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They were about halfway through breakfast when Michael stood up and faced the door, growling.

Police investigating vicious dog attacks on sheep - Farmers Weekly

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Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Sheep

It's not wise to cross the sheep farmer. Get a free audiobook. Death Follows the Sheep Farmer. Kevin Cochran has occupied the farm for 33 years, and was left devastated after his sheep were attacked. Out of 29 sheep in the field, one died on the scene, 11 were put to sleep by the vet, four were untouched and the rest had to be stitched up due to being left with serious injuries. Describing the animals' injuries, Kevin's daughter, Caroline said: "There were legs hanging off, throats ripped out, one was laid down on its stomach and we thought it was fine but when we rolled it over, its insides had been ripped out.

Caroline claims that the attack was carried out by two Hungarian Vizsla's, although this has not been confirmed by police. In response to the terrible attack, messages of support have been flooding in from the local community, who are also contributing for a GoFundMe page.

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Kevin and his family, who raised the sheep that were injuried by hand, have been left overwhelmed by the support. He said: "I have lived and farmed here for 33 years and it has been a privilege to look after the countryside in this beautiful area. When this occurs it is very traumatic and the worst sight to see for any animal owner. Sheep are very timid animals and the stress caused by dogs running [after] them can cause them to go into shock and die.

All money raised on the GoFundMe page will go towards vets bills and having the dead stock removed. The incident has been reported to Lancashire Police , who is currently investigating. Anyone with information can contact police on , or contact Crimestoppers UK anonymously via If you would like to make a donation, visit the GoFundMe page here. Thank you for subscribing See our privacy notice.