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Check out our facts about the United States of America! Fancy joining? Landscape, wildlife and nature of the USA The landscape varies across this large country — from the tropical beaches of Florida to the snowy peaks of the Rocky Mountains , from the rolling prairie lands and barren deserts in the west to the huge areas of dense wilderness in the north. US government and economy Citizens over the age of 18 years old vote to elect the President and Vice President of the United States every four years. Picture of the Gateway Arch in St.

Louis, Missouri: pawel. Picture of Zion Canyon in Utah: bjul, Shutterstock. All other pictures: Getty Images UK. What do you make of our USA facts? Let us know by leaving a comment below! Save Avatar Randomize. Bahamas facts! Learn all about these terrific tropical islands…. Germany Facts Find out all about the cool country of Germany…. India facts: discover this incredible country Learn about the vibrant culture of India…. Cookies are small text files that we send to your computer or mobile phone to make our websites work better.

We hope this is okay but if not, you can opt-out if you wish. Fun Facts on the Great Depression for kids Need help with your homework? Can you answer the following questions about the Great Depression; what was the depression? Which state became known as 'The land of milk and honey'?

Read our fact sheet on the topics to learn the answers to these questions and learn new information about American history. Discover interesting information with our funny and fast facts for kids via videos. Every article has a different funny video to make the learning process easy, fast and fun.

USA facts: get ready for the lowdown on the Land of Opportunity!

Great for kids and children of all ages and ideal for homework help and as a free aid to teachers and parents. Our funny videos contain information about every subject and are guaranteed to help with knowledge retention making the whole learning process quick and easy. Enjoy our funny videos on U. States, the American Flag, American culture, American food and places of interest.

Info the easy way with our free, funny videos on every topic.


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Fun Facts on the American Flag for kids. Fun Facts on American Food for kids. Fun Facts on American History for kids. Fun Facts on Native Americans for kids.

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Fun Facts on North America for kids. Lowest Point : Death Valley.

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Here are also some of the hottest places in the world. First records are found on the island of Greenland from about Indigenous people lived in various clusters from small family groups to large empires across the whole continent.

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The European explorers arrived in larger numbers only after Christopher Columbus discovered America in There were power struggles between the colonisers from England, France and Spain as well as revolutions of the local indigenous people which later led to the creation of the different independent states. People of North America : Before the Europeans arrived in North America, the indigenous and native Americans were the people who lived on the continent.

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Today, the biggest groups of native Americans are the Cherokee, Navajo and Iroquois people. In Mexico, the largest indigenous minority groups are Mayan. Mayan people are the largest ethnic group and many live also in Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and Honduras. Spanish and French are spoken by many as second language in the USA, while Spanish is the most common first language in Central America and French is spoken also as first language in Canada.

Animals: In North America there are brown bears, coyotes, racoons, moose, jaguars and many other animals. North America is also home to many endangered animals such as the American bison, the banana bat or the cougar.

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Cougars are also called pumas or mountain lions. Agricultural produce such as grains barley, wheat, sorghum and vegetables such as corn, soybean as well as sugar beet, peanuts and tobacco. National Geographic Education. Last accessed: Death Valley National Park.