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But behind his commentary there lies the massive scholarship that went into his famous Latin Synopsis. His commentary draws largely on the riches of that work but presents it in a form which makes it serviceable to a much wider circle of readers. Today the Commentary will be found helpful for general Christian reading, for regular reference in the Christian home, for Bible classes and for ministers and students. Submit your testimonial. There are no testimonials yet, would you like to submit yours? Your Testimonial.

Approx pp. Add to wishlist. Email address. Join waitlist. Testimonials Submit your testimonial There are no testimonials yet, would you like to submit yours? RefTagger is a free web tool which converts all the Bible references eg Acts on your website, blog, etc, into active verse popups. Hover over the verse for popup in your choice of various translations see below. You can even copy and paste the Biblical text in the popup box. When you click the link, the verse can be read in context which is always advisable if you have time, for context is king in interpretation!

This tool is used extensively on preceptaustin to encourage you to read the actual words of God rather than just the Scripture annotation see Isaiah , 11, Lk ASV. TheWord is similar in some ways to E-sword below. Many of the resources are free, but some of the newer commentaries are paid modules. This resource has a tool that I use 's of times a day if I am writing commentaries.

The tool is a Scripture pop-up select the version you prefer. Here's how it works - Let's say I am reading a blog and encounter a Scripture reference. You can adjust the program to close the reference automatically or keep it open until you force it to close. You can copy just the Bible book chapter and the entire chapter pops up e. You can change the font size of the pop up so if you are old like me so you can easily read the reference.

And this tool works anywhere the Scripture is found - internet pages, emails, Microsoft Word documents, other Bible programs, etc. In sum, this little tool is a jewel if you want to actually read the Scripture or copy it to a Word document or Web page on which you are working.

Click to see links that will take you to a large and growing number of resources compatible with TheWord. In my opinion the best resource an all of them are free is Wordmodules Downloads.

3 Volume Set

If you are short on cash, download TheWord and the free add-on resources and you will be pleasantly surprised at the depth of digital study you will be able to perform. E-Sword is one of the best free software available. It can be downloaded at no charge with a large number of helpful resources.

It is easy to use and includes a well done online visual tutorial. Most of the current commentaries are generally ones prior to , which means that comments on Bible prophecy are not generally in line with most conservative, evangelical, literalist interpretations. There are some excellent Greek word study tools like A.

Zodhiates Complete Greek and Hebrew dictionary is available for purchase. Bible Explorer - Another free Bible program is Bible Explorer very similar to Wordsearch which has a lengthy list of free Bible translations, commentaries, etc Click to see the list of free books. If you are looking to purchase the most complete Bible software product available, one that "does it all" and then some , you need to consider Logos Bible Software.

Because of the increasing number of resources one needs to be very discerning [Acts note ] as many of the newer resources are neither conservative nor evangelical. The Logos program also has a steep learning curve, requires a robust computer and yet still tends to be run slow compared to other Bible programs , and is expensive. The negatives aside, Logos is hands down my "go to" program for in depth, serious Bible research for it allows me to easily search over my library of 23, April, My library of resources includes over "personal books" I have made. This feature is wonderful if you have material in digital format you can convert to Microsoft Word Documents Docx files , for then the Logos program will compile the Docx file into a fully searchable book that integrates seamlessly with the commercial resources produced by Logos.

This feature alone is "worth the price of admission" in my opinion See Personal Book Builder. Wordsearch also has a very good Bible program, albeit much less expensive than Logos and with fewer resources although they have been purchased by Lifeway and will doubtless increase their inventory.

Their resources are generally less costly than Logos. For the person who does not want to invest thousands of dollars, Wordsearch would be a very reasonable alternative to Logos. Wordsearch also offers all of Adrian Rogers' excellent sermons in digital format as well as a number of other sermon series not carried by Logos. Study Bibles - free online. Excellent notes. Literal interpretation. Interprets the text literally.

Click on "Library" on left side of page. Select "Study Bible Notes. Reformation Study Bible - Brief notes. Evangelical but does not always interpret the text literally especially in eschatological passages so please be a Berean - Acts This excellent conservative resource was compiled by Dr.

Reuben A.

