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Nick has moved to York, a mediaeval city where Viking re-enactments thrill the tourists. When a colleague vanishes the police start asking awkward questions about Alice. But York was once a Roman colonia that garrisoned the Ninth Legion and the Sixth Victrix, and the stains of older, sacrificial, deaths lay buried deep in modern cellars, desperate for escape.

Torc of Moonlight (Torc of Moonlight, Book 1)

Words: 54, Published: September 2, Words: 22, Published: November 30, The Dark, it remains our greatest fear. The six stories in this mix of horror, ghost, SF, and supernatural fiction explore some of the terrors we might find lurking. Or worse, might find us. Dark tales for a dark night. Published: November 7, Denying coincidences could get them both killed.

A multi-layered story of passion, betrayal and Celtic revenge. Published February 14, Follow them on Twitter: fredalightfoot. Visit their website. View their blog. Published December 29, Follow them on Twitter: LKHunsaker.

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Published May 6, Follow them on Twitter: morgenwriteruk. Stuart Aken Latest book: M. Published June 14, Follow them on Twitter: stuartaken. Loved the wisecracks, and the ambient humour made me smile.

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Both the sex and love scenes there is a difference read as integral parts of the story, as they should, and not as add-ons. Perhaps this is why I didn't see the end coming at all. If you've never read Paranormal Romance, this is a good one with plenty of story, well conveyed.

And the interloping visitor… but to say more would give the game away. Find out for yourself!

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Yorkshire, the county of my birth and the setting of my trilogy, has more springs named Lady Well than anywhere in the country, and many of them hold silver coins left by devotees. Who are you expecting to answer? In Torc of Moonlight Nick becomes obsessed with Alice, a history student determined to find the shrine to a forgotten Celtic water deity.

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To tellAlice will make her flee him. To stay silent could kill her. Nick believes Alice is overreacting. Coincidences — they happen all the time. But is it coincidence that someone, some thing , is distancing him from his friends as the need to possess Alice builds? The only imperfection was thatAlicewas not sharing it with him. Raising himself on one elbow, Nick pushed back the duvet.

Wrapped in a white kimono, she was sitting at her workstation, the light from the laptop screen sheening her a ghostly silver-grey. His gaze caressed the rippling fall of her auburn hair, the gentle curve of her shoulders, a pale leg extending into the shadow beneath the table. He wanted to capture her in that pose as a photograph, to look at her hour after hour and not sense the passing of time. Yet he wanted her with him, now, clasped in his arms, the heat of his passion burning a path through her soul.

Her hand faltered. Her head inclined, and she swivelled her chair to smile at him as he reached out a hand towards her. Her brisk salutation broke the charged atmosphere, the forest scents retreating as if from a perfumed candle snuffed too soon. He blinked, rubbing at his face surprised to feel a growth of sharp stubble. I am bereft.

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I am distraught. He heard her chuckle at his theatrics. Well, more nightmare, I think. It was deep, whatever it was. He frowned at her as she turned back to her laptop.

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Memories were becoming fragmented. Linda Acaster is the author of four novels and over seventy short stories in a variety of genres. The ongoing Torc of Moonlight trilogy demanded to be written while she was producing illustrated historical walks for a regional newspaper. Catch the novel, and connect with her at:.

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In my books I create detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shape-shifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons! Thanks for inviting me, Felicity. Buxton, the Bath of the North, is also an ancient sacred place and of course home to the world famous Buxton Spring waters. The great bath at Bath is amazing.

These spots do have a certain atmosphere. Are there sacred springs and wells in the USA? Are the geysers in Yellowstone sacred? Nice place, Buxton, but it always rains when we visit! Sacred springs in the USA? They would be tied to the lore and culture of the original inhabitants, and to their languages. Anyone want to contribute any info here? Lovely blog, Felicity!