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There is still some skepticism and concerns among small traders and mom-and-pop stores; since they have never paid taxes. There are transition challenges and hurdles to a smooth implementation. Incorporating the recent changes in the reporting of returns is an additional challenge when it comes to being GST-ready. Industry is expecting the government to issue the requisite notifications soon, including the effective date of GST levy, eligible exemptions and concessions, and negative list of services.

Without this, effective transition planning is impossible," he writes.

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Problems that surfaced during the first phase of the testing have been resolved. Some changes were made to the rules. Those changes we have absorbed now, so there is no time to do beta testing for that. Other than that, we have done all other tests. So, we are fairly confident of the system. Part of the uncertainty is figuring out the impact of GST on goods and services and whether it will have any inflationary impact for consumers.

On Thursday, the Finance Minister met with industry representatives urging them not to increase prices. According to Business Standard , one official said, "The finance minister asked the industry representatives to pass on the benefit of the GST to the end user. The broad message was that GST should not be inflationary and that prices should either remain stable or come down. As the unprecedented economic reform rolls out, it will be met in part by protests and strikes across the country as not everyone is on board. Demanding changes in the GST regime, the Bharatiya Udyog Vyapar Mandal which represents traders' associations and small and medium enterprises SMEs said it would go on a day long strike on Friday.

Their secretary said, "We have several issues with the GST system and rates.

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The tax on some of the items will be fatal for SMEs. MP: Business traders called for a bandh protesting against implementation of GST, all major markets in Bhopal to remain shut today pic. Soumya Kanti Ghosh, group chief economic advisor of the State Bank of India, said, "There will be formalisation of the economy, broadening of the tax base and this will lead to better tax collection.

Not even the decency of a puff of smoke. Cursing all things dwarvish, I turned east and saw the first faltering rays of dawn, turning the sky the colour of blood.

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  • The land of Zirconyx has a history. Strange, wonderful, and very very long, as histories get. Most of it is unwritten, passed on in songs and legends rather than books, changing by the season. However, singers and scribes all agree that the world used to be far larger than it is today. Its many climates offered life to thousands of different species, man and beast, plant and animal, even rock brought to life by the magic coursing through the earth. There are still old maps that show some of those places, but they are lost to us now.

    Lost in the mist. It started under the rule of King Napadori the Fair. Life was decent. Plagued by migraines during the day and terrible nightmares at night, there was no safe place for his mind to hide. The sickness left him a jittering, paranoid wreck.

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    His eyes saw shadows and knives in every corner. He ordered his court wizards to scry to the very Edge of the World, searching for his enemies. But the closer they got to the Edge, the more their magical visions clouded over. Their scrying glasses would crack, and their crystal balls would shatter.

    That had never happened before. Napadori cursed them for oathbreakers and incompetents, and dismissed all the wizards from court, banishing them back to their great library in the Glow Mountains. Scarred men, and broken, half-mad with fear. The stories blew across Zirconyx like a cold wind. A thick, terrible mist had swallowed the neighbouring kingdoms and empires, all helpless to stop it. Cold shapes moved through the haze, killing as they faded in and out of sight.

    When the stories reached them, the banished wizards came running back to court.

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    The fog they called Erebus was closing in on Zirconyx like a tightening noose. The crown passed to his heir, a more decent man, but the banished wizards chose to remain in exile. As a last resort, the wizards, the scholars, the necromancers and the spellweavers of Zirconyx all set aside their differences for one great purpose, joining their power together to weave the greatest magical spell in history.

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    Day and night they worked, forging raw magic into a great shimmering dome of protection surrounding what was left of the kingdom. A spell powerful enough to hold the mist at bay. When they were done, the wizards returned to court to bring their news before the royal family, only to be stymied by what they found. The entire royal family had disappeared. The serving staff had run off in terror. Once turned up, they claimed that King Napadori had returned at the head of a host of dead men, and gone down, deep into the bowels of the castle.

    There were things lurking down there, it was said, and a great doorway between dimensions hidden somewhere below. Sign Up. Chaos Tryst. Synopsis Ariana Golde may be known for breaking and entering but she's no thief, she's a returner. She retrieves stolen objects and gives them back to their rightful owners. Her latest job: retrieving a statue from the Medveds. But Ari's returner magick doesn't lie: the heirloom has a new rightful owner.

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    But while Ariana enjoys a touch of chaos, Maks hates its destructive power. When Ari and Maks team up to find her mystery client, their chaos magicks ignite even faster than their attraction. Can Maks learn to love a little chaos, or will the havoc they cause among the faebled creatures drive him away for good?