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Romantic Sun Hill Grass. He needed to find out. Sometimes this energy imprints certain memories on the mind that can last for hours after death. I am sorry. Roberts tried again. How they died? All except Vaelen, that is. Almost as ifno, that was not possible. Daniel had left no memories to trouble Roberts. This guy would have to go. We would gladly take any information or help you would care to give us, Master Vaelen. Selmac shook his head and smiled. That would cause untold of problems for you.

I did not know that your people asked for remuneration for a good deed. Just a little consideration. You should know this. The weapons we used on PTX are advanced but basic, nothing beyond their realm of comprehension. It can destroy a death glider. We have also developed a hand-held energy shield that is mostly impenetrable but small.

It works best in close quarters combat. You may fire a weapon through the shield toward an enemy, but the enemy will experience great difficulty penetrating the shield to harm you. What you call 'small whirligigs' may the best we can offer you at this point in your technological development.

And small whirligigs. She was holding some file folders tightly in her hand, the expression on her face clearly told everyone to stay out of her way. Officers moved aside when they saw her coming toward them. Whatever was bothering her, they could only hope they had nothing to do with it. She had an idea that their conversation had not been a happy or productive one. Hammond opened the first folder and read the report.

He opened the second, the third, all of them. Every one of them revealed the same conclusion. All six were killed with a variety of weapons, one of them bullets from an AK, another a nine millimeter. Would someone like to connect the dots for me? Jack reached the last folder and read it carefully. He remained quiet as the general continued. I was hoping you might think of a way of asking them. You and Vaelen seem to understand each other. Hammond sat down again. He stood and saluted the general. Jack sat quietly in his on-base quarters. The guilt he felt was overpowering. He should have known that Daniel did not leave willingly.

Jack should have known that Daniel was in trouble. He should have known something was wrong. When there was no evidence to the contrary, Jack had finally come to believe that Daniel had left without a word, had packed a few meager possessions and took off to some remote archaeological dig in some unheard-of area. Daniel had left and had never even called Jack to let him know if he had found any new rocks to look over, any new writings to translate, any shoestrings to trip on.

Yes he knew he had been angry at Daniel for leaving, for going back to archaeology when his world was broken beyond repair — his career ruined, his wife dead, her son safely hidden away by the creature they had encountered on Kheb — what else did he have since his personal life was ashes? Archaeology and what he might be able to salvage out of his career. His best friend was dead.

He had been dead the entire time and Jack had been angry over the fact that Daniel had never called. It did not come, and Daniel had been killed along with 51 other SGC civilians. No — Jack knew his friend had not been killed. He had been murdered; his body thrown through some mysterious Stargate where a bunch of parasites that just happened to need new hosts were hiding.

Thieves of dead bodies.

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Welcome their new acquaintances with open arms? Jack had watched as the two friendly symbiotes met after a long separation. He listened as Selmac and Vaelen reminisced over battles, planets, acquaintances, even beer. He felt the raw anger and raging jealousy when he realized he would never again reminisce with Daniel over battles, planets, acquaintances or beer. He would never again have to explain hockey rules to a half-attentive Daniel whose mind was usually revolving around something archaeological. How could Daniel be gone while his body was still walking the corridors? Dammit, Daniel.

Not a rock. He was in the middle of a pity party and did not want to be interrupted. His eyes were distracted for a moment, almost as if the observer were experiencing deja vu. Jack did not answer quickly. He hesitated just long enough for Vaelen to know that this was a surprising request. There is something you must know that no one else may hear. He motioned Vaelen to a nearby chair. He could feel the anger rolling from the colonel, but something was telling him that there were more feelings consuming the colonel, guilt and betrayal chief amongst them.

Jack was stunned. But if Daniel was alive, how could Vaelen co-exist with him? I must tell you what has happened, and then we must decide what action to take. I have a responsibility to my host since it is not our way to take living creatures. I owe him his life back. Jack felt the tears well up behind his eyes, but he refused to let them come. Some best friend, huh Danny-boy? What I could not tell anyone then, and only now can I tell you, is that although I believed this body dead at first, I heard whispers almost from the moment of the blending.

