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If price is an issue, you can always go for the simple wooden design.

All in all, you should have fun choosing an appropriate design that suits your functional needsand aesthetic appeal. Source: Coffee Tables 4 5. Rattan - new ideas for your interior! A rattan is a palm species that is widelyutilized as materials in creating and designingfurniture.

It is a versatile and style-friendlymaterial for home, school, offices and evencafeterias furnishings and equipments. Compare to other materials such as bambooand maybe metallic-made iron and copper furniture, rattan-made fixtures are morecomfortable to use and refreshing not tomention its durability and resistance frombreakage. Above all the price of rattan-madefurniture is affordable and competitive. This iswhy this material can be a classy andaffordable raw material for tables such asrattan coffee tables and rattan side tables. Another evidence for its classy characteristics is thatsome Hollywood celebrities buy furniture and equipment for their homes that is made fromrattan.

Characteristics of Rattan as a material of furnitureLet us examine the characteristics of Rattan as a material for your table and maybe chairs andbeds. Rattan for most part is closely related to bamboo however it cannot stand on its own unlikebamboo. Its body can grow and climb as long and as high as how many meters.

This answerswhy this material can be used as a weaving material for furniture. A good rattan species can becollected from the rain forest of Indonesia. Due to its adaptability and flexibility, it is used for awide variety of purpose but the most popular once is in furniture manufacturing. In thePhilippines, it is used as a raw material for "arnis" — a martial art tool other than in furnitureproduction.

What else does a rattan has to make it the best choice for your coffee table? Rattan isvery soft for styling purposes that will actually fit the interior and even the exterior of yourhome. Rattan furniture can be used for your room as beds, for your living area as a sofa; for yourkitchen as a long table and coupled it with chairs. In whatever space in your home and office, rattan can be used. Rattan is best for tropical- inspired designs for houses and offices.

Its color blends that color of nature such as the wood, sun, beaches, trees and other beautiful ornaments around. Style, comfort - the cost! As fixtures, how are the price, style, versatility and durability of rattan compared to bamboo- 5 6.

HomeTech 249: All the World's a Coffee Table

In terms of price tags, rattan-made is cheapercompared to bamboo-made and metallic-made. The obvious reason is that its cultivation is easyand fast. However, as the time passes by, rattan is extensively being exploited that its presence inthe rain forest is almost gone. This will soon result to fast rising prices of rattan-made furniture. So if you wish to buy one of these rattan-made fixtures you can order as early as now.

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But beforepurchasing you can visit different online websites for some useful reviews and ideas aboutrattan-made equipments. This can help you decide which design and equipment better fits theinterior designing motif of your home and maybe offices. In terms of style, there are a lot ofstyles you can choose from for rattan-made tables.

Its vine-like properties make rattan a veryeasy to handle weaving materials which is suitable for styling purposes compared to bamboo andmetallic elements. You can dissect rattan to its heart and find the value for each part amazing. Interms of versatility, a rattan-made fixtures and equipments can be used in decorating your home,offices, schools and even eateries or restaurants.

Even if it is most fitted to a tropical settingdesign; its pattern and style can speak of elegance and classiness in whatever motif or setting youplace it. However, you can always consult an interior designer for a more appropriate placementof rattan-made furniture or for a better idea. In terms of durability, rattan is just like a saying "itbends where the wind blows". By nature, rattan is a vine that climbs as high as it can; but thissoftness it also its strength.

This characteristic made rattan a versatile material for furnitureproduction. So, how to buy it?

How I Use Coffee Table Books to Style My Home + 7 Titles to Invest In

So, if rattan as furniture sounds interesting to you visit a website that can provide you with ideasof its wide variety of choices. You can get reviews of its different products from websites thatoffer buy and sell option for you in a cheaper price. If indeed you have made your final decisionto purchase a rattan-made product, then call the store for order of the said material. After this,you can experience for yourself what this article is trying to tell you about rattan coffee tables.

Source: Rattan Coffee Tables 6 7. A few words about coffee tables Coffee table takes a vital role in unifying the total look of your living spaces. They are accent pieces responsible in creating a welcoming atmosphere to your home. Without them a living space may feel too spacious and cold as well as uninviting. Therefore as you create and carefully pick your other home furnishings, you must also carefully pick the center table that will be the focal point of your living spaces.

Being given this important function, coffee tables therefore are bound to be pieces that grabs attention and start up conversation especially among guests or friends who visits your home. Well appointed homes buy coffee tables for the living room, family room, bedrooms, and patioand wherever the owner invites friends over, there has to be a coffee table to service their needfor function and design. Apartments or homes with smaller living spaces can order a narrowcoffee table design to maximize their limited living spaces.

They cannot do away without acoffee table because it can also function as a magazine or book shelf, rack for odd crafts, storagefor small knick knacks, etc. Because of the important role of a coffee table, you should be able to choose which one is perfectfor your home. One type of coffee table that stands out is the bamboo coffee table.

