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Baltic origins

Log in to Wiley Online Library. Purchase Instant Access. View Preview. Learn more Check out. Citing Literature. Volume 25 , Issue 1 December Pages Related Information. Close Figure Viewer. Yet the good of the citizenry, defended and preserved, becomes an eternal triumph. To you belongs the power of commanding and to us the necessity of obedience. For in lieu of placing cattle, they put in the usual place only hides filled with burning sulphur.

And when the greedy whole-eater greedily gulped these down, he choked on the flames blazing through his innards. He lies saying that [his brother] had been killed by the monster but the father welcomes him back happily as a victor. For it is often the case that grief becomes overcome by the happiness of triumph. Once his crime was discovered, the younger Krak agreed to banishment.

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And the funeral rites were not concluded but with the completion of the building of the city. Some called it Cracow from the crowing of crows that gathered there to feast on the corpse of the monster. She so exceeded all others by her beautiful person as also by the allure of her grace that you would have thought that nature, when rewarding her [with its gifts], not only generous but even extravagant was.

For even the most prudent of the wise were astounded by her advice and the most cruel amongst the enemies relented at her sight. They claimed then that they did not balk at battle but rather at sacrilege. They said that they were afraid of no man but in [this wo]man they venerated a godly majesty. Their King touched by the torment of love or perhaps of outrage [at his soldiers refusing to fight], or both, proclaims:.

He said thus and then threw himself onto his sword giving up his spirit, and so his angry life, with a complaint, amongst the shadows escapes.

Hercules Furens a tragedy by Seneca edited by Charles Beck (1845)

Because she desired no one marry and even virginity she thought of higher than marriage, she left the world without an heir. And for a long time did the kingdom teeter without a ruler. The River Vindilicus springs from the far frontier of Gaul and people maintain that the Vandals lived by it and got their name from it. On the Asciburgian mountains we wrote already here. So we oblige listing here most of the relevant sources.

We keep the Suebi spelling of the translations, where it appears, though suspect most manuscripts refer to the Suevi. Some scholars speculate that the Iazyges cavalry consisted of war oliphants.

In the commencement of his reign he was renowned and popular with his countrymen; but subsequently, with long possession, he became a tyrant, and the enmity of neighbours, joined to intestine strife, was his ruin. Vibillius, king of the Hermunduri, and Vangio and Sido, sons of a sister of Vannius, led the movement… an immense host of Ligii, with other tribes, was advancing, attracted by the fame of the opulent realm which Vannius had enriched during thirty years of plunder and of tribute.

Consequently, he determined to maintain himself in fortified positions, and protract the war. But the Iazyges, who could not endure a siege, dispersed themselves throughout the surrounding country and rendered an engagement inevitable, as the Ligii and Hermunduri had there rushed to the attack ; …He then fled to the fleet which was awaiting him on the Danube, and was soon followed by his adherents, who received grants of land and were settled in Pannonia.

Vangio and Sido divided his kingdom between them; they were admirably loyal to us [i. There was success in the East, misfortune in the West. Illyricum was disturbed, the Gallic provinces wavering, Britain subdued and immediately let go.

Pachynum : German » Latin | PONS

And they obtained a force that was strong, not in numbers, but in dignity; for a hundred knights alone were sent to help them. The Suebi , indignant at his giving help, attached to themselves some Iazyges and were making their preparations to cross the Ister with them. Masyus, king of the Semnones, and Ganna, a virgin who was priestess in Germany, having succeeded Veleda, came to Domitian and after being honoured by him returned home.

All of them live in filth and laziness. The intermarriages of their chiefs with the Sarmatians have debased them by a mixture of the manners of that people. Then, from the borders of Illyricum even into Gaul, all the nations banded together against us — the Marcomanni, Varistae, Hermunduri and Quadi, the Suebians , Sarmatians , Lacringes and Buri, these and certain others together with the Victuali, namely, Osi, Bessi, Cobotes, Roxolani, Bastarnae, Alani, Peucini, and finally, the Costoboci.

Furthermore, war threatened in Parthia and Britain. Thereupon, by immense labour on his own part, while his soldiers reflected his energy, and both legates and prefects of the guard led the host, he conquered these exceedingly fierce peoples, accepted the surrender of the Marcomanni, and brought a great number of them to Italy.

