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It is a true field guide to the senses for science buffs and green thumbs, and for anyone who seeks a greater understanding of our place in nature. UK Version:. Take the Class! It's time, as Joni Mitchell sang at Woodstock, 'to get ourselves back to the garden' and take a closer look at plants. Chamovitz lets us see plants in a new light, one which reveals their true wonder. In this beautiful reframing of the botanical, he reveals the extent and kind of that awareness through a bumper crop of research.

A Field Guide to the Senses

This entertaining and educational book is filled with wondrous examples that underscore how the legacy of shared genomes enables plants and animals to respond to their environments. You'll see plants in a new light after reading What a Plant Knows. Can they actually remember the weather? And do they care if you play them Led Zeppelin or Bach?

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What A Plant Knows

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A Visit at a Plant Biology Lab - Prof. Daniel Chamovitz

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What a plant knows : a field guide to the senses

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