Bamboo coffee table nowadays can pass various style categories ranging from traditional to contemporary or modern. Bamboo coffee table can be categorized under traditional style if the table is semi-finished with rough edges still evident as part of its unique design. Or it can be categorized under modern contemporary when the table is smoothly finished and the bamboo material appears to be very similar to a laminate wood. Bamboo is presently getting rave reviews from the ergonomic community and is now being utilized as an ergonomic material.

Designers are pushing further to be able to enjoy this material without the use of other hardware tools instead adapting a unique interlocking method making the assembly of bamboo furniture easy as No need for screws, nails or bolts and nuts. Bamboo is a plant as opposed to the hardwood trees that requires several years or decades more until it reaches maturity before it can be harvested and utilized for various manufacturing processes. Being a plant, bamboo is from the grass family and reaches full maturity in 4 to 7 years.

In one year alone, bamboo plant stands tall at 40 feet. This highly sustainable material is good for the protection of our environment as it can be rapidly replenished and replanted in half the time needed as compared to the hardwood trees. Bamboo coffee table is not only stylish but also durable. Bamboo has gone a long way other than being utilized as scaffolding for construction sites in the Asian region, nipa hut or traditional houses for the Philippines, or decorative accent to Japanese architecture.

Bamboo is now being marketed as laminated planks after undergoing tedious manufacturing processes such as harvesting, cross cutting into smaller strips, planing to make them flat, boiling to get rid of the starch as well as improve strength and appearance, drying and gluing, pressing, shaping and sanding. It is believed to be durable than other hardwoods and very resistant to scratches and stain. Buy bamboo coffee table and you will see that if compared with other type of coffee table, it isequally stylish, easily adapts to the current furnishing in the home because they come in classicstyles as well as modern contemporary styles.

Other design ideas also present bamboo coffeetable with elegance. Other coffee tables equally elegant are the copper coffee table, iron coffeetable, and hardwood coffee table. Of course these materials are equally durable but notequally sustainable and renewable that is why bamboo coffee table remains the excellent choicefor the environment conscious shoppers.

What makes a great coffee table book?

Source: Bamboo Coffee Tables 8 9. This iswhy adding a nice mirror coffee table in our living roomor in other rooms of the house will surely be useful anddecoratively pleasing. Mirror coffee tables are whatother people address as glass top design table. The tablesprovides a classy atmosphere of the home especially ifthe these mirrors are white or silvery in color. The disadvantage of mirror coffee tables is that it isimpossible to repair ones it breaks.

Glass mirrors breaks easily compared to coffee tables that aremade of wood or metal. This is true especially if the glass mirror coffee table was not created intampered glass form in the first place. The danger of ordinary mirror tables is that it poses as arisk hazard to children ones it breaks because of the sharp pieces.

The good thing about owning a mirror coffee table is that most of it are transparent therebymaking the actual appearance of the house look a little bigger. The transparency of the coffeetable creates a space illusion where in guests sees the table yet does not think of it as somethingthat occupies space. Another advantage of mirror coffee tables is that it is very easy to cleanwhere in a simple wash cloth or a glass cleaner, if available, would do the cleaning job. Also, recent developments have been made for mirror coffee tables to make it safer for thegeneral population.

The advancement leads to the creation of tempered glass mirrors that arestronger and safer than ordinary glass. The difference of tampered glass is that when it breaks itis composed of tiny round shaped indivisible pieces compared to other glass that breaks intosharp and jagged pieces. Aside from the safety features, recent advancements has also lead todifferent mirror coffee table designs that wouldsuit the appearance of a persons home.

Mirror coffee tables typically fit any decor of theroom whether it is the bathroom, the bedroom,much more importantly in the living room;however, the difficulty relies on finding theperfect design since for the house and for thespecific room. Mirror tables have varyingdesigns some of it add nickel, iron, wood or anyother material to make a different theme for thetable.

Beautiful Inexpensive Rustic Coffee Table: 16 Steps (with Pictures)

An example of which is the Lucite coffeetable which are typically being shown in castes. The designs of mirror coffee tables areimportant since it would define the personality of the owner of the home. Some males do notprefer elegant looking mirrors but prefers those mirror coffee tables that have a wood, gold orblack steel appearance since it makes it look more masculine.

An example of which is the Lucite mirror coffee table like the onesstated before.

A good company that designs this type of coffee table is the Craig Van Den Brulle. This table has a very delicate appearance that could be used to fit different design settings. Somethe model tables are the oval avenerie coffee table, Clair coffee table, abstract coffee table andmany more. The advantage of these mirrors is that the owners looks rich and the house wouldhave an appearance similar to classy mansions or castles of the past.

The disadvantage of thesetables is that it is relatively expensive. Another disadvantage of this mirror is that it looks so very delicate that any forms of damagewould be almost impossible to be repaired. Majority of mirror coffee tables are already being approved by females this is in contrast tomales who are somewhat stricter when it comes to the design of their coffee table. Mirror tablesthat a masculine appearance are those that contain wood, gold colourings and black colouredmetals. An example of a company that creates good mirror coffee tables is the Bassett mirrorcompany.

The advantage of this coffee table is that it could easily fit almost any room designyou could think of. Another advantage of this coffee table is that is has a wide range of price thatcould be either be cheap or expensive. If the client would like to have a very unique yet aesthetic mirror coffee table, he shouldpatronize the driftwood mirror coffee table.