I feel the pain of her loss, which for Daniel must be excruciating. At first, I thought these wisps of memories were the residual traces of the host that are imprinted on the mind at the time of death, but when full days and events are remembered in whole and with clarity, that can only mean that the host is alive. He is not quite whole. There are many things I still do not understand. The one overriding impulse that I had no understanding of until I came here was his need to find you.

He believes you can help him. Vaelen stood and started pacing around the room, using his hands to help him speak a very Daniel-like mannerism. Vaelen had to keep this explanation simple. You have an energy that contributes to your existence. It houses your memories, your intelligence, your self-awareness, your soul as it were.

So far, so good. When this person is revived, this energy gathers itself back together. I must have merged with him during that process and began reversing it. That was a complete reversal of what he had said in the debriefing. We have faced many Jaffa in ground battles recently. I began to remember old battles that Daniel had participated in, not myself.

More and more memories were presenting themselves to me, and, at times, I became too distracted to lead my people. When I started to remember this facility, these people—you--the memories came more quickly, as if one memory was linked to another and was being pulled to the surface. When we arrived through the gate this morning, I heard a coherent thought come from him. I saw these events as if they were my own. He became more alive than I have ever felt him. Those blue eyes that had seen far too much in a short life turned toward Jack. Basically, I think we should try to resurrect his memories.

I have a few ideas on procedure, but until we do know the story of his death in its entirety, this must remain our secret. I know a great deal of his personal life, his friends, his family. Some memories are very clear and specific, others are vague. Who murdered him? Many of those memories were very clear when we blended. You will not like the answer. The summons informed him that SG-9 had discovered a vast abandoned city on the planet they were exploring. Due to some pressing military considerations, only the civilians from the SGC could be spared for a two-week archaeological expedition with SG-9 as their military guard.

Daniel was to go to Area 51 and assemble any and all equipment that might be needed for the dig. He thought this was a strange request, but he had seen the military do many strange things and thought no more about it. Once he had arrived, he met the 51 other civilians there.

They had come for the same or somewhat similar reasons, each according to their position here at the base. The summons had been forged. They were caught and taken to room that housed a—Daniel called it a homemade Stargate. As in someone there might have hammered one together?

This is why you have no record of any civilians going through your Stargate. Soldiers came; Daniel and the civilians were told that their presence at the SGC was no longer required. The soldiers fired their weapons and killed the civilians. Daniel was not dead yet, he still held on to life. He saw a soldier engage the Chappa'ai, he even saw the symbols. I believe you know the story from there.

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Nothing ever changes. The guy with all the answers is the guy that needs the help. This sucks. You have traitors in your ranks, and Daniel is the only one who can tell you who they are. The more disturbing aspect is the fact that Daniel and the others were transported to a planet we just happened to be residing. I am not one to believe in coincidence, Colonel. I believe there was a reason behind the choice of PTX We must resurrect every memory buried within Daniel in order to help him reach cohesion.

He will speak for those who have fallen and against those who harmed them. The silence between the two men was penetrating. Each knew the seriousness of the situation. In order to keep Daniel alive and safe from those who did him harm, I truly believe that we must keep this between ourselves.

Of that, you already know. We have no reason to suspect General Hammond, but his life could be jeopardized as well. Either Daniel must be cohesive enough to speak for himself or the perpetrators must be uncovered through his memories. You might find that our working together might be interesting. Books, articles, papers, research, even e-mails that Daniel had read or written were perused at a startling rate.

At one point, Jack had called an item a rock and was quickly corrected by Vaelen that the rock was an artifact. No one could know yet. Although Jack understood this, he hated keeping his other two teammates out of the loop. After going undercover to smoke out that little weasel Makepeace and the ferret he worked for, Maybourne, Jack had sworn never again.

Never again would he jeopardize his relationships with his friends. Their friendship had suffered the most. It took a while, but Daniel finally forgave him, or said he did. Things were back to normal.

