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She put her faith in Jesus that night. After joining the Royal Marines, it became extremely bad. The cartilage below the kneecap was completely gone. Last year was the worst when the ligaments and the tendons were torn and the kneecap went in a forty-five-degree angle. It has been a long and painful journey. I could not sit or stand for too long.

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When someone said [a word of knowledge] about the cartilage issue, I took the sharpest breath I ever took. I agreed to be prayed for. I felt God moving in my knee. I dropped on my knees to test it and remarkably no pain. God is real.


They resolved to conceal fleeing Jews from the Nazis. They rescued many.

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Betsie died there. Corrie miraculously survived to bear witness to the way in which God can save, heal and forgive. When asked how to prepare for persecution, she used to tell this story about her childhood:. Three weeks before? Our Father in heaven knows when you will need the strength to be a martyr for Jesus Christ.

He will supply all you need just in time. Archbishop Justin Welby and Pete Greig founder of Prayer have launched an initiative calling hundreds of thousands of Christians, of many churches and denominations to a great wave of prayer for the evangelisation of the nations during the week before Pentecost Sunday. The week culminates in beacon events in packed cathedrals and churches around the world over the Pentecost weekend. Prayer is spiritual nutrition. Just as the body needs physical food, so the soul needs spiritual food.

Prayer changes us. However, the Bible goes much further than this. Prayer is powerful. When I left university at the age of twenty-one, I moved to London and was looking for a church to join. Afterwards, I asked if I could meet with him. Soon after, I joined the church and began to learn from this extraordinary leader, friend and role model. I continued in that role for nineteen years until when he passed on the baton to me, and I succeeded him as vicar of HTB.

To this day, Sandy continues to be my role model, friend and inspiration. There have always been people in my life from whom I am learning and others to whom I am trying to pass it on. Like runners in a relay race, we all have a responsibility to pass on the baton. The UK retail chain Topshop commissioned a survey by a team of psychologists into their key customer demographic: Millennials those born between and the early s, and also known as Generation Y.


They interviewed people. The results were so startling that they did not believe them.

They interviewed another and got the same results. The results portrayed an alarming picture of an increasingly lonely and lost generation. More people live alone than at any other point in our recorded social history. On average, Millennials spend six-and-a-half hours a day on social media.

Many who were interviewed considered work to be something they fitted in between social media and lunch!

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There is nothing wrong with social media, but it is no substitute for real, face-to-face friendships. We were created for friendship with God Genesis and with one another Marriage is part of the solution to aloneness. Friendship, vital also in marriage, is a crucial part of the solution too. Jesus set an example of close friendship with men and women. He demonstrated that marriage is not the only solution to aloneness. In one respect, friendship is even more important than marriage. Marriage is temporary; friendship is eternal.

Friendship multiplies joy and divides sorrow. The Bible is very realistic. We see examples of relationships at their very best, but we also see examples of their frailty and failure. Through these examples and the teaching of the Bible we see three keys. He was arrested for preaching the gospel. Toddler - Teacher's Manual - Ages - Summer Preteen - Teacher's Manual - Grades Summer Kindergarten - Teacher's Manual Ages - Summer A Place Prepared for You.

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