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We provide a wide range of services whether you are looking to build, grow, protect or preserve your wealth. The Partner is an Appointed Representative of and represents only St. The 'St. I started doing things that had impact. So it was actually a thing that came natural to you?

Social entrepreneurship is the mechanism for doing that. I built 6 social enterprises, or co-built. The world needs a lot more behavioural science, that way we can all achieve our goals. How you become more successful, how you make more money, how you actually lose weight, how you become happier. To understand at a deeper level what that means in the 21st century and then help everyone have a chance to self-actualise.

One of my role models is Michael Young who built 40 organisations in his life, 40 companies before he died. Definitely a builder. What inspires you?

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This took me a while to figure out, too. The best analogy is this kind of an incubator, where we have a bunch of people who are under this wing. So we offer them an office and housing, and they live with me for free, work with me but each person owns something. They own a project, a start-up or a venture. So there are a lot of things in the lab that we are experimenting with and see if it helps people change their lives. So in 30 days what steps can you take to advance yourself as fast as possible? And then we have the Spark weekends.

Spark weekends are 2 day life-hacking boot camps, like a TEDx. We have corporate trainings, owned by someone else, who is fully in charge of it. I have no employees.

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I never want to have employees. I want people that are autonomous and under self-determination theory that they are actually believing in what they are doing, that they are intrinsically motivated, that it works out for them in their life. Basically, they are in charge and I support them. The circles overlap. I have veto power, if I need but it never really had to be exercised.

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Structure is flat, self-determined, all profits are shared throughout. They all get company-level profit share over time. What about managerial decisions?

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Day to day, nitty-gritty, all the way to high up level, strategic … Who are your stakeholders? Are they accountable? All of them! Actually, as a conscious company, you have to be.

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Otherwise a company falls apart. What about customers? There are actually a few customer groups; people that eat well, sleep well, try to exercise, try to meditate, they sometimes do yoga.

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They care about themselves, and they care about becoming a better version of themselves. So those are our main customers. We also have corporate customers who are benefit corporations, and social purpose organisations, both the small and medium sized enterprises, all the way up to multinationals. As long as they have some sense of being socially focused, they are our customers too. What we do is to come in with our training products, with our programs, which are very much high tech and high touch.

We teach them how to use the emerging technology to change their lives, and as employees, to become more productive, reduce their health-care cost and increase their engagement with their company. How do you generate revenue? We also sell corporate trainings. They all have new products and services that are out there.

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There are some that we think are fairly rigorous in terms of impact. Is it important for you to make your own data available? We publish it all, including the failures. So we published that too. Can you indicate one area for improvement as an entrepreneur? I was also doing 3 start-ups at once, when I first started. You only have a tiny runway or a tiny bit of marginal error that messes everything up.