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Jim works effectively to provide value to all markets, customers and resellers. Mayra also happens to love programming, she values clean, well-crafted code created through best practices and patterns over anything else. Proud Mexican and cat enthusiast, in her spare time Mayra enjoys geeky stuff in general like books, movies, TV series and of course, cats. Brendan has a passion for software development and iterating on processes just as quickly as we iterate on code. He is a zealous advocate for the user experience.

Brendan can still remember what his first computer - a Tandy - felt like to use and break Brendan has worked with a wide range of customers - from the nation's top healthcare institutions to environmental services companies to the Department of Defense. The only thing more eclectic is probably his taste in music.

Outside of work, you'll find Brendan with 1 to 4 kids hanging off of him at any given time or occasionally finding a moment alone to build something in his workshop. He's always working on something, so you can usually find him in front of the keyboard. Jesse loves helping businesses achieve their goals through creative use of intelligent software solutions. Prior to joining GitLab, Nadia ran a small recruiting agency, mostly working with International companies and specifically passionate about remote working.

When she's not working, she is hiking with her family, running or taking her Scott Spark 29'er for a spin! Takuya is a software engineer specializing in digital transformation from Tokyo, Japan. He focuses on keeping GitLab easier to contribute, as well as fixing bugs and adding features. JP communities. As of May , they have reached more than 1, members.

He is also one of the Cloud Native Ambassadors of Cloud Native Computing Foundation to encourage developers to adopt a cloud native computing paradigm for various kinds of applications and systems. Hannah is a technology sales professional who is passionate about introducing new solutions that help her customers deliver amazing results and in turn help organizations drive business value. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family outdoors in beautiful Colorado and trying her hand at any recipe she sees. Jan loves Linux and software development.

When he is not working, he likes skiing and reading Terry Pratchett's books. She currently lives in Chicago, IL with her family and enjoys, scuba diving, hiking and eating Italian food. Brooke is a Seattle Native who loves to stay active by getting outside - rain or shine! Prior to joining GitLab, Brooke ran the lead generation efforts for a predictive analytics start-up, where the firm earned the Business Analytics Microsoft Partner of the Year Award.

In her free time Brooke enjoys hiking, snowboarding, beach volleyball, tennis, and yoga. Paul has spent the last 17 years helping clients implement and adopt new technology solutions that help drive business value. In his spare time he loves playing with his two young children, excercising and cheering on The Patriots! Prior to working at Gitlab, Michael was developing his sales skills at curvature. He loves to rock climb, play with his dog, and build awesome things! Prior to working at Gitlab, Adam has worked in technology recruiting and adtech sales.

When he is not working, Adam loves stand up comedy and exploring New York City. Before joining Gitlab, Thiago worked in a variety of technical roles in Brazil. He enjoys biking around his city, reading and spending time with his family in his spare time. I'm a listener, a story teller, an agilist, a part time runner, an avid college football fan and loyal husband and friend. I like to look at life like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. Make your own way, but most importantly, have fun while doing it.

If you can find like-minded people to share your adventure with, you've already won. I enjoy bad puns, making people laugh and especially learning new things. Also, there's not a home project that I won't attempt at least once. Smile, learn something new today and if you can, make a new friend.

Developer in a past life, Patrick now enjoys helping large companies make meaningful leaps in how they use new technology. Katherine is passionate about universal design and how it enhances user experience research. She has a B. Katherine enjoys writing poetry, studying languages, and watching Bollywood movies in her free time. Outside of work, Justin enjoys good food, good wine and assists in the running of a target shooting club not at the same time as enjoying good wine.

Ralph has beek selling enterprise software for many years and has worked at some very successful startups. He is a dog lover and owns a Pit Bull. He enjoys time with his family, working out,reading, and tries to play golf when he can. Ralph also believes in making good relationships with everyone he meets. Craig has plus years experience in software sales and has been providing innovative technology solutions to Federal Government customers for more than a decade. He enjoys running, hiking, traveling, music, photography, reading and spending time with family and friends.

While he greatly enjoys playing guitar, he has been advised not to quit his day job. He lives in the Nashville metro area. James specializes in application security, penetration testing, and software development. Prior to GitLab, he was at Apple hacking all the things. His goal is to help GitLab succeed in the most secure way possible. He also has a passion for drinking great beer and eating exceptional food. Namho is a support engineer with experience in web development and Linux systems administration. Originally from Cambridge, UK. While running a political news site for close to seven years, she was bitten by the tech bug and has been doubling down into that world ever since.

