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This is quite a long post. If you are not engaging in planning in your business then you are giving your competitors an unfair advantage. We find our clients benefit from putting in place long and short term plans monthly and 90 day plans to keep them on track and ahead of their competition.

Most people and businesses struggle to answer. Why is that? The reason is that they always train to respond to different scenarios as they know that preparation reduces fear and panic and leads to intentional action and reduces any risks. In times like these, preparation and intentional action will lead to a stronger business. Are you training enough in your business to respond to a changing competitive landscape? The fact is that people still spend money during a recession but customers are more careful and look for value.

Therefore, choose your products and services carefully. Identify a niche and fill it. When choosing a niche, look for positions that are essential and irreplaceable. For example, rather than trying to sell printers provide printer cartidges. That way your business will thrive with your customers longevity while other companies tread water and eventually succumb to red ink. This tip splits into four key areas that good business know, understand and increase their focus on in an uncertain climate. Strategies for dealing with money will make or break profitability.

A successful approach to managing money will involve several key components:.

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Fight your instincts! Take care of existing customers and make sure that you are offering real value …. What we mean by this term is stock, inventory management and portfolio focus. In tough times, growing businesses will understand and focus on their most profitable product or service lines as it reduces their need to focus on quantity sales only.

Focusing on quality delivers higher margins. Other things that clients have had success with include:. Do you know the difference between market share and wallet share?

Market share is all about new customers. Chasing market share can be very expensive.

Thrive No Matter What: How to Soar in the Face of Fear, Stress, & Breakdown – FREE TALK

Wallet share is all about building your relationship and value of your existing customer base. Having invested to acquire a customer, focus on increasing the return on that investment.

Dr. Ken Berry + Carrie Brown: Social Stigma - how to thrive on keto no matter what others think

There are levers in every business when small improvements in each area are combined produce fantastic results. In order to generate strong cash flow your business must be profitable. If you made it this far, here is a repeat of the summary ideas for recession proofing your business:. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

I made a newsletter. You might not like it.

Why My Retirement Portfolio Will Thrive No Matter What The Market Does

Then again, you might. Sign up here to find out. It depends on us staying creative and believing in ourselves and our projects. Because if I managed to become a writer, with all that was thrown at me, I know you can too. And I know how to help you get closer to your creative dreams as well. Participants will receive ten emails to help them get their creative juices flowing again when facing some of the key issues which can leave our writing mojo rusty, as well as access to a supportive Facebook group.

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