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Materials Needed: shaving cream and a table! Encourage the children to smooth the shaving cream onto the table. They can draw a circle and add eyes, nose, mouth hair, etc. They can add their family members, pets, etc. An all about me preschool activities potential bulletin board project! Materials Needed: Sponges in the shapes of people or people shaped cookie cutters, shallow trays of paint and paper.

Encourage the children to sponge or print on the number of people in their family and then print below each one the name of the family member.

Return to Top. Encourage the children to build their house out of the blocks you have available during this theme. The colored foam blocks work great for this! Because and All About Me preschool activities theme is typically done in the beginning of the school year, don't feel the block building needs to have a focus. The children are learning about the items in their preschool environment and about their own abilities as well.

Circle Time is such a great time for children to learn the social skills of being together as a large group AND to learn more about your theme! Tell the children to listen to what you are saying and stand up if what you say is true about them! Have the children standing name them brother, pet, etc. Be sure to help children who aren't sure of the answers Dee-Dee, you have a baby sister!

Stand up! What is your baby sister's name? Have a Show and Tell Day where children bring an item from home to help everyone get to know them better. It might be a family picture, favorite toy, etc. You could set up a "display table" on show and tell day where the children place their items. The only rule is that it is a looking and talking table--they do not take the items off the table to play with yet. Then designate a time for Show and Tell Play Some families are big spread arms wide. Some families are small bring arms closer together.

But I love my family cross arms over chest. Talk with the children about who is in their family? Who lives in their house?

Remind the children that family is not ONLY who lives with them. It includes grandparents, a Mom or Dad who may live in a different house, etc. List each child's name in a column to the left. Have precut small people available. Talk to the children about who is in their family and tape a cut out to represent each one next to their name.

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Bring a large piece of chart paper and a marker to circle time. This activity will get children thinking about different feelings. Talk about what feeling mad, good, sad, scared, angry, silly, etc. Then have the children call out endings to these sentences that you will put on the chart paper:.

All About Me Preschool Activities Theme

Return To Top. Cooking with children helps develop their math skills and helps them to learn how to follow directions. It also allows for some great conversation! Ask many questions while cooking with your children to encourage conversation! Be sure to ask specific themed questions while making these fun snacks! The children place some spread on a cracker. Use the raisins and shredded cheese to make a face on their cracker! This theme is perfect for your basic housekeeping center.

It allows the children to be the grown-ups and to share and learn more about each other! On the easel paper, pre-draw oval shapes. Encourage the children to paint details of their face of friends' faces and hair on the ovals! Play music and have the children work in pairs. Call out a body part that they need to match.

If you say "Knees" the children need to make one or both of their knees touch the knees of their partner! Introduce this game by starting in a group sitting down. Provide little plastic people. Let the children give the family role name to each one: "This is the Mom. This is the Grandma. Tell the children to close and cover their eyes. Take one away and have them open and uncover their eyes and ask "Who is missing? Have an area near you where one child can stand and not be seen by the other children behind a table, etc.

Have all the children stand up, turn around with their backs to you and close and cover their eyes. Choose one child to hide behind the spot you have chosen and have the others guess who is missing! This is a favorite activity of mine!

Thank you Sherica from Kingston, Jamaica for this activity! Children can be in pairs. One child will lay on a large brown paper and have his partner trace around body. They take turns tracing each other one their own paper. After body is traced then children can color, paint or collage body shape traced.

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Book Suggestions for the Library. Below is a list of books about children and about families!

  • Matt Jensen, The Last Mountain Man.
  • Facial Treatments.
  • Unexpected Gifts (Mills & Boon Cherish) (9 Months Later, Book 63);
  • This area is password protected [].

You may find them at your local library or you can click the title links to check out what is available at Amazon. Materials: Precut small people shapes make many! This can be used in many ways:. The children count out and name the number of people that live in their house and place them on a precut house. You can program each house with numbers and the children then place that number of people on the house. If you precut them in different colors, the children can sort all the people by sizes, colors or match them to the matching colored house.

The beginning of the year is a good time to introduce these concepts.

Why Choose the All About Me Band as Your Philadelphia Party Band?

The children learn to sort by size. All About Me is a brand new collection of 12 songs that will help children learn amazing things about themselves. Click here for more titles in the My World Series. Simply order online or call us on All About Me is now an award-winning title. The eSongbook is where we bring together all of the digital resources available for your product. If you just want the MP3s, lyrics or music score for one song, then select the song in the library and use the buttons in the Song Extras area at the bottom of the screen.

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See terms below. What the tester said: "This worked fantastically with our topic on ourselves; the songs were appropriate for the age range and the children loved singing along and doing the actions.