Hailing from a town known for its fantastical culinary offerings, Aricka is a big time foodie that's always on the prowl for a new restaurant or recipe. Jacopo is a software developer from Brescia, Italy. He started to contribute to GitLab in late He focuses on bug fixes and new features in various sides of the app: backend, frontend, api, quality.

He enjoys test automation and static code analysis tools. In his spare time he enjoys gym training and watching programming talks. Upon graduation he spent two years serving in Peace Corps, Benin helping local non-profits and other volunteers with technical projects. After a 2 year stay in rural Japan, he spent 9 years in Cambodia as the IT Director of an education-focused non-profit. Lyle now lives with his family in Vancouver, Canada. He enjoys learning languages, playing with his children and eating delicious things at in the city's many excellent restaurants. She has a long background in support and Dev Ops, in companies large and small.

She loves a good puzzle. In her free time she takes a lot of garment fitting and sewing workshops, and is the slave to two dogs and two cats at home. Laci is a lifelong technologist and surfer. From evangelizing open source for the water sector to hacking on code and infrastructure, Laci has had the fortune of finding himself surrounded by great people doing greater things, and benefiting from both. When not hanging out with his wife, three kids, two cats, and a dog, Laci can be found shapping tool handles in the woodshop or paddling around the pacific looking for the next magical wave.

Born and raised in the Bay Area of California, I've grown up loving the outdoors and disruptive technology companies. From working with small companies at the start of my career to Fortune 10 businesses later on, I've always put the customer first. My passion is understanding and solving an organizations most difficult problems. I live with my beautiful wife and our dog among the trees in the Oakland Hills. In his free time, he enjoys travelling and camping, especially when it comes to large and open spaces in the wild. With a full-stack engineer background Olivier likes to work on all the layers of an application.

Previously at Gemnasium working on a SaaS to monitor software dependencies. When not in front of his computer Olivier enjoys riding motorcycle, snowboarding and playing video and board games. Born in France but now living in Canada he also enjoys the wonderful winter season. In his free time, Fabien enjoys listening to podcasts, running and going for long walks in the countryside.

Mandy, the Famous Scientist

Taylor is a data geek who loves increasing efficiency, transparency, and value with data. His background is in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, but he learned he loves computers and data more while working as a Data Scientist. When not munging or analyzing data, he enjoys being outdoors with his wife and son, reading, writing, playing ultimate frisbee, playing with his dogs, and learning about anything related to space.

Mario is passionate about backend development and sharing knowledge. Prior to GitLab he worked at Plex for a few years helping them create an awesome backend infrastructure. During his free time he enjoys helping out the local open source community and spending time outdoors. Customer success is a priority. In his personal life, Tony is passionate about his family and coaching. He resides in New Hampshire with his wife, Laurie, and enjoys spending time with three active children. Tony can be found on the softball field most nights and weekends, either coaching his competitive travel team or the high school team.

He has a twin brother but he says he's not the evil one. Loves bridging the world of Design and Engineering with accessibility in mind. While on breaks from that, he brews coffee with an Aeropress, enjoys mountain biking, binge-watches every standup comedy special and is thrilled by landscape and architectural photography, especially when done at night.

Dylan is a programming geek.

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In his free time he likes snowboarding, tennis, soccer and table tennis. Alexander is interested in everything related to technical support and likes to share as much knowledge as possible. On his spare time he enjoys playing bass guitar, travelling, and eating doner kebab. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife, family and 4 rescue dogs.

They enjoy good food, bike rides and long hikes. The channel is her passion and she is thrilled to join GitLab and help grow the channel. In her spare time, Vivian enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, reading, the beach, spending time with her family including two daughters. Andrew is passionate about sales and technology, he enjoys learning about open source projects and improving the development process, in his spare time he likes to spend time with his son and has a lot of interest towards car industry.

Kristie is a Solutions Architect with a passion for helping people solve problems and optimize their daily workflow. She loves clean and beautiful products, and is excited to be working in the open source community. In her non-work life, she enjoys doing yoga, visiting the local library, and eating and drinking all the yummy things with her partner and their dog, Winnie. In his spare time, Bill helps his wife, a Certified Master Gardener, with her various projects and also enjoys playing with their golden retriever and three cockatiels. Dennis is a web designer turned software developer with a penchant for frontend development.

