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Like many other veterans, he said he remains troubled by the war. We did a lot of destruction, damage. And we chased the Germans out, and coming back here is a matter of closure. For more newsletters click here. Fear of missing out?

Marine surprises Marine grandfather for his birthday

Thanks for signing up. Approximately parachutists participated in the jump over Normandy on Wednesday, replicating a jump made by U. Milos Krivokapic in Carentan contributed.

My Grandpa's Story. The story of a Soviet Army Combat Medic. | HIAS

D-Day 75 years later. World leaders are gathered Thursday in France to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings. Cedric Lecoz via AP. World leaders including U. President Donald Trump are gathering Wednesday on the south coast of England to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings. There are many events over the coming days to mark the 75th anniversary of the landings by the Allied forces on Tuesday June 6, , in Normandy, France, that became known as D-Day.

Army Rangers scaled the foot cliffs to seize German artillery pieces that could have fired on the American landing troops. Extensive commemorations are being held in the U. Army Signal Corps, Gen. Dwight Eisenhower gives the order of the day, "Full Victory - Nothing Else" to paratroopers in England just before they board their planes to participate in the first assault in the invasion of the continent of Europe. Dwight D.

Charles worked several jobs during his life, including a volunteer firefighter, peanut salesman, apartment maintenance and owner of multiple failed small businesses such as a Clown-o-Gram business, and a pornography business. In the video, Angry Grandpa was upset that his family didn't wait for him to come over before they opened their presents. So, in a bit of ironic luck, his son Michael began to record his rage without him knowing.

After the video was uploaded, another video was uploaded in where they confessed to him that the first video was uploaded on Break.

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The channel grew from there. Angry Grandpa was known for throwing temper tantrums and fits of rage over anything, such as food, disturbances, irritations, etc. He was known to be extremely gullible.

Lest we forget — my grandpa’s stories

He would believe a lot of what Michael told him, as well as anything that he read on the internet. Despite Grandpa's aggression, he has shown throughout the years to have a huge heart and was deep down a passionate, thoughtful man. He cared about people, and wanted to help whoever he could. Angry Grandpa had fluctuating health problems throughout his life. He was an alcoholic in his younger years and began heavy smoking at a young age. He has had multiple incidences of urinary tract infections, kidney stones and cellulitis. In the s, Grandpa supposedly weighed as much as lbs, and was forced to use a wheelchair for mobility.

In the late s, Grandpa underwent gastric bypass surgery. His heart stopped beating during the operation, forcing the doctors to abort the surgery in order to save his life. He had the operation completed years later, and was left with the Dumping Syndrome, which is a known consequence of weight loss surgery. This in turn led to an addiction to pain medication and suicidal ideation. In , he finally began medication to treat the dumping syndrome. In , Grandpa was admitted to the hospital to remove a massive hernia on his stomach.

While in surgery, it is reported that he went into cardiac arrest. Luckily, he was revived but was in a coma for approximately a month following the incident. Doctors had given him a poor prognosis, as his heart and lungs were not recovering. The family had discussed funeral arrangements when Kimberly states she came to the ICU and begged him to wake up, which he did at that moment.

He went on to talk about his entire relationship with Tina, and incidents such as her burning down their trailer and pouring hot tea on a young Michael. After his mother's death, Tina destroyed the items his mom left him due to jealousy. After The Angry Grandpa Show channel began, she started getting jealous of the fans - accusing Grandpa of cheating on her with female fans.

Over the months, her sanity fell, and even called DSS on Grandpa, causing him to go to anger management and improvement parenting school.

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Tina eventually destroyed the social security cards and birth certificates of her grandchildren. Angry Grandpa tried to relieve the situation, but Tina refused and had planned to move to New York. She took a set of keys and desecrated Angry Grandpa's car. DSS officially made it clear that Tina is not allowed near her grandchildren unless under supervision.


At the court house, the judge disagreed about giving custody to Grandpa since he knew of the Angry Grandpa moniker. Under investigation, they spent hours watching every single video. After a talk with the judge, he agreed to give custody as long as Tina isn't around the grandchildren, unsupervised. After Charles explained this to Tina, she defamed him. She made flyers of him with his number stating that he was looking for women to sleep with.

After this issue, Grandpa told her that the divorce is final. After the courts, he said that she could see the grandchildren if her behavior changed, but she didn't care for that. Grandpa and Michael both spent money to get her transportation and a place to stay, but she continued to ungratefully use the money on things she didn't need, even taking out a loan in Grandpa's name.

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Michael claims he spend over a thousand dollars a month to pay her utilities and made sure she had a roof over her head because none of her relatives would let her stay with them. After Tina found a new boyfriend, he broke up with her because she allegedly harassed him at a hospital. She thought the family hired him to date her for a month and leave her. Near Christmas of , due to Jennifer's improvement of working, Grandpa agreed to give his grandchildren back to her.

Tina, an attempted middleman, was supposed to bring the grandchildren to Jennifer. Hours later, Jennifer called Grandpa about Tina not coming to pick her up, and Grandpa found out that the grandchildren were with Tina's new drug-addicted boyfriend. He drove there himself and took the boys away from her and vowed to never have them see her again. He firmly believed that he was not in the wrong in the situation, and denounced any viewers who believed he was.

Grandpa and Tina had discussions over time as Michael patched his relationship with her, even helping her move to New York. Surprisingly, Grandpa and Tina eventually became friends once again. They had remained close friends and talked to each other on the phone as evident by live streams and Kim's videos. Eventually, Tina returned and began to reappear in the Angry Grandpa videos as she patched her relationship with her grandchildren. Grandpa had a loving relationship with Michael. Michael claimed that when he was younger, the two were inseparable.

Some disdain occurred when Michael began filming rages, but Grandpa eventually joined in - even participating in pranks against Michael and Bridgette. Grandpa has stated that without Michael and the viewers, he wouldn't have made it as far as he did into life. Especially in the earlier videos, Grandpa and Bridgette did not seem to get along well. Michael stated this was because Grandpa believed that Bridgette would take Michael away from him.