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Where the two apps differ, however, is the use of spaced repetition —a feature offered only by Anki. For those frustrating times when you can't place the perfect word, Reverse Dictionary surfaces a set of options from a description phrase. Search "hard to describe," for example, and the reverse lookup engine suggests "elusive," "nondescript" and another 98 words—each search yields hundreds of results.

Reverse Dictionary and similar reverse word search sites like Wordsmyth and Dictionary.

Though if you'd rather opt for a mobile app, Writing Aid iOS offers a similar solution. If you read on a Kindle device, you might have noticed a word-learning feature called Kindle Vocabulary Builder. Turn it on, and any word that you look up while reading using the built-in dictionary is added to your word list. You can review your word list anytime, and since looking up a word in context is easy just hold-press the word , this is a quick way to build up a personal vocabulary list.

Blogs dedicated to language help you learn words that you might not come across otherwise. They provide an easy way to expand your vocabulary without putting in much effort—just subscribe to an email newsletter or RSS feed and you'll get regular doses of word knowledge. Pull that RSS feed into app integration tool Zapier , and send those vocabulary boosters to apps where you or your team can't miss them, like Slack or your inbox. Along with millions of words, definitions, and sample sentences, online dictionaries have another reliable offering: a word of the day.

It's a painless way to build your vocabulary over a day stretch. Here are some of our favorites:. Mignon Fogarty , the "grammar girl," offers word tips in a weekly five-minute podcast , too. Slate podcast Lexicon Valley explores the English language by unpacking words, language history, and grammar. An episode in May , for example, examined the creation of foreign languages used in Game of Thrones. Lexicon Valley is a fascinating show for language fans.

You'll find interesting stories about word history, like "Why is pumpernickel bread named for a farting devil? Why don't we?

2. PowerVocab

You've written down new words to learn, studied up and started using them regularly. But has your overall vocabulary level increased? After you take the test—it has several versions in case you're unhappy with the first one—you can ask for your score in comparison to others in your age group. Knoword is the simplest app on this list.

13 Apps That'll Teach You Something New Every Day

After you press "Let's go! In the answer blank, you'll find the first letter of the corresponding word. It might seem easy at first, but that's because you have it on the default "Novice" level. Try "Hotshot" or "Wizard" to really give yourself a tough vocabulary test. It starts at level one with words like "obdurate" and "insouciance," testing you to define as many terms as you can in a second sprint. It's one of four such quizzes the app presents over word levels. I always prefer to learn while I'm having fun, so here are a few games and handy tools that will help you improve your vocabulary in other ways.

If you're curious about the words you already use, Analyze Words is an entertaining tool to explore your vocabulary. Just type in your Twitter handle and the service analyzes your recent Tweets to see what communication styles they fall under. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of word games, each with their own twist. Here are a few that I've enjoyed playing, which have improved my vocabulary along the way.

My favorite at the moment is Qiktionary, which is a relaxing guessing game that rewards you with fascinating facts. Words For That collects user-submitted suggestions for new words and usage examples. Although it won't teach you accepted English vocabulary, it's a fun creative outlet. Browse entries by most popular, new and "up-and-coming," or submit your own. I'm sure you're already downloading a bunch of apps to kick off your vocabulary learning. But there's one more part of the puzzle that's important for effective learning even though it's less fun than word games.

Understanding how your brain learns can help you make better use of learning time—even if it just means playing word games before bed instead of first thing in the morning. One of the best approaches to learning new vocabulary words is to employ spaced repetition , studying the new words using longer and longer intervals. As you continue to study the new information, you get better at recognizing it and remembering what it means, so you can take a longer rest before testing yourself again. For instance, you might learn a new word today and remind yourself of what it means again tonight before you go to bed.

10 SKILLS That Are HARD to Learn, BUT Will Pay Off FOREVER!

Then you might remind yourself again tomorrow, and then wait two days before testing yourself. Then you might test yourself after a week, after two weeks, and after a month. If you fail the test, you condense the rest period before testing again. If you get it right, you make the rest period a little longer next time.

Subject: Meditation Devices: Apple , Android. Meditation is an ancient practice that is by no means a new idea, but technology is. A must download for every parent. Vocabulary in each unit includes high-interest words and concepts. Tutorful Review: An efficient, and perfectly playful way for toddlers to master the English Language.

Colourful games and activities encourage children to connect creatively with the world, all whilst developing fundamental early learning concepts. Tutorful Review: Engaging colours and forward-thinking concepts make for a mind-opening childhood educational experience. The app gives children English language practice through over animated songs and stories.

Videos on themes like fairy tales, British history and online safety are just the start of the learning journey. Tutorful Review: Plenty of content and engaging activities to encourage learning and increase productivity! Educational Benefits: The team at EducaGames continually test every one of their apps. That's that's why they're confident the game will keep children entertained for hours. They use that high level of captivation for encouraging learning and practising. The game creates a connection between having fun and becoming more skilled in math and logic - a recipe for success.

Tutorful Review: Captivating graphics to explore key mathematics concepts efficiently and entertainingly. Educational Benefits: ABC Kids is more than just a kid-friendly educational app, it was designed with adult participation in mind, too. The interface keeps toddlers focused on alphabet reading and writing, tucking menu commands away from moving fingers. Adults can easily access settings to engage Teacher Mode, look at report cards, or toggle tracing and phonics games to better facilitate learning.

Tutorful Review: Graphics and gameplay hit all the right notes to make this a must have app for little ones. Educational Benefits: An entertaining, educational app that provides a series of fun, stimulating environments for toddlers and preschoolers to explore and interact with. The app helps children become familiar with objects of their world through creative and engaging play. It encourages playful discovery, logical thinking and problem solving while kids drag and drop objects into appropriate places to build a scene.