Jack wanted to rip someone apart, he just did not know who. Vaelen was diligent. They spent many hours practicing with taggers and shields. Vaelen was trying to keep everyone he knew away from him so he could be around those who knew Daniel and could help him. Vaelen had not stolen Daniel, just did what was necessary to live and acceptable to his kind.

Now, he was trying to reverse his error. His unselfish actions had garnered the respect of one colonel. Jack called Vaelen friend. Perhaps this alliance would be a good thing after all. For five days, they had some small successes. Vaelen would know things that Daniel had kept secret from everyone but Jack.

Certain comments would be said that could only be attributed to Daniel. This was working. Vaelen entered. The expression on his face showed that he was not happy. It is believed that we have given you sufficient weapons and information at the present time, and the desire to return with others like ourselves is very strong. I do not believe this will be a set-back for the plan to restore Daniel Jackson. Jack sat quietly. He just had not expected it to be this soon. He started talking with me last night. Mysteriously, Vaelen had asked that Roberts be sent out of the base for some inane reason and for no guards to be present.

He just said that he was bringing Vaelen, and they had something to tell us. He seemed quite insistent that he find it. Unconsciously, he walked toward the coffeepot and poured himself a cup of coffee. Jack was the only one to notice see this very Daniel-like behavior. Even Vaelen did not seem to notice that he had performed another action that was quintessentially Daniel. No matter where he went, Daniel always headed for the coffeepot first. Vaelen quickly downed the drink, savoring the flavor for some odd reason. He was preoccupied with the matter they were about to discuss that he did not take the time to think that the body needed this drink or that the coffeepot was always the primary goal when his host entered a room.

He quickly poured himself a second cup without thinking. The consequences of this lack of awareness and reflection stunned them all. Only moments after drinking the coffee, Vaelen fell to the floor, clutching his head in agony. He felt someone grabbing his arms and sitting him against the wall. Jack saw the eyes stare at nothing and then track to his position. Those silent eyes told Jack what he had been needing to hear since the moment he realized his friend was trapped within his own body. There was fear in the blue eyes staring at him.

There was a silent plea for help crying out to Jack. This was what had been preoccupying the Colonel for the last week. Daniel was still alive! Some of them Get… rid of us…replace with … military. He…killed me. The effort Daniel was exerting just to speak was monumental. Daniel tried to answer, but no words came out. His eyes were becoming lackluster. He was falling back down. That meant that Vaelen was coming back. Jack needed to talk to his friend. His human friend. You stay here. For once in your life, do as I tell you! Daniel could not follow his orders, Jack knew that.

He was still too weak. He saw the four concerned faces looking at him. The problem is, no one can know about this because the people who killed him might come back after him. We have to keep this one secret. We were going to tell you all we know. We may be able to effect a positive result, then Just theorize out loud. I did not think of that. Time is essential. A zat gun immobilizes the symbiote and allows the host to surface. A sarcophagus helps immobilize the host and allows the symbiote to have control. She and Daniel had spent many hours discussing the effects of a sarcophagus on a host.

He had mentioned how, when he was suffering from its effects, he had felt detached and not in control. He surmised that the adrenaline pumping through his veins during the fight had counteracted the effects of the sarcophagus. This was a logical theory since the sedatives that Fraiser had injected him with had made the effects worse. It might not be harmful to either Daniel or Vaelen. Jack helped Vaelen stand up, noticing that Vaelen still had a vice-like grip on his arm.

Vaelen sat down at the table, his legs feeling slightly shaky. He is alive. I do not have the ability to willingly allow him to surface and speak with you. This episode has strengthened him. Another day and I can move to a new host—if one can be found. Jack motioned them all to the table. This is going to be a long explanation. Memory restoration and reenergizing the host seemed to be the only choices.

If that is true, we should capture him as soon as possible. He would be able to tell us who is involved in the murders. Doctor Jackson is our only hope in discovering what is going on and who is involved. Right now, we are the only ones that know Doctor Jackson is alive, and right now, that should remain our secret. It could very well be that not all of them are involved in this.

