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As tragic and heartbreaking as those situations may be, there is often a person or circumstance to direct our anger, fear, and frustration towards.


But a healthy, young person dying out of the blue? The only one left to shake our fists at is the One who gave them life and then decided to take it away so soon.

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We live in an age where death, illness and suffering are taboo concepts we like to sweep under the carpet. So how do we handle this kind of grief? But there are opportunities to use the situation to help shape our faith and care for those who are struggling. When someone we care about is upset, it might be tempting to ignore the problem and try to focus on something else.

Loving: It All Begins With God

Step into that cavern of sadness and grieve with them. Romans says to rejoice with those who rejoice and to mourn with those who mourn. In it, she had shared about her earthly struggles and how eagerly she awaited reunion with Christ. She poured her heart into praying for a revival so that many more people across the nation would come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior as she did. We can be consumed by the fear of the unknown.

We can worry about what others think. We can go about our days in constant pursuit of earthly success. Or we can live out the hope we have in Christ now, knowing that one day we will be reunited with our loved ones 1 Thessalonians When heaven and earth unite, will it really matter whether I managed to find a husband? Love can be an emotion or a virtue. As an emotion, it consists of a feeling of attraction towards someone or something.

Along with that feeling of attraction, we experience a desire to possess or be connected to the loved object.

Often this feeling is immediate, mysterious, and irrational. This is a decision to seek and promote the good of others, regardless of how I feel towards them. I may feel a strong emotional aversion to someone, but I can still love them in this sense of the virtue — in fact, I am commanded to love them in spite of contrary emotions. The Catechism summarizes these in Instructing, advising, consoling, comforting are spiritual works of mercy, as are forgiving and bearing wrongs patiently. The corporal works of mercy consist especially in feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, clothing the naked, visiting the sick and imprisoned, and burying the dead.

As with every virtue, to grow in love requires exercising love.


And so, a key way for us to grow in love as you ask in your question , is simply to exercise this virtue of love. We are to make a concerted effort to serve others, to seek and promote what is good for them, and to do so as Christ has done with us, with great patience, kindness, and selflessness see 1 Corinthians This same word can be used in yet a third way: for supernatural charity. This refers to the love of God himself, that love that the three persons of the Trinity have for each other, and the love that God has for us. It also refers to the theological virtue that Christians receive at baptism and develop as they mature spiritually.

It enables the Christian to love God with the very love of God — in other words, it enables us to enter into the circle of love that is the Trinity. But it also overflows. As we love God with his own Trinitarian love, we find ourselves loving others and even all things in God and for God.

Loving Your Spouse God’s Way: Restore Joy to Your Marriage Part 3 - Kira Bridges

In the following verses, He demonstrates what it means to love others like this. And it shocked the disciples. In those days, there were servants who washed people's feet when they came to visit. It's likely they were considered the lowliest servants in the household. Now Jesus, the Son of God Himself, got up from supper, took the servant's towel, and proceeded to wash the disciples' feet. His message to them was to love one another by being a servant. Because God wants His love to flow through us and touch other people's lives.

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Love is not just a feeling or a theory; it's a decision we make and an action we take. It's so important for us to study what the Bible teaches about God's love so we can learn to love like Jesus.

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And we have to pray for God to help us learn how to walk in love — to be a servant who "washes feet" by helping others. Matthew NIV says, "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you…. It's easy to want to help people you like or those you want to impress. But when it comes to doing something for someone you don't know or someone you don't have a natural interest in, it can be a different story.

And sometimes we don't feel like serving our family. I know from personal experience that people can be willing to help others at church or work, but they aren't willing to do the same things for their family.