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The plot involves some clever figuring out, because of the time travel angle.

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That only adds to the delight as we watch Molly and Miri create a sure-fire method of saving Molly from a dreadful home situation. It reads as if each page is being invented as we turn it.

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There are a few tense moments but nothing really disturbs the reader, even though it is eventful. There is some element of history in the book, as we travel back to another time.

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However, the historical fiction element is not the real point of the story. The real point is making connections between people, and finding yourself reflected in another. Most of all, I loved the ending. Not at all what I would have expected.

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The ending is — pure magic. Setting things right.


Find this on Amazon: The Magic Half. The girl tells Miri that her name is Molly Gardner and the year is Miri remembers from history class that America was in the midst of the Great Depression in After seeing how bleak life was back then, Miri wants to help Molly. Molly informs Miri that her Grandma May, who is dying, told her that someone would come for her. She believes that Miri is a fairy who has arrived to rescue her from her cruel and greedy Aunt Flo and mean cousin Horst.

Miri wants to go home.


She hopes to rescue Molly, too, but she needs to figure out a way they both can travel through time to go back from to the 21st century. The Magic Half by Annie Barrows. The Book Report Network. Skip to main content. The Magic Half. Reviewed by Donna Volkenannt on December 26, All Rights Reserved.