Some might have come here because they were ordered to. He has kept me from them because he does not wish to be reminded of them. I realize now that all were present when the murders took place. As soon as the General had mentioned background checks, Sam had moved to the computer and was quickly bringing up the information on the 52 replacements and someone named Darby.

He's a colonel with NID. Nine months ago, he was transferred to Area 51 and put in charge of Acquisition Interpretation and Determination. That puts him in a perfect position to pull off a stunt like this. He would have access to all of the resources and information he would need. Our government is departmentalized. One group can do one thing without the knowledge of any other. More information showed on the screen. His commanding officer is a General Thayer, former Covert Ops. Please let it be Daniel. He could practically hear the younger man's heart racing. Didn't adrenaline energize as well as caffeine?

Sam started typing, finding the information. Here it is. Seven years ago, Thayer was a colonel. He led a covert ops team in Peru. His mission was to relocate a village to a more secure location. They were ambushed, all but two of them were killed. Thayer was shot in the leg leaving him with a bad limp. He was transferred to the Pentagon after he was issued a medical release from covert ops.

Rumor has it that they were taken down by a band of civilians. That was all. Daniel fell back into his own mind, Vaelen returned. Vaelen shook his head. All I know is that there is one. Daniel does not like him, but he is not allowing me into those memories. He says ask him tomorrow. He wishes to have all of his information in a coherent form before telling me. The klaxon sounded at that moment. The five occupants left the conference room and hurried to the control room. He was joined by Major Carter in the attempt.

After the meeting they just had, they were eager for a fight. Only Carter heard him. Given enough time, they can override any defense system through a carrier wave that can only be transmitted through a Stargate. These three are working for Apophis. Fall back! Prepare your weapons and rendezvous at the gate room. The authority in his voice was unmistakable. They moved away from the Dervans, their weapons firing constantly. Vaelen looked apologetically at General Hammond. Their armor is made of a material you have never seen before and is protected by an energy shield which is impervious to metal projectiles such as yours.

Our weapons will have a greater chance of defeating them. The three of them could easily decimate one of your cities before you even have a chance to mount a defense. Vaelen had to take charge. Use whatever internal countermeasures you have until we can attack. That may slow them down. Very little stops them. And before you ask, we left our kryptonite back on PTX We do. We may be able to stop them. The Dervans are very intelligent and almost invulnerable. We may be able to withstand more than you. Selmac, I will take the first line, you take the second. Look at them! They know that your basic weapons are ineffectual.

They know you are organized, that you will bring up your most destructive weapons next. They will gauge your abilities from that attack and respond accordingly. They will not expect us. We were victorious a few times. They are logical thinkers. The only method that comes to mind is a frontal attack. That will be a surprise and may confuse them. We will only have a few moments in which to damage them. Afterwards, once they realize who they are fighting, we will only be able to stop them by outnumbering them.

It is a very slim chance, but it is the only one you have. He is determined to have this planet. The Dervans hunt us, General. This is our fight. Talk to Daniel the next time you see him. From their vantage point in the control room, General Hammond, Lieutenant Harriman, SG-1 sans Roberts, and the Special Forces troops watched the mother of all firefights.

Despite their bravery, their efforts could only be measured in personally devastating results. They did not anticipate the ferocity of the assault. The weapons each side possessed were of such a destructive magnitude that the walls of the gate room were riddled with gaping holes from the blasts. The smoke from the weapons became too thick to see through, and, when it finally cleared during a lull in the fighting, one Dervan lay dead on the platform, one was injured, and the third still stood tall and defiant.

Only eight of you still stand. Your kind will not be missed. Vaelen peered out from his shield. With a quick jerk of his wrist, Vaelen aimed the tagger and shot the wounded Dervan in the belly through a hole in the armor, surprisingly killing him. Does Apophis know about this? The Dervan screamed defiance and loosed a bolt of energy from a strange looking weapon at his belt. The energy beam enveloped Vaelen, and he screamed in excruciating pain. The force of the blast threw Vaelen out of the blast doors and into the far wall.