Biblical Commentaries Online

Torrey around the turn of the 20th century and to this day consists of over , cross references, the most comprehensive collection of Scriptural cross references available in a single resource. You have probably heard the axiom that Scripture never contradicts Scripture and thus is always the best commentary on Scripture see discussion - Compare Scripture with Scripture.

Therefore as you study God's Word develop the habit of taking a few moment to check for pertinent TSK cross references that can aid interpretation. Click here for a discussion and example of the use of TSK reference system in the interpretation of the Bible. Respected Bible expositor Dr. There are at least 3 reasons you want to supplement your Bible's "built in" marginal references with with the TSK :.

Keep in mind that as excellent as Torrey's cross references are, they were composed by a man and thus will be tainted with his theological bias. There are numerous web sites with the TSK resource available but one of the most comprehensive sites available is Studylight. If you type in book and chapter without verse, the search retrieves the complete listing of references for that chapter in the right margin.

Studylight also allows you to set the default translations so that all references are retrieved in that version. E xpository Studies on Romans and Ephesians by Dr. Wayne Barber. Ephesians - Dr Barber's exposition of the book of Ephesians. There are 86 messages with a strong emphasis on how to live the "victorious Christ life". You can't. He never said you could. But He can and He always said He would! Caveat - While I agree with Major Thomas' pithy saying, be aware that this does not condone "passivity. That saying suggests that it is God's sovereignty and power, but that we have no responsibility.

A more accurate statement is "Let God and let's go! Our part can only be carried out relying on God's part, but the point is that we do have a "part" to play! Does that make sense? A Testimony of Jesus Christ. Anthony Garland has written A Testimony of Jesus Christ which is a verse by verse commentary on the book of the Revelation from a conservative , futuristic , literal viewpoint. If you agree that literal interpretation is the safest and most accurate way to interpret Scripture, you will find that Garland's work is one of the best resources available on the book of the Revelation.

Garland's comments are based on a literal interpretation. His straightforward approach will help reveal the Revelation which was God's intended purpose for giving it to the Church, as shown even by the Greek word for " Revelation ," apokalupsis , which conveys the idea of "taking the lid off" so as to remove the cover and expose to open view that which was heretofore not visible, known or disclosed! Indeed, The Revelation was not written to confuse the saints but to encourage, edify and equip us to fight the good fight of faith, fully confident cp Ro note of the fact that Jesus Christ will return as King of kings and Lord of lords and triumph over all evil Rev note!

Many say the study of prophecy is so controversial and confusing it should be minimized and thus many churches today assiduously avoid preaching on prophecy. To be sure, prophecy study tends to attract folks that offer sensationalistic or "off the wall" interpretations, but that is all the more reason to "be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, handling accurately the word of truth.

For multiple other resources click Revelation. Let's look at one more example below using the interesting passage Genesis after the "Fall" where God is pronouncing the consequences the woman face. You will find this note very interesting especially if you have ever taken the Precept course "Marriage Without Regrets". NET Bible Genesis To the woman he said, I will greatly increase your labor pains with pain you will give birth to children. You will want to control your husband 48 but he will dominate 49 you.

Many interpreters conclude that it refers to sexual desire here, because the subject of the passage is the relationship between a wife and her husband, and because the word is used in a romantic sense in Song My note: this is an error - "desire" is actually in Song of Solomon not SS However, this interpretation makes little sense in Gen In Gen the Lord announces a struggle, a conflict between the man and the woman. She will desire to control him, but he will dominate her instead. This interpretation also fits the tone of the passage, which is a judgment oracle.

See further Susan T. This also is part of the baser human nature. Ray Stedman Library. Pastor Stedman's commentaries are devotional, easy to read and filled with practical applications, all from a conservative, evangelical perspective. The Power of His Presence : see below Mark Mitchell has compiled a full year of devotions based on the excellent writings of Ray Stedman.

This resource is highly recommended for your devotional reading this year. Adventuring Through the Bible : 66 messages given over 4 years with each message providing an overview of one book of the Bible. One additional message addresses the silent years between Malachi and Matthew. Available in MP3 format for your Ipod! This resource would be a great supplement to your system for reading through the Bible in a year.