This design is described as a weird looking woodthat is used to support the mirror. The design would suit best those individuals who are interestedin nature. Examples of good drift wood coffee tables are the products being offered by thewebsite "alldriftwoodfurniture. The disadvantage of this table is that it is very difficult tofit the entire atmosphere of the room.

In conclusion, mirror coffee tables has its own share of pros and cons that should be consideredfirst before buying this product. It is common knowledge that the disadvantage of mirror coffeetables is that it breaks, but there are still numerous advantages of this product making it famousamong interior designers. Glass mirror tables could fit any room atmosphere provided that theowner will take the time and effort to look at it.

Source: Mirror Coffee Tables 10 Just like copper, Iron is abundantly found on Earthespecially the inner and outer core. This greatabundance of iron leads people to explore its differentuses not only in science and engineering but also ashome and office ornaments, tools and others. Itschemical properties make it a versatile elementalrequirement for human health.

Its physical propertiessuch as luster, durability and flexibility provide theinvestors the ideas that it can be used for home decorsand furniture. Right now, iron is used in wine glassmaking, as accentuation in the base and even handle, giving it the elegance in the metallicdesign. How about an iron coffee table? A coffee table in a circular or rectangular shape is one of the attractive and functional ornamentsin every modern living room.

Iron coffee table will bring in elegance and style in your livingarea where guests can converse while taking a cup of coffee. However, this is only prominent forbigger houses and buildings. How about its marketability parameters? A coffee table will always give you sales no matter what kind of material it is made of. This isbecause a living area is incomplete without this centerpiece. Customers find ornaments for theirhomes that fit their motif, purpose, living standard and maybe style.

Just like copper coffee table,iron-made table is furniture suited for bigger buildings where business function is progressiveand promising. Its presence in the home would spell out something and for this, home buyersthink about its practicability and functionality in the homes. Examining its quality, iron andcopper coffee tables are timeless, far more durable that rattan and bamboo coffee tables. However, metallic coffee tables are more expensive than its wood counterparts.

In decidingwhich one to buy for your homes, always consider the reviews and ideas of experts and evenhome interior designer and decorator regarding the different coffee tables before putting yourorder online and in store. Pros and Cons of iron tablesIron coffee table has its advantages and disadvantages just likeother materials used for this purpose.

One of these disadvantagesis that due to temperature fluctuations and humidity factor, it cancollect dust and soon rust. Though this can be eliminated byconstant cleaning since the rust can just be eroded by the process,it is still a no-no for buyers and owners. Another disadvantage is 11 You need more people tomove the ornaments from one place to another and so in doing this, you have to think twice. Maybe not the last disadvantage is the price. Generally, because of the materials used and how itis acquired iron coffee table is expensive than its wood counterpart.

Amidst these disadvantages,coffee tables and home ornaments made from iron metal have several advantages to be lookedinto if you decide to buy one. First advantage is quality. Iron ornaments spell out elegance andstyle in its design and craftsmanship to its purest form. Your guests will feel satisfied talkingabout business in this piece of ornament. Second advantage is its durability. Metallic-made homeand office ornaments are durable compared to its wood-made counterpart that is why the price ishigher.

The metal raw material is difficult to acquire which adds up to its market value. Anotheradvantage is the flexibility of design. A metal can be liquefied to create different shapes anddesigns but its wood counterpart cannot. In , before American travel bans loosened dramatically, Abe Kogan immortalized an isolated island on the brink of change. In place of postcard pictures of tropical beaches, Kogan depicts the real Havana, Cuba through black-and-white photos of Habaneros' everyday life — neighbors gossiping over balconies and leaning in the doorways of once-glorious buildings that have fallen into ruin.

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Kogan's "Split Seconds" manages to create a sense of permanence and portension. Vitale is an American photojournalist and documentary film maker. Her first book, "Panda Love," is an intimate portrait of China's giant pandas: tumbling out of baskets, playing hide and seek with caregivers, and exploring forests and preserves. The images are a sweet, tangible side of conservation, and a unique gift thanks to Vitale's unprecedented access.

Tom Ford is one of fashion's greatest living icons. He's the man whose designs ushered in Gucci's stunning revitalization, increasing its sales tenfold. Before using his unique perspective to create film classics like "The Shining," Stanley Kubrick was working as a photographer for Look magazine.

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From the creator of a hugely popular webcomic dealing with science, technology, language, and love comes hilarious and informative answers to questions you probably never thought to ask: "How fast can you hit a speed bump while driving and live? National Geographic's collection of rare photos depicts the earth's natural wonders and most hard-to-reach spots, covering the aurora borealis and wildebeest migrations to the world's largest library.

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Brandon Stanton's "Humans of New York" series is one of the most powerful photographic campaigns to be conducted in the 21st century, leveraging the intimacy of random human-to-human connection and the powerful community of social media. Stanton's 1 New York Times bestseller is a collection of his intriguing photographs and the stories that accompanied them, altogether creating a slice-of-life summary of the pain and joy of living.

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