He is passionate about building the greatest products by delivering the best user experiences. In his free time he enjoys traveling, motorsports, snowboarding, and playing guitar. Lukas comes from a long dynasty of teachers and broke the tradition to study computer science. When he was eleven and started building an online shop with PHP, the path to becoming a Frontend Engineer seemed quite clear.

He likes building software for other developers. In his spare time Lukas enjoys cooking, brewing beer and playing "Skat". Chase has spend his career working in education, immigration, logistics, healthcare, and consulting. Chase has a passion for finance, data analysis, and strategy. In his spare time Chase enjoys spending time with his wife and their golden retriever, running, traveling, and discussing philosophy.

Mike Miranda is a sales professional committed to connecting clients with solutions that will optimize their business performance. He is a lifelong learner, bibliophile, and podcast junkie who is passionate about people and their stories. His day is full of challenges and he always thrives to make time for more activities and more people. Also, he is passionate about technology, especially smartphones and PCs. Anna studied linguistics but her career path led her to finance operations.

She enjoys being a part of the ever-changing tech world. In her free time she loves reading about coaching and wellbeing. She also is an avid crafter, but most of all loves spending time with her family and watch her children grow. Antonio is a passionate marketer and is well known for his talent to connect people with brands, products and services. In his free time he likes to learn something new every day and to produce music. A former IT leader, now a software product marketing leader, helping to show the way to deliver solutions faster. When I'm not online, you can probably find me underwater, diving and exploring the reefs.

Before joining GitLab, Mek led and grew the test automation infrastructure team at Airware. Prior to Airware he has spent the last decade in Quality Engineering for both enterprise companies and startups in the Bay Area. You can also find him at Test Automation meetups and conferences.

He has a passion in baking quality in from the start, championing testability and developer productivity. In his spare time he enjoys coffee, running and yoga. She loves being outside, DIY, coffee, beer, and dogs. Although not all at the same time. Emily is a Nashville native currently residing in Boulder, CO with her husband and sweet baby girl.

When not providing that good ole southern hospitality to candidates, you can find her hiking, working out, and enjoying everything Colorado has to offer. His perfect day consists of creative work, any kind of sport preferably skiing and spending time with friends and family. Ideally, all of that with as many interesting people as possible. Besides that, he loves to travel, read quality books, watch TED talks, and discover anything related to technology. Borivoje's rule is: work hard, play hard. Roger's headed anti-abuse efforts at startups before, and he'll do it again! When not coding for work, he's coding VR games for fun or writing ridiculous self-published novels.

Jackie is a Florida native with a passion for learning and technology. When not providing support to GitLab users, she can be found out and about exploring with her husband, daughter, and miniature Australian Shepherd, Duke. Having lived through the pain and felt the human impact of poor software and IT practices, Dan is passionate about making modern software delivery practices as ubiquitous as wearing a seatbelt. Previously a product marketer, and a product manager at leading IT and DevOps tool vendors, he's excited to introduce GitLab to the masses.

Outside of work you can find Dan hanging out with his wife, daughter, and son, running his Cub Scout pack, or enjoying a movie. Michael finds that he is most at home when he is not at home. You can find him either traveling and exploring some far off city or with his nose buried deep in a book. While he started out as a structural engineer designing buildings in NYC he soon found in himself a deep passion for technology, which eventually helped him to find his way to Gitlab.

He is currently learning how to code and yes as his name would have it he is also very into snowboarding! She lives in Dallas, TX with her husband and enjoys spending time with her family. Julie loves photography and traveling, and is halfway to her goal of visiting countries. Julius is very pasionate about IT and likes to learn new technologies all the time.

When he is not learning he is creating. Mark is focused on helping companies through their digital transformation using disruptive technologies. Mark enjoys playing hockey, hiking and spending quality time with family and friends. Before joining GitLab, Lisa worked several years in a major financial institution. As a Sales professional she's always been passionate about continues improvement and understanding needs of others.

In her free time she loves to explore new places, photography and spend time with friends and family. Anastasia is extremely passionate about people and excited about the changes technologies can bring into our lives. The guiding principle in her recruiting career and life is the belief that a well-developed technology can work like magic, be it solving global problems or hiring people. All her free time is devoted to her corgi and traveling, and she is still looking for a perfect way to combine these two hobbies.