As he hit the floor, he heard the sounds of the fight starting again. Vaelen was barely conscious when Jack reached him. His breathing was coming in short gasps, his eyes betraying the pain felt by both the host and the symbiote. Through the pain, he saw Selmac and his line of defense run into the gate room with more Special Forces troops close on their heels.

All were armed with taggers, zat guns and shields. There was a chance for their survival, however slim. You and Selmac may be able to kill the third. There may The sounds of the fight filled the hallway, the screams of the dying rent the air. The strange sounds of eerie silence followed in their wake. Vaelen had promised he would help Daniel, they were so close to bringing Daniel back, and now this? They were both dead?

He had to help stop the enemy from taking the Stargate. Quickly, he joined the soldiers in the gate room. He would mourn afterwards. Another round of gunfire from the Special Forces troops filled the air with smoke and noise as they exchanged fire with the alien. That armor was thick! When the smoke cleared again, the one surviving Dervan glanced around the gate room. He knew it was over. He stood physically unharmed on the platform in front of the Stargate, only his armor showing signs of intense battle. Bodies littered the gate room.

He would now open the gate and allow his master to come through and claim his prize. Though he stood alone, he looked at the fallen members of the SGC—dead, dying and wounded. They could not harm him. They were weak. He was strong. Still, these weak creatures kept fighting back. A third group of soldiers in thick vestments and even stranger looking shields ran into the gate room, their weapons pointed at him. These shields looked like they were made of metal, not naquada.

Such inadequate defenses for the people touted to have killed the mighty Ra and Hathor. Perhaps Apophis had been mistaken when he described the Tau'ri in detail to him. Leading these suicidal fools was none other than General Hammond himself. He stood before his troops cowering behind the metal shields. He would know all of their names before the day was over. We already overthrew the king two hundred years ago. The Dervan bellowed a roar at such insolence and fired his weapon at the soldiers who took cover behind the shields and returned fire.

The fighting was intense. His armor was pierced in many places exposing him to the expert shots of the soldiers, but his underbelly was still protected. This could not be. How could the Dervan still be standing? Walking through the door into the gate room was a very much alive Vaelen. Point blank range. This one could kill him. The pain-filled scream that split the air shattered the glass separating the gate room and the control room. The effort was too much after the previous attack.

Daniel collapsed where he stood. He crawled, he dug, he fought his way back to consciousness. The darkness around him was thick with memories that were definitely not his, yet they were his. He remembered every battle, every intrigue, every word spoken to him for thousands of years, but he was only 34 years old. How could this be? The roar screaming through his jumbled mind grew louder as the dueling memories fought to merge and coalesce into one continuous history.

See a Problem?

For what seemed like an eternity, he fought to maintain his sanity throughout the mental maelstrom, then, as quickly and as quietly as a sunrise, silence ensued. Was that Janet? It sounded like her. Who was she talking to? Why was everything so confused? Slowly, he opened his eyes. His eyes darted around the embarkation room. People were rushing to aid the wounded; medics were entering with gurneys to carry away those who could not walk on their own.

What he did not want to see were the many forms lying on the floor covered with sheets. The Dervan, he noticed, was dead, his body lying crumpled on the ramp near the Stargate. Jack appeared in his line of vision and helped him to sit up. Janet helped to steady him. Cute trick, by the way, pretending to be Daniel. Looking into tired blue eyes, the general saw the soul of the young man he had grown to respect, not the soldier who had earned his trust.

The military stare was missing from those eyes. For a moment, Daniel considered his answer. Everything hurts. Jack, who had been silent since the younger man first spoke, finally found the breath to speak. Or Vaelen did. The last eight months were as clear to him as if he had performed the actions himself, not Vaelen. Said he was trying to keep the landlord happy. Keep the landlord happy. Vaelen had been willing to do anything to free Daniel from his living nightmare. He had promised Jack that he would take every chance and every precaution to return Daniel to him.