Advice and Reviews

Bible Commentary by David Guzik. Conservative brief verse by verse commentary on the entire Bible. Along with the resource by Constable below, Guzik is one of the few entire Bible commentaries from a contemporary writer which is freely available on the internet. The comments on prophecy are definitely conservative, evangelical and literal. As mentioned earlier a good guide to determine whether a given author interprets Scripture literally, is to read their comments on Revelation 20, specifically regarding the " years" mentioned six times eg read Guzik's notes on Revelation 20 Note that the Guzik's commentary at Studylight.

Click here for the most up to date collection of Guzik's commentaries. Studylight has an interesting tool called " Verse-by-Verse Bible Commentary " - This allows you to quickly see the comments from multiple resources without having to leave the page.

Most of the commentaries however tend to be older pre See also Studylight's collection of over 90 Bible commentaries - Bible Commentaries. Remember also to check the Preceptaustin. Expository Notes on all 66 Books of the Bible. Thomas Constable Expository Notes include notes on all 66 books and takes a conservative, literalist approach to the Scriptures.

Dr Constable's website also includes James Van Dine's Bible Analyses which has an introduction to each book historical context, literary structure, etc. Some of the Commentaries on the Web written prior to The commentaries below freely available on the Web but all are of "older vintage". Although they are generally conservative, these commentaries tend not to be literal and futuristic in their interpretation of prophetic passages C lick collection on the Revelation. Scroll down to the categorization by author's interpretative approach to prophecy See similar evaluation under Daniel Commentaries.

Exposition of the Entire Bible by John Gill. Click Spurgeon's assessment of Gill. Treasury of David Psalms by C. Highly recommended to supplement your personal study in the Psalms. This magnum opus has no peer. Read the psalms devotionally and inductively and then compare your observations, interpretations and applications with Spurgeon's powerful, often pithy remarks.

Jamieson, Fausset, Brown Commentary - Of all the pre commentaries, this one tends to give the most literal interpretation of the Scriptures and therefore does not generally replace Israel with the church.

Daniel Defended : - Bibliography

Sample excerpt of eschatological prophetic, apocalyptic passage Zechariah - " gather all nations, etc. If Antichrist be the leader of the nations, it seems inconsistent with the statement that he will at this time be sitting in the temple as God at Jerusalem 2Thessalonians ; thus Antichrist outside would be made to besiege Antichrist within the city. But difficulties do not set aside revelations: the event will clear up seeming difficulties Ed : Interesting statement! Compare the complicated movements, Daniel - note.

Temporal blessings and spiritual prosperity shall go together in the millennium: long life Isaiah , peace Isaiah note , honor Isaiah , righteous government Isaiah ; Isaiah Pulpit Commentary PC - This is a commentary has brief expositions plus homilies with each verse. Although the Pulpit Commentary is impressive in size and is generally theologically conservative, as with most of the commentaries written prior to , it is not recommended as your primary commentary but only as a secondary resource.

One must be especially discerning when reading the Old Testament comments specific those related to prophecy as the PC unfortunately frequently misinterprets the promises to Israel as promises given to the Church. For example, in the PC's commentary on the book of Isaiah, the word " church " is used times, despite the fact that the church is not found in the Old Testament. Paul's "commentary" clearly states that the "church" was "the mystery which has been hidden from the past ages [including Isaiah] and generations" Col note!

In the PC comments on the book of Isaiah there is only a single mention of the "millennium" and even that mention is not interpreted correctly compared with 52 mentions in the highly more literal Bible Knowledge Commentary. In fact, a literal reading of the book of Isaiah reveals it to be filled with direct and indirect allusions to a future time period which correlates very well with the year, " Millennial " period of Revelation If you attempt to read the book of Isaiah from an amillennial no literal millennium perspective, many of the chapters cannot be interpreted literally which leads to a strained and often inaccurate interpretation of Isaiah's many prophecies which deal directly with Israel's future, including the believing remnant of Jews and the promised millennial kingdom.

Here is one example in which the Pulpit Commentary spiritualizes the interpretation of the famous prophecy in Isaiah note. The Pulpit Commentary writes that " the mountain of the Lord's house " is " the Church, the true Zion " which is clearly a misinterpretation. Zion, the location of the holy temple in Jerusalem. MacArthur Study Bible. The Bible Knowledge Commentary agrees that Isaiah's description " refers to the mount where the Temple was built.

