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Twilight realizes she can't fight Chrysalis and opts to let her friends go, but this is further part of the Queen's trap - to now consume her love and control Twilight's magic for herself. As the Secretariat Comet passes overhead, both Twilight and the Queen feel a surge in their magical abilities, and fight each other with magic. Twilight succeeds after recalling how much the love of her friends means to her, allowing her to overwhelm the Queen with a powerful burst of magic that bests the Queen. The Mane Six rescue the Crusaders and regroup outside the castle, along with the arrival of the battle-damaged Princess Celestia and Spike.

Celestia apologizes for not being there sooner as she and Spike had to defend Canterlot from a horde of giant magical cocktrices which also tried using the comet's magic surge to cause trouble. As they all relate their tales, Chrysalis finds herself locked inside their castle, and having to deal with her minions entranced by Pinkie's animated costume silliness. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account.

God Save Us from the Queen! Scootaloo : She was all "I'mma' getchoo Twilight! And your little pony friends too"! Sweetie Belle : And you'll never be able to take away Twilight's magic, she's a bajillion times the Rainbow Dash : Did you just use the words "excitement" and "research" in the same sentence?

Fluttershy : The vampiric jackalope and the chupacabra are natural enemies. They'll fight for dominance over the rights to eat us.

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Pinkie Pie: Luckily, I always travel with an "I'm sorry" cake! I also have "I am sorry" goodie bags! Twilight Sparkle: Uh, Pinkie, I don't think we have time for cake Almost instantly, the group are attacked by the heard of animals and kidnapped. The following morning, Applejack and Rarity check on their respective sisters.

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Applejack suggest that Apple Bloom can try and get her Cutie Mark in Astronomy while Rarity asks how Sweetie Belle is doing, only to get a stoic response. The two know something is wrong with their little sisters, but are confused as to what.

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  6. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash checks on Scootaloo and gets a similar response. Worried, though more so for her pride, Rainbow Dash tells her friends what happened. Twilight and Applejack both realize something must be up.

    My Little Pony: FIENDship is Magic #5: Queen Chrysalis

    As Fluttershy and Pinkie discuss it, the group are attacked by the crowd. The group of friends take refuge in Golden Oak Library. Twilight is able to deduce that the threat they are currently facing is probably the changelings. Twilight orders Spike to write a letter to Princess Celestia , he does so, but it was required to be spellchecked and rewritten 'a few times'.

    Contracts of Steed [Changeling: The Lost]

    Twilight almost instantly receives a reply, but it isn't a reply she wants it to be. Instead, it's a form-letter citing that Princess Celestia can not be reached due to a royal emergency. Pinkie Pie on the other hand comes up with a plan. She decides to blend into the crowd by acting like one of the pony snatchers. Their plan goes surprisingly well, with only to changelings drawing suspicion, but quickly loses interest and leaves them be. Discussing near the pod of Derpy Hooves , the group wonders where all the ponies could be. Spike points out the green, eerie, glowing gazebo, saying it probably be an obvious place.

    Now at the Gazebo, the Ponies and Spike man their stations and prepare for a big brawl.

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (IDW) Issue 1 to 4 / Recap - TV Tropes

    At first confused as to where the changelings are hiding, they quickly get confronted. Before the battle begins, a group of changelings transform into Pinkie Pie in order to confuse the ponies. Of course, Pinkie is the only one to not find that worrisome and instead views it as a potential party.

    The battle goes surprisingly smoothly in the ponies favor, with Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Applejack defeating several changelings without breaking a sweat. Fluttershy is reluctant to fight since she feels lie she'd be hurting Pinkie in the process, but after a changeling socks Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy goes ballistic. In order to keep confusion and friendly fire to a minimal, Rarity gives Pinkie Pie a new hairdo in order to differentiate her from the crowd of Pinkie Pie changelings. Just after this, Rarity blast several changelings with magic. Although the fight started off well, the ponies are starting to get overwhelmed by their sheer numbers.

    Twilight realizes that they have to take them all out at once, which gives Pinkie an idea. They all get behind the pink pony while she blasts the changeling horde with her cannon, incapacitating them all at once. The ponies begin to open the pods and free the civilians of Ponyville.

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    As this is happening, Spike suffers from a coughing fit. As it turns out, he had an odd orb sent to him. As the ponies discuss what it could be, with Fluttershy wondering if it was an egg and Twilight hoping it was a message from the Princess. As it turns out, it's a message from Queen Chrysalis herself. Applejack and Rarity threaten the Queen, but she laughs it off.

    Chrysalis shows off that she has the three fillies locked away, but Rarity wonders if they're real. After Apple Bloom makes a remark about getting her cutie mark by being fillynapped, Applejack is convinced they're real.