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  4. Item Aurelianus contra Suebos et Sarmatas iisdem temporibus vehementissime dimicavit ac florentissimam victorian rettulit… Non absque re est cognoscere qui fuerit Aureliani triumphus… Gothi, Alani, Roxolani, Sarmatae, Franci, Suebi, Vandali, Germani, religatis manibus captive [years ];. Italy herself, mistress of nations, lamented the destruction of very many of its cities. There was not so much distress over individual losses when the Empire was deprived of almost everything.

    Ammianus Marcellinus Book 16, 10, Paulinus of Beziers Epigramma Note that here the usual Suebi , Vandal, Alan trio of the Rhein-crossing fame is actually replaced by the Sarmatian, Vandal, Alan trio. The text of the Loeb edition has this as:. In the latter he set up the statue of Victory which is still in existence, thus signifying that it was from her that he had received the empire. It had belonged to the people of Tarentum, whence it was now brought to Rome, placed in the senate-chamber, and decked with the spoils of Egypt. Wild beasts and tame animals were slain in vast numbers, among them a rhinoceros and a hippopotamus, beasts then seen for the first time in Rome.

    As regards the nature of the hippopotamus, it has been described by many and far more have seen it. The rhinoceros, on the other hand, is in general somewhat like an elephant, but it has also a horn on its very nose and has got its name because of this. These beasts, accordingly, were brought in, and moreover Dacians and Suebi fought in crowds with one another. The latter are Celts [but he says Germans!

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    They proved of no great assistance to him, however, owing to strife among themselves, and some who were afterwards captured were now matched against the Suebi. The whole spectacle lasted many days, as one would expect, and there was no interruption, even though Caesar fell ill, but it was carried on in his absence under the direction of others.

    Cary exercised a good deal of editorial judgment on the fragmentary texts of Dio. Before Armin-ius there was Ariovist-us. What happens with Ariovistus? Well, first we have Ariovist.


    Then we break it down to Ario-vist. Now, we are not going to weigh in on Ario-. The Indian vedas have the same derivation. But the suffix is -vist not -vid. If you are thinking sight, as in vista, you may be right. Assuming that is correct, we may want to ask if there is a word that expresses the concept? What does that mean? A teller of news, a fortune teller, an augured, a seer but also — the necessarily derivative — magician, mage. Again, once you eliminate the -as, you end up with Burebist or something like that.

    Bible Living

    The association of man with knowledge and woman with no knowledge thus seems unnecessary or at least secondary. The words may simply have meant man and not man i. Finally, yet another etymology name is possible. When you are enjoying a vista of the Rodina, take a moment to give some thought to the sacrifices of Ariovist and Burevist. We know this because Paul and Origo claim that this happened during the reign of Wacho or Waccho, a Langobard who helped himself to the Langobard throne by killing the prior occupant of the same, Tato in the year but who ended his career in about , i.

    We give here both the cite from Paul and the original version from the Origo. For this reason the Gepidae from that time incurred enmities with the Langobards. If any one may think that this is a lie and not the truth of the matter, let him read over the prologue of the edict which King Rothari composed of the laws of the Langobards and he will find this written in almost all the manuscripts as we have inserted it in this little history. And Waccho had for his third wife the daughter of the king of the Heroli, by name Salinga. From her a son was born to him, whom he called Waltari, and who upon the death of Waccho reigned as the eighth king over the Langobards.

    All these were Lithingi; for thus among them a certain noble stock was called. And after him reigned Tato the son of Claffo. The Langobards settled three years in the fields of Feld. Tato fought with Rodolf king of the Heruli and killed him and carried off his banner and helmet. After him the Heruli had no kingly office. And Wacho the son of Unichis killed king Tato his paternal uncle together with Zuchilo.

    And to avenge his wrong the Gypidis made war with the Langobards. In these ways — verticality, dialectical stress, indirect relation, and circularity — and more, rule idea describes and systematically relates ecumenical and local rules on a wide range of matters to disclose the implicit and explicit theological hermeneutics that form native Christian traditions. This web site was created to maintain our members up to date with the latest information relating to the server, it also serves a goal for posting our builds, rules, and common server-primarily based goings on.

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