Daisy holds a background in tech sales and journalism. Aside from having a passion in tech, Her other passions include traveling to tropical places, surfing longboards on beautiful swells, and cooking adventurous dishes with unique flavors. Antony has been working on security solutions for over 10 years in a variety of environments and is bringing that experience to GitLab. He maintains that professional focus by frequently starting new hobbies in his spare time.

In his spare time he loves tinkering with electronics and pouring countless hours and dollars into the ultimate open source based home automation system. Matej has been designing websites, interfaces and experiences since he joined a Web Design after-school class at age His passion for simple and usable design took him to a journey through Germany, Luxembourg, England and now Scotland. He's a bookworm, a minimalist and a typography geek. Yannis loves building stuff that work. Some are tech related and some are not. But all of them work. He loves working with people and enjoys a good laugh. When he is not travelling, hiking or doing random walks with his kid, he loves to take the day off and work.

He's also a passionate entrepreneur whose launched multiple side projects in the design space. When he's not coding, he's golfing. And if he's not golfing, he's thinking about golfing. He is passionate about conflation, especially in software engineering and the humanities. He loves to help people by solving complex issues. Mike's career in technical communication has brought him to roles in media, financial services, MarTech, and DevOps.

He formerly ran a music media site and still tracks music obsessively. You can find him at the next Write The Docs conference or local meetup. Paul is an evangelist for agile principles and functional programming. He is a full stack web developer with a keen interest in building beautiful and maintainable UIs.

Daniel found his love of technolongy early, tinkering with any electronic device he could find. He began his career in RF Engineering and finally settled in product management, where he's worked in the fintech space and more recently building platforms for software teams. Daniel is passionate about enabling teams with rich and elegant tools. Originally from Bogota, Daniel now lives in Atlanta with his wife and two bots boys.

Daniel is an avid soccer fan and enjoys traveling, cooking, languages, film, and craft beer. Matt is an eager Sales Representative ready to sell a technical product like Gitlab. Outside of work he enjoys snowboarding, backing, and kayaking. If he is not out in the woods he enjoys playing golf and spending time with his family and friends!

He is passionate about open-source technology and strives to enable businesses to make smart technology choices. Dave is a normal Boulder area person. His sanity is maintained by skiing, practicing yoga, and playing pickup ultimate frisbee games. After starting out in mechanical engineering long before drones and self-driving cars were a thing , Michael has spent his career in software, wireless and mobile.

From startups to public companies, Michael has helped build and scale technology companies for more than 20 years. He has created and led worldwide sales organizations from scratch at companies including Lookout cybersecurity and Meraki cloud managed networking and led product teams at Good Technology mobile.

He helped start a social gaming company which was acquired by Japanese gaming giant DeNA where he ran worldwide platform and experienced the highs of serving hundreds of millions of users playing against one another and the lows of refactoring the giant perl monolith behind it all. If you used BeOS, he thinks you're cool and fondly remembers working with the incredible team at Be, Inc.

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Michael loves to be outside, plays soccer, coaches youth lacrosse and skis with his wife and two sons. Mark is a happy Rubyist who likes to make gems and contribute to open source projects. He made a 4chan-like imageboard because he likes anime and manga. Outside of coding, he enjoys art exhibitions, flea markets, badminton and drawing. Imre is an open source enthusiast, an avid learner, loves cloud computing and containers, and frequently tinkers with the latest DevOps tools. Andrew has experience working in a fully managed hosting company that allows him to build his Sysadmin and DevOps prowess.

He loves anything tech related, naturally curious and enjoys learning new things. Wayne has been working as a technology sales for 10 years across computer hardware, software and telecommunication prior to joining GitLab. Outside of work, he loves watching movies, sports on TV, playing futsal on the ground and exploring fine foods in the street. Sam is a hairy fella from the north of England. He co-organises Frontend NE, a meetup, conference, and Youtube channel for frontend developers.

His jokes are terrible, but he means well. Tom has been part of and helped build Software Support teams for over 3 decades enjoying the natural collaboration and comradery of support teams. Tom and his wife, Deborah, enjoy traveling and trying to stay fit! Sean has been a technology sales professional since and the past 17 years focused on providing Software Development Solutions to clients.

Located in Colorado, Sean loves flyfishing, hiking, tennis and experincing life with his family. He has a wife Amanda and two daughters, Lauren 18 and Emily Before joining GitLab, he did sales and business development for internet anonymity and privacy companies. Apart from continuous professional development, Vil is really into photography, crossfit, and exploring new places.