Jack would never be happy that Vaelen was dead, but he would rejoice in the fact that his best friend was back. One life for another. Jolinar had made the same choice for Carter. Vaelen had returned the soul of the SGC. Daniel moved away from Jack, slowly getting to his feet. He did notice that Jack had grabbed onto his arm and was helping him get his balance. Surprisingly, or maybe not too surprising, Hammond was on his other side helping his unsteady legs support his weight.

He found Jack staring at him worriedly, he noticed everyone else in the embarkation room doing the same. Jack chuckled. Yep, Dead-Again Daniel had done it again. Ask me later. He was so tired, but there was something he had to do. He had to see the Dervans for himself, with his own eyes. Daniel just had to prove to himself that they were dead. It was deteriorating rapidly.

“When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object.”

In a few hours, there would be nothing left, not even the armor. It went through some sort of chemical change upon death, the internal organs dissolving into a highly acidic substance that quickly destroyed the body. There was a more pressing matter he was about to attend to. Two very long days passed. Instead, they took turns bring the Colonel food, coffee or company. General Hammond, a shrewd man if ever one existed, knew that his second-in-command had his own personal penance to pay for his belief that the archaeologist had betrayed their trust and left. If the trauma Major Carter experienced when she was taken host by Jolinar was any indication, Doctor Jackson would need all the help SG-1 would provide.

Hammond was no different than the rest of the SGC. He kept walking to the infirmary to check on Doctor Jackson even though he had given Doctor Fraiser orders to inform him the moment any change was noticed. She kept giving the General the same update. Because of that fact, he had no need for any IVs or oxygen. Even as Vaelen, the form was constantly in motion. What concerned him more was to find the Colonel staring intently at the inert body of the archaeologist.

Complain about being stuck in the infirmary, rambling on about some rock he found, even tell me to go to hell. All he does is stay unconscious. His usual sarcasm did not seem to alleviate his mood. Roberts has been found and is now sitting in a cell a few levels from here. Maybe this time we can stop them. You are not responsible for your team every minute of every day. Sometimes there are forces that operate that are beyond our control until we know they exist and even then we have to fight tooth and nail to stop them. Sometimes, there are casualties.

Doctor Jackson has been around us long enough to know that there are shadow operations that go on without the consent of higher authority. He would place the responsibility of these actions with the perpetrators. Have you ever stopped to consider that Daniel does not blame you for what happened? Jack sat up straighter in the chair.

Uh oh. Military mode. I hold ultimate authority here.

Ella Maillart - When the heart speaks, its language is the

If anything, this entire situation should have been discovered and exposed eight months ago when they first disappeared, and it was my responsibility to investigate. If Doctor Jackson wishes to tell someone to go to hell, it should be me. Bright blue wondering eyes gazed at both men. Hammond had to grin. With an effort, and a little help from Jack, Daniel sat up.

He did not feel tired or sick, just a little detached. That was the first thing he had to get rid of. You give the orders. Now the General was laughing. They had always teased Daniel about his lack of military discipline. Jack almost held his breath. Jack took his place in the set-up. Both he and Daniel knew the routine by heart. An all-expense paid two-week trip to Egypt would be just what the doctor ordered.

All right, Doctor Jackson. Name your demands. The General nodded his head. Daniel continued. Oh yeah, Danny with the quick wit and dry sense of humor was back. The least you could do is throw one of your tirades. The General could not help but laugh. Jack had used a few verbal quips to cue Daniel to ask for that down time.

Besides, it was good just to hear the two of them together again. Is there anything else I can get you? Color TVs for every room? New computers? Carter would love a new computer. A decent cook in the mess hall is in demand big time. You got any ideas? The room service stinks. This place would never make it on the Triple A list. It was terrible. The General threw up his hands in amusement. Doctor Fraiser has already said that debriefings are fine as long as we have them here for the next couple of days.

It sounded like their usual good-natured banter. Captain Roberts sat in his cell, his mind not agreeably engaged in the possible outcomes of his incarceration that had began three days ago. He guessed that he had been found out. They knew that he was working with NID.