The second allusion to mountains in context however does not refer to literal mountains but is a figure of speech using mountains to refer to a kingdom as is done elsewhere in the Old Testament - see " great mountain " in Daniel note , cp Jer where mountain is a metaphorical description of Babylon. In the interest of being "fair and balanced" it is also possible to interpret the first mountain as a reference to the kingdom of Israel as the leading "chief" kingdom over all the other kingdoms of the earth.

Either of these interpretations makes good sense in the context , but to interpret this phrase as "the Church" is nonsense and confuses the meaning of the entire prophecy in Isaiah 2. Notice also that clearly this prophecy was given to Judah and Israel Isa - note , so even if one tried to say the Church is Israel based on Gal - see The Israel of God , they would not be able to explain Isaiah's mention of Judah, for nowhere is Judah called the "church.

For a short introduction to the science of Biblical interpretation hermeneutics , including allegorical interpretation, see The Art and Science of Interpretation. In summary, although conservative commentaries written prior to can be very enlightening resources and many are listed in the book collections on this website , the wise student of the Word, will first perform a careful inductive study of the passage this caveat is especially true of prophetic passages where specific commentaries can vary "wildly" so that he or she will not misled by the comments in the commentary.

All this said, the Pulpit Commentary as well as all the commentaries written prior to can be very useful, but the wise student will " examine present imperative everything carefully; hold fast present imperative to that which is good" and " abstain present imperative from every form of evil. A W Pink's Archive. Pink's commentaries are available for Old and New Testament books and are filled with pointed insights and applications.

Pink is always worth consulting if he has written a commentary on the book you are studying. Please see the caveat regarding his works. See also discussion of Approach to Interpretation. Expositions of Holy Scripture by Alexander Maclaren Alexander Maclaren was one of Great Britain's most notable and famous preachers.

Maclaren published a number of books of sermons and climaxed his ministry by publishing his monumental Expositions of Holy Scripture click for another source which consists of expository essays covering most books of the Bible and are characterized by a devotional flavor. While pastoring the Union Chapel, Manchester , he was known as "the prince of expository preachers.

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The risen life of Jesus is the nourishment and strengthening and blessing and life of a Christian. Our daily experience ought to be that there comes, wavelet by wavelet, that silent, gentle, and yet omnipotent influx into our empty hearts, this very life of Christ Himself. The trust which Christ requires is the bond that unites souls with Him; and the very life of it is entire committal of myself to Him in all my relations and for all my needs, and absolute utter confidence in Him as all sufficient for everything that I can require.

There is nothing more impotent than words which lie dormant in our brains and have no influence on our lives. We must have the glory sink into us before it can be reflected from us. In deep inward beholding we must have Christ in our hearts, that He may shine forth from our lives. Did any of you, parents, ever hear your child wake from sleep with some panic, or fear, and shriek the mother's name through the darkness?

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Was not that a more powerful appeal than all words? And, depend upon it, that the soul which cries aloud on God, The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, though it have "no language but a cry," will never call in vain. It is not a house, it is only a vestibule.

The grave has a door on its inner side.

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  • Other Bible Translations especially the Amplified Version :. Although you may not have thought of different versions of the Bible as potential "commentaries", you might be surprised at the insights that can be gleaned from reading a passage, paragraph or chapter studied using a different version. In this regard I would highly recommend the relatively literal Amplified Version which can function much like a "mini-commentary", often expanding the meaning of the passage. To help you use this version as a "mini-commentary", be aware that the Amplified Version uses parentheses - - to identify an alternative Greek or Hebrew definition of the preceding word or phrase.

    In other words, you can take these alternative "definitions" and substitute them for the preceding word or phrase and it would still be a relatively literal rendering of the original Greek or Hebrew text e. On the other hand when you see a notation in brackets - [ ] - this represents more of an explanatory or amplifying comment on the preceding word or phrase to help and helps clarify the meaning of the passage.

    In contrast to the notes in parentheses, the notes in brackets represent words that are not present in the original Greek or Hebrew text. See the chart below to compare the literalness of various translations, keeping in mind that the more literal the translation, the closer it follows the original Greek or Hebrew and the less interpretative it is. In regard to using other Bible versions to aid your study of a passage, do not restrict your study to a paraphrased version.

    Paraphrased versions represent a restatement of the passage with the goal being to give the meaning in another form and thereby can aid one's comprehension. As noted in the chart below , paraphrased versions are the least literal and the most interpretative.