Hailing from North Carolina, Leslie has equal parts zeal for both city-based foodie expeditions as she does for riding horseback in the country. A big believer that travel can be a transformative experience, Leslie has visited 5 of 7 continents, with aspirations of hitting them all. Throughout her career, Leslie has found that she is passionate about partnering with sales to grow and retain their customer base and she takes pride in getting to know as many customers as possible!

Cindy loves to garden, kayak, explore the outdoors, and travel.

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She enjoys architecture, history, and all kinds of crafts. A wannabe teacher, she loves to use relatable, every day experiences to explain complex security topics.

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Ask her about perimeter security and 'when pigs fly' or smart phones relative to integrated DevSecOps. Alin is a support engineer with previous experience in the advertising tech space. Prior to GitLab, Alin spent the last few years developing an advertising fraud detection platform. Passionate about computer security and games, he usually spends his free time in front of his PC, hacking together some PoCs for new vulnerabilities or playing online games.

Originally trained as in industrial designer, Andy has been designing interfaces and experiences since the touchscreen revolution. His attention to detail allows him to design effectively and efficiently with the ultimate goal of letting design dissolve into behavior. Andy is a history nerd and random fact sponge who can be found at most trivia nights.

He also enjoys playing hockey, golfing, traveling the world with his fiance and aspires to get his pilot's license one day. A lifelong tinkerer, Michael has been writing software since he was a kid when he got his own personal computer loaded with Visual Basic at He has worked the full stack across a myriad of languages and has helped to inspire companies to value DevOps.

Outside of work, Michael loves traveling with his girlfriend, playing guitar in the band The Hawkshaws, working on cars, and woodworking. Thomas is a simple lad who enjoys playing the drums, spending time with his family and reading books about the ever-changing data landscape. Devin has been in front of a screen since his first Commodore He has explored most aspects of the industry from the front end to networking, and is currently focusing on making services resistant to the chaos of the internet.

In his time away from a terminal, he plays guitar and dances tango. Alexis has over 20yrs of experience in Enterprise Software sales and has worked with Federal Government customers for over a decade. Marcus is an adventurous sales professional. In his spare time he enjoys exploring the outdoors, trying new recipes, and searching for new ski spots in the Colorado mountains. The only things Emilie loves more than data are her dog, her family, and food.

And making lists of three. My passion, drive and diverse background provides me with the experience necessary to connect and assist people from all walks of life. Diversity and Inclusion are my passion. An Illustrate It Yourself Book. Cassandra Clare Cassandra Jean. An Imaginary Friend. An Infinite Number of Parallel Universes. Alan M. Laura Schroff Alex Tresniowski. An Invitation from the Trees. Yunn Gan Mark Ruben Abacajan. An Iranian Mosaic. An Irish Setter Christmas. An Old-Fashioned Girl. Louisa May Alcott. An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving.

An Ominous Journey. An Open Book. Danielle Sainte-Marie. An Ordinary Reindeer. An Other World. Helen Peters Ellie Snowdon. An Outback Adventure with Milo and Freddy. An Unconditional Love. Cassyashton Porter. An Unexpected Gift. Deborah Chase Davis Adam M. An Unforgettable Journey. An Unlikely Spy. Brian Boone Amanda Brack. An Unusual Friendship. Anaiah's Trip to the Rainbow. Charlotte Vdovychenko Mark Vdovychenko. Anansi and the Basket of Wisdom. The perfection of this wine, a beautiful expression of Oregon Pinot Noir, has inspired wineries throughout the valley to follow suit and create their own.

This magnum of Brut Rose, signed by Tony Soter, is an incredibly rare item. This wine is a true expression of their hilltop Mineral Springs vineyard in Yamhill-Carlton, and rightfully received 98 points from James Suckling, who also rated it one of the top wines in the world. The unique characteristics of the individual varieties meld together to create a wine that is altogether different and really quite spectacular.

The winemaking team uses a combination of precision and technology to bring forth the natural ripe fruit characteristics in the winemaking and aging processes. Aromas of black, red, and blue fruits are accompanied by leather, cedar, and spice. Mocha and vanilla add to the rich tannins and provides a long finish. The Ledson Winery specializes in small varietal lots that reflect the genuine diversity of their select vineyards and appellations. These three Cabernet Sauvignon vintages could allow for a memorable vertical tasting or could stand alone each with its own Rich ripe flavors and mouth filling texture.

