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4 Ways to Keep Students Learning This Summer with Study Island

The research also showed that schools that were using Study Island had higher test scores than schools that did not use Study Island. Study Island is a terrific educational resource. It is not intended as a replacement of teaching, but as a supplement that reinforces a lesson or critical concepts. Study Island gets four stars because the system is not perfect. Students can get bored with Study Island, especially older students, even in game mode. Students tend to get tired of answering the questions, and the repetitive nature can turn students off.

Teachers must be creative when using the platform and understand that it is a supplemental tool that should not be used as the sole driving force for instruction.

For Two National Blue Ribbon Schools, a Study in Contrasts -- and Correspondences

Share Flipboard Email. Derrick Meador is the superintendent for Jennings Public Schools and holds master's degree in educational leadership. Updated March 07, Study Island is supplemental. Study Island is not meant to be used as a primary curriculum.

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It is only a supplemental tool. This allows students to have a quick refresher on material that should have been covered in depth during class instructional time. Study Island provides instant feedback.

When a student clicks on the correct answer, they get a yellow star. If they click on the incorrect answer, it says that the answer they have chosen is wrong. Students are able to choose again until they get the correct answer their score only reflects whether they got it correct on the first attempt. If the student does not answer it correct the first time, then an explanation box will pop up giving a detailed explanation of that specific question.

Study Island is adaptable. There are many features of Study Island that give options to the teachers and students using the program. Teachers can choose the specific content that they want their students to work on. For example, if a 5th-grade science teacher finishes a unit on the properties of matter, then they may want their students to complete the corresponding unit to properties of matter on Study Island. Teachers may also choose the number of questions they want their students to answer.

Study Island also has three modes for which content can be answered including test mode designed to appear like your state test will look like , printable mode which allows teachers to use Study Island as handouts , and game mode which allows students to have fun with learning.

Study Island is goal oriented.

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Students work to achieve each mini-goal within their specific curriculum. The student then answers the designated number of questions. If the student scores at or above the mastery target score, then they will receive a blue ribbon within that individual standard. Accessed May 11, It is considered the highest honor a school can achieve. September 29, "For their accomplishments, all three schools this month earned the status of Blue Ribbon School, the highest honor the U. Education Department can bestow upon a school.

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The Philadelphia Inquirer.

A Web-Based Program Designed as a Supplemental Educational Tool

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