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PornoStar Records. A Thomchris. Grooving Machine, Vol. However, the distinction between "the ducks are eating some bread" and "the ducks are eating bread" isn't super clear for English speakers. I think don't quote me here that we take a cue from most common usage here that, more often than not, when we make or hear a sentence like this, we're focussed more on what they generally consume rather than quantity, and that the sentence is more likely about "what do ducks eat" rather than "what are these ducks eating right now".

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  4. So the more "knee-jerk" translation would be "they're eating bread". But I don't think "some bread" is technically wrong without further context - I'm open to correction there. In a real-world context you would be able to tell from the rest of the conversation, visual cues, etc whether the speaker were referring to a general statement about what ducks eat, or whether he's referring to a particular group of ducks which happen to be eating a quantity of bread. I'm really tired of this use of 'some' , "the bread"is perfectly correct! English do not even use it this way, right? What this lesson is trying to teach you is ultimately that just like in English, there is a difference between Definite Articles and Indefinite Articles in French.

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    Duo is getting us familiar with the way French works in other words. Get started. Topic: French. February 21, July 4, August 6, October 3, March 30, December 2, I can't believe I'm only learning this now, thank you. May 26, August 1, March 13, March 24, Thanks very helpful, you can definitely hear the difference between le and les. October 14, February 5, Enjoy the rest of your evening, assuming you are in England, I'm in Africa.

    You got this stuff in a bag! Thanks for sharing. January 12, April 28, Nicola You sometimes use 'some' as well. August 24, What is the difference between 'de' and 'du'? May 25, January 24, February 1, February 7, Always listen for the article! April 25, May 9, Aciddentally autocorrected the last word so my answer was "The ducks ate Brad.

    December 3, December 4, The same, Robbie except for the articles Le luh and Les lay. I still dont know how to distinguish the use of mange, mangez and mangent. Can anybody tell me? December 22, March 21, January 13, How do I know it is "some bread" and not just "bread"? September 24, Hi JUbiera.

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    You can translate it both ways. Both are correct.

    September 28, How can you spot the difference between les and le by hearing? May 11, August 9, December 12, Aboluwarin April 19, The audio for me said "Les canards mangent des pommes," and I was told it was wrong, so May 29, May 30, September 2, September 8, September 9, September 10, October 31, How are we supposed to know that it is SOME bread rather than bread or the bread?

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