That duality is the most prominent feature of the harvest in that it showed characteristics of both a warm and cool vintage, and nowhere was that more pronounced than here on the Montelena Estate. The Estate Cabernet Sauvignon has an enticing deep garnet red color in the glass. On the nose there are complex notes of blackberry tart, clove, cinnamon, and cocoa, along with dried black currants. The mouth has a soft supple entry, youthful crisp acidity, juicy plum and rich bright red fruit notes, all complimented by loads of fine grain tannin and an under-layer of dried black currant.

During their century on this property, they have planted and grown just about everything, from prunes and hay to citrus and olives. Knowledge about their land has been passed down from father to son and generation after generation, their passion and commitment only strengthen. Through this, they are able to grow and make world-class wines. Sweet spice, briar fruit and toast on the nose pull one towards an expectation of a leaner vintage. And then, the palate unfolds with tart black currant, anise, a little pencil lead but with more dark berry fruit following right after.

The mouthfeel is lively, brisk and sharp thanks to the cooler growing season, but with an abundance of depth and structure. Taking up acres of the heart of the valley, the vineyard occupies a large section of one of the best growing climates for grapes on Earth.

Following the first epidemic of phylloxera in the mids, the vineyard was replanted in by Senator George Hearst — a mining magnate, early father of California, and the father of publisher William Randolph Hearst. It is from those year-old vines that the Bedrock Heritage Wine is crafted.

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Syrah has a tendency to not set particularly well on this vines so it is only every few years that there is enough to be able to make a barrel or two — happily was one of those years! Bottled in magnum only, this wine deserves some time in the cellar — it is dark, delicious stuff. The Heritage Blend is a wine that is well-built, a little gruff at first, but full of nuance, soft eyes, and a well-hewn heart. Composed of the 27 different varieties found in the old vines at Bedrock Vineyard, the wine is dominated by the classic California field blend of Zinfandel, Carignane, Mataro, Petite Sirah, Syrah, and Alicante Bouschet.

From the heart of Sonoma Valley, this is the wine closest to our hearts. What we do have are passion, ideas, and access to superlative raw materials. This sample basket includes three distinct gins, absinthe, and two unique liqueurs, along with a private tour and tasting for 10 guests. The vineyard that produces the Kaley Elizabeth Cabernet is truly one of a kind. Planted in on terraces cut into the brick-red clay soils indicative of this sub-appellation, the vines have been painstakingly maintained over the last nearly three decades.

Made of one hundred percent clone seven, which is known for delivering consistently rich, bold fruit from year-to-year; meanwhile the incredibly well-drained, fractured soil of the terraces adds just the right amount of stress over the growing season. The result is a wine that is both plush and complex, every bit a modern Napa Cabernet, with bold dark elements that harken back to the days of old California. Linda Bisson and Dr. The work of Linda Bisson has advanced the understanding of the complex world of microbiological systems in winemaking. These six wines are all Pinot Noirs created by former students of Dr.

Linda Bisson. The wine glasses were donated by Dr. Ann Noble. To ensure the fruit reaches full physiological maturity, vines are individually and carefully managed. The ideal conditions of this season are appropriately mirrored in the vintage. At harvest, the fruit was at peak maturity with a perfect balance of deeply concentrated fruit flavors, bright acidity, and ripe, supple tannins. Characteristically dense, perfumed aromas of bright black cherry, blueberry, and blackberry, mixed with floral and forest floor scents, introduce amazingly bright, vibrant and concentrated red and black cherry, plum, spice and dark chocolate flavors framed by round, ripe tannins.

Beautifully balanced and structured for long-term aging, this complex mountain cabernet is just beginning to unfold its many splendors and will age beautifully in bottle for at least a decade. In this lot, you will experience their phenomenal wine through two thoughtfully arranged vertical tastings devoted to Chardonnay and Pinot. Teac Mor, above all else, consider themselves farmers first and their passion for growing exceptional fruit is apparent in every vintage. These wines encapsulate the distinctive terroir of the Russian River Valley vineyard as well as the vintage differences that highlight the variation climate produces in wine.

Their hand-crafted Chardonnay will take many by surprise. This unoaked white wine is unlike anything you may expect from Northern California.

The Chardonnay wines are not masked with heavy oak or secondary fermentations and are allowed to display their true character in full force. They are briefly aged on lees and bottled to preserve their freshness, acidity, and balance. These Pinot Noir wines are allowed to take their time through fermentation so as to ensure that the perfection is not rushed and result in a wine that is classic, brilliant, and bright, with aromas of peppermint and tobacco with a clean finish.

