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Civilization is never far from the middle of the Susquehanna River. But for boaters sitting amidst the placid water, and surrounded by wooded islands, the modern world seems, at best, far away. What Lenker and countless other boaters have found is that the Susquehanna and its many islands create a water-oriented recreation destination far from the crowds.

Susquehanna Greenway Partnership

Since the creation of the Susquehanna River Trail Association , thousands of boaters have paddled the river and spent the night nestled on one of the islands that dot the river. Those forested islands, anchors of land in the middle of the massive river, become destinations themselves, places to camp, to fish, to hunt and even to farm. Launched in , the SRTA worked to improve access to the Susquehanna River islands, and improve the recreational experience on the river.

Initially, the river trail opened with several campsites in , extending from Halifax to Harrisburg. During the creation of the river trail, the SRTA attempted to research the ownership of every island, Lenker said. There are roughly islands in the mile stretch between Sunbury and Harrisburg. Many are state-owned, or have no discernable ownership history, Lenker said.

Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton:Islands In The Stream Lyrics

They vary in size from the massive City Island in Harrisburg, which boasts a baseball stadium, to a string of tiny rock islands known as the archipelagos north of the capital. SRTA volunteers built 23 campsites on the state-owned islands between Sunbury and Harrisburg for use by the boating public.

Group volunteers maintain the sites through an agreement with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, said Lenker, who works for the department. Island camping sites are rustic, and big enough for a few tents.

What those log books show is that more and more people are using the islands. The larger islands are occupied almost every summer weekend. The river trail provides that.

Islands in the Stream

Most boaters spend just a day on the river, however island camping is growing in popularity, particularly among people out of state, Gibson said. Many are surprised to learn that the islands are open for camping.

However, Blue Mountain operates its summer outfitting trips to ensure that the river and the islands are not overloaded with visitors. Paddling the river, even just day trips or weeknight excursions, has grown significantly in popularity, said Ryan Walt, outreach and education coordinator for the Pennsylvania Fish and boat Commission. Fortunately, for those living in Central Pennsylvania, the Susquehanna River has numerous public boat launches. This was interesting for us as we live in the Netherlands and explained the many references to Rotterdam while we were on the islands.

Sailing the Islands in between Pula and Zadar

We would strongly recommend to have your inter-island travel organised by Nobai, or another travel agency, especially if you are tight with time. Timetables for flights and ferries are more of a suggestion than an actual schedule, and your ride may be delayed, departed or cancelled when you arrive. The best way to get around is by plane. They are more expensive than ferries but are completely worth it. We do not advise going by boat, unless you absolutely have to, as the Atlantic is very rough. I usually experience a low level of sea-sickness, but on the ship from Santiago to Brava a torturous four hour ride , it was barely under control.

Thankfully, we did not have to take the ferry on such a day.

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Unfortunately, we had to take the ferry due to the volcanic activity on Fogo. Not a good idea.

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Moving from town to town within islands can be achieved by hired taxis or by walking. A lot of Cape Verde is still very rural, and there are villages that can only be reached by hiking. About Contact.