Tutorful Review: Delightful app with lovable characters and animals - perfect for parents with toddlers trying to get to grips with language acquisition! Educational benefits: DNA Play is a fun workshop and a wonderful introduction to genetics, a scientific field that encloses the mysteries of life itself. The app introduces young kids to the concept of DNA and how it affects the way we look and what we can do. In an easy style, kids learn how to build creatures by completing and rearranging a series of simple DNA puzzles.

They experiment with mutations and test how their creatures perform and react in various fun scenarios. Our top pick for kids and adults alike. This combination of structured learning and community supported creative tools is unique and leads to more effective knowledge acquisition and transference. Tutorful Review: A must download for children in the 21st century - sure to ignite a new generation of programmers.

Educational benefits: Squeebles Maths Bingo offers children a fun way to practise addition, subtraction, multiplication and division or a combination of all four! An innovative incentive system, based around a virtual ice cream parlour, is used to reward children for their work, although children are motivated to return to the educational aspect of the app frequently, in order to earn more ice cream cones and exciting flavours. Zapzapmath's games are aligned to international maths standards, so players acquire mathematical skills as they complete each game.

Zapzapmath players can also engage each other via the multiplayer mode, which encourages healthy competition. Tutorful Review: A thrilling learning app for little maths lovers and those who need a helping hand! Simulation increases retention and memory, do something a few times and that practice becomes embedded.

With no textbook for building a successful business, the learning process is intuitive, success has to be worked for and problems encountered!

13 Apps That'll Teach You Something New Every Day

Real learning for life! Tutorful Review: A great app for kids to learn the basics of starting a business and the mindset to match! The app provide these easy to use, hands-on activities at your fingertips. Each activity includes material lists, found in your own home, step-by-step instructions, and detailed explanations.

Educational apps for all ages

The proof is in the learning! Bright bold, easy-to-use with a splash of theory thrown in there. The range includes seven core subjects meaning children are familiar with the gameplay. Each beautifully crafted element will certainly help any child love to learn something new every day.

Educational Benefits: Created specially with beautiful and useful learning experiences in mind. The app targets key points in the curriculum, while introducing awesome visuals, quizzes, and extra facts to amp up enthusiasm for STEM subjects. Navigate the solar system simply to explore the planets, Moon, Sun, and space travel. Tutorful Review: Encourages children to learn important scientific concepts - without the need to set homework!

Co mplex notions include tension, motion, and gravity. Encourages children to manipulate objects in each level and move them around to figure out how they work together to pull the next level. Powerful as it gives kids power to intuitively understand STEM subjects. To date, kids have played over 2 million activities, inspired by content from the beloved Highlights magazine.

The Highlights Every Day App is updated to offer something new to play and learn daily. Educational benefits: A creative tool that encourages imagination, story telling and open-ended play. Use the tool to draw, colour, decorate with stickers, create animations and record stories. Teachers use Draw and Tell across subjects to give children a voice as they construct their own narrative. Students blend real-world experiences with digital tools to develop and express their own ideas. Tutorful Review: Draw, colour, craft, create animations and record videos to make into stories - every child would benefit from this imagination-fuelled app!

Educational benefits: The app is extremely configurable and will grow with child's skills. Educational benefits: The app ties the physical book with the digital experience. It introduces the universe that lies in between the pages of the book to a generation of iPad children. The app keeps the original story of the classical fairy tale, so the children can get a chance to get familiar with the old language, phrasing and storytelling.

Tutorful Review : A truly magical story-telling experience. Adults and children prepare to be whisked away to a mystical dimension! An incredible tool for teachers to support children that otherwise would fall behind. Tutorful Review: One to try for every parents with special needs children - a great way to track their children's emotions within a daily timeline. Students enter an immersive 3D world to play and go on quests solving problems based on age and ability.

Tutorful Review: An app for the cool kids - Rookie makes learning maths awesome! Educational benefits: In Weather, kids can experiment with air and wind, the sun and temperature, water and precipitation to make the weather. All Tinybop apps are designed to support inquiry-based learning. Kids play, explore, experiment, form hypothesis and test them out to learn, developing foundational science literacy.

Tutorful Review: The weather can be a hard concept to grasp - Tinybop have nailed it with their intuitive Weather app. Subject: Chinese Devices: Apple , Android.

2. Duolingo

Created by a team of multilingual teachers, we have seen first hand how kids acquire language skills more efficiently when learning becomes a game. We designed the activities to be entertaining and challenging. Kids play, become immersed, learn at their own pace and gain confidence.

Educational benefits: The app offers multiple approaches to visual reinforcement and its multifaceted approach to sight word learning—through word games, tracing words, drawing, and storytelling. All valuable methods to support children with emerging language skills. The app also features a dyslexic-friendly font, Castledown, which children can use to practice tracing words. The app offers a a strength-based approach to learning sight words by connecting them to visual and multi-sensory learning. Tutorful Review: Crisp game functionality, brilliant colours and a perfect combination of art and storytelling.

Educational benefits: The American Association of School Librarians, in its round up of best STEM apps for teaching and learning , writes that "Earth Primer is a cross between an intro to earth science textbook and an interactive sandbox game. This creative application allows students to play with the powerful concepts that make up the physical aspects of our planet. Educational benefits: Synap is an intelligent revision app used by thousands of students and teachers across the world.

It lets you create, practice and share Multiple Choice Quizzes MCQs with your friends, and creates a personalised learning plan tailored for you. Tutorful Review: A tailored revision app to maximise potential and improve revision productivity! Educational benefits: The Elements, and its companion apps, bring back the delight experienced by chemistry students in an earlier time, when chemistry education was hands-on and centred on the ways elements and compounds appear in and contribute to our world.

It is widely credited with inspiring countless young people to pursue an interest in science.