These few bottles from Shafer Vineyard Cellars are a rare find. Tucked away on the Silverado trail just east of Rutherford, this winery is devoted to perfecting its single-vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon. Founded in by Bluford Stice, Pina is one of eight generational wineries still producing in the Napa Valley. This Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced from the Firehouse vineyard, which covers 30 acres of hillside along the Silverado trail. This single-vineyard vintage is striking in its flavor and aroma, which are both earthy and fruity, and is a tribute to traditional Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

This wine packs a punch with big, broad tannins and is accompanied by flavors of cocoa and oak. While the goal of producing high-quality wines may seem a simple one, Owen Roe has never taken this mission lightly. In the Pacific Northwest, the grapes are allowed to ripen slowly and to fruition so that, at harvest, the berries are excellently balanced in acidity and sugar. This item includes one bottle each of the Owen Roe Cabernet Franc, Syrah, and Malbec, each of which is unique in its aroma, flavor, and body. The Cabernet Franc is superb with its aromas of strawberry, green pepper, cocoa powder, and spice; these are complemented by a soft palate of dried fruit and vanilla.

After a particularly long and hot growing season, the Syrah was found to be ideal for its mouthwatering acidity and sweet but spicy finish. The Malbec displays a profile of brambleberry, plum, and leather, flooding and delighting the senses. This trio perfectly represents the passion, quality, and precision of Owen Roe winemaking. Stuart Spoto, the head winemaker of Spoto Wines, was trained by his father, who was honored by Wine Spectator Magazine for his award-winning wines. The father-son duo has been working for thirty years to perfect their Oakville Cabernets and Bordeaux-style blends.

Guided by their natural passion for wine, and with some help from the UC Davis Department of Viticulture and Technology, Spoto Family Wines have risen to be one of the premier ultra-boutique wineries in northern California. His memory is brought to life in this lively red blend, which is a fine example of the heart and soul which goes into every vintage of the Spoto Family Wines.

This wine is an example of a standard bearer for the Stags Leap District. The Chimney Rock estate spans acres and is located in the middle of the AVA, which is the first approved viticultural area in the United States based on its soil composition. The lush texture and tremendous ageability of this wine has earned it 94 points by Wine Enthusiast.

The Trefethen Family has been pioneering winemaking in the Napa Valley since the s. Their contribution to California winemaking is immeasurable, through their support of the Viticulture and Enology Department at UC Davis and by creating internationally renowned wines for decades. These well drained soils combined with limited yields produce Cabernet Sauvignon fruit with bright and complex flavors. This Oak Knoll Cabernet Sauvignon, presented in a beautiful pine box, features aromas of coffee and dark berries with hints of bay leaf carry through onto the palate.

Firm tannins build alongside flavors of ripe plum fruit, sweet toffee and creamy oak in this classic Napa Cabernet. Self proclaimed hands-on farmers, Red Car is part of a small cadre of wineries in the West Sonoma Coast who are fortunate to grow a large majority of their own fruit. For several years they have worked hard to go beyond sustainability and have integrated the concepts and principles of organic, biodynamic and permaculture systems into their farming practices. The Rose of Pinot Noir taste of wild strawberries, tangerine, pink grapefruit, Bing cherries and rose petals.

Cool-climate West Sonoma Coast vineyards give the wine its hallmark style, with the biodynamically-farmed Bybee Vineyard in Sebastopol Hills making up the backbone for this wine. With over 40 years of grape growing experience in the Santa Ynez Valley, their winemaking and vineyard teams meticulously farm the vineyard producing terroir-driven wines. The Mesa Reserve Syrah represents the best of the mesa top vineyard, focusing on younger blocks, which offer a great contrast to the older Syrah vines on the property.

The high-density vine spacing and new clonal material in these blocks give the wine a brightness of fruit and richness that is unique to the Mesa Reserve. All hand harvested, the grapes are de-stemmed and placed into small open top bins to ferment. Once dry, the wine was placed into new French oak barrels for 21 months to age. In , a state of the art, 25, square foot winery and cave system was etched into a hillside overlooking the estate vineyards. The Stag Leaps District Cabernet Sauvignon has a dark purple appearance with a vermillion-tinged edge. Plush and refreshing, this Cabernet Sauvignon lures the taster with a multidimensional perfume that fills the glass with notes of jasmine, lavender, and spring flowers.

