself in a vulnerable way, experiment with this. It gives them a unique depth and allows me to experiment with something akin to film photography.

    Nothing is as impactful as a photo of something or in our case, several things that mean everything to you. For example, nature is something I care about. My love for biology and the world inspires me to work with details that reflect these passions. Because of this, I often include nature in my double exposures. What do you love? Is there a way you could combine your interests with the help of this technique? This requires much more commitment than the other ideas.

    Multiple Exposure

    Think of a photo series based on a specific theme. This can be plants , architecture , family , a season , and so on. You can even work only with white background photos, or use only dark backgrounds for your double exposures. Challenging yourself too much will discourage you. Instead, find a theme that speaks to you and gives you the perfect amount of obstacles to overcome.

    STEP BY STEP: Set your DSLR to shoot multiple frames

    This balance will help you work on any long-term project. Especially one that demands a lot of imagination and practice. As you now know, there are no strict rules in double exposure photography. Many artists choose to work with silhouettes. But there are just as many who enjoy blending two images without making any separations 3 is a great example of this. What if you worked with silhouettes only? It would give you a fun and doable challenge. And an opportunity to show very creative sides of yourself. Use silhouettes of yourself, other people, or random objects. Try a self-portrait double exposure.

    Sometimes I create emotional double exposures.