The fruit for this wine was sourced from the hillside terraces of our Poetry Vineyard, a Twin Peaks Vineyard estate surrounding the winery, and a few neighboring vineyards in the Stags Leap District. Their dynamic winemaking team blazes on, delivering a range of distinctive vineyard expressions. The vintage will likely go down as one of the best in the past decade for the Sonoma Coast.

It was the fourth consecutive drought year that brought on extremely early bud-break and flowering, followed by a warm and dry summer resulting in profound depth. Grapes were hand harvested and hand sorted and fermentation was conducted by native yeast in small, open top vats with manual punchdowns, carefully trying to avoid over-extraction in this vintage. The attention to detail for the Pinot Noir results in a wine that is honest, vivacious, and complex. Located in the beautiful Ashland, Oregon, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival is a not-for-profit professional theatre founded in Our season runs from February through early November, and we have three theatres: our two indoor stages, the Angus Bowmer Theatre and the Thomas Theatre, and our flagship outdoor Allen Elizabethan Theatre, which opens in early June and runs through mid-October.

We offer 11 different plays that include three or four by Shakespeare and seven by other classic writers, as well as modern and contemporary work and world premieres. When you visit you can see one or two plays or up to nine plays in one week! This voucher is redeemable for 2 complimentary tickets, valid from February 17th to October 29th, At Twomey, they combine this philosophy, experience, and a sense of curiosity to craft Pinot Noir, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc from outstanding vineyards and growing regions from California to Oregon.

It has a lovely garnet color and opens with aromas of black currant, orange zest and raspberry. These aromas are framed by nuanced notes of vanilla, marshmallow and cocoa, eliciting an effect reminiscent of chocolate-covered berries. The attack is rich and gives way to a mid-palate with breadth and depth, supported with refreshing acidity and integrated, dusty tannins. This wine has power with an unusual vitality and structural balance.

Given proper cellar conditions, this wine will provide drinking pleasure through The Twomey Soda Canyon Ranch Merlot from the Napa Valley combines the refinement of old world winemaking with the expressiveness and generosity of California fruit. This textural wine has a garnet color and a nose of blackberry, licorice, graphite, tar, dark chocolate and cloves.

The velvety mouth-feel of this wine is remarkable. The palate begins with a hint of blackberry fruit and builds to a long finish of fruit compote, chocolate and fine-grained tannins. Given proper cellaring, this wine will give drinking pleasure through Despite the long, harsh growing season, the end result for this Pinot Noir was a complex marrying of earthen and floral aromas, and a sweet yet tart flavor.

The robustness of this wine even in the harshest of conditions can be attributed to the longevity of its vineyard, which was originally planted in by Martin Ray, who used plant material directly from Burgundy. This wine is crisp and lean in its youth but has great potential to mature over time. The Martin family name is found in Italian records as far back as the 15th century and is traced back to the Barberini family, made famous by Maffeo Barberini who was made Pope in Rome in The body of this wine is full with rich texture.

The wine aromas vary depending on the vintage, and consists mainly of sweet black and red fruits, such as kirsch and ripe plum, with notes of spice, leather, and smoky, making for an unusual but intriguing impression. Their presence, along with the protective bowl shape of the property, inspired Pat and Joe to name their property Elk Cove Vineyards.

As a second-generation winemaker and a 5th generation Oregon farmer, Adam Campbell is proud to continue that tradition. The Willamette Valley Pinot Noir presents full aromas of dark spicy raspberry and Bing cherry fruit with wafts of cedar, leather and warm baking spice that round out the nose. The Willamette Valley Pinot Gris is a golden straw in color, with aromas of Asian pear, honeydew melon and hints of lemon thyme and ginger. The palate bursts with starfruit, tangerine and apple pie mingling with notes of pithy lemon peel and white tea.

The Green Valley district of the Russian River is their home and specialty. DuMOL viticulture emphasizes soil and vine health through minimal external inputs. Their hand work in the vines is extensive, crop levels moderate and fruit selection strict. Their strong stylistic vision is precise, consistent and their driving force — they strike their own path and do not follow trends.

The DuMOL Isobel Chardonnay is brilliant pale gold color, with an intriguing mix of savory and sweet aromas: pear, fennel, cut grass, crisp apple, lemongrass, quince, complex herbal notes.