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I feel like you also deserve some explanations. To clear up any misunderstandings: my main problems with tumblr were that A I felt my effort was going unrewarded. As in, the creature posts that make up ABC would get far less notes and of those, much fewer reblogs than random tho Short, snappy things that reinforce your preexisting conceptions are worth far more than anything that requires reading.

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Again, this is not tumblr in particular but social media in general, and it was foolish of me to assume an encyclopedia-esque endeavor would be a good fit to that format. Tumblr thrives on originality and force of personality and talent usually to create fanwork. I also cannot draw sexy fanart or any kind of art for that matter to save my own life.

C To my shame, I created the tumblr originally to advertise the main site. This is something looked upon with scorn by many and it was a mistake, I apologize. Was it a good idea? Do I regret it?


Not yet. I only hope I can make it up to you, the readers, somehow. Go do something useful.

Like read the rest of this site for example. ABC will return to normal operations in around a week's time June 10 , by which time the author will probably have recovered from a severe case of academic nihilism. We thank you for your patience in those trying times. Enda kwa. Sehemu za ukurasa huu.

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Accessibility Help. Armor: 16, touch 13 , flat-footed Pogggor Goblin [ PIC ]. Small Padded. Precise Shot Scroll - Avg 3 Bandages 7 uses remaining - 0. CMB: 2.

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Armor: 15, touch 14 , flat-footed Perception Sense Motive Gathers all magic items together and lists them in a GM magical treasure section. Gathers all nonmagic items together and lists them in a Player treasure section magic items are separated but not listed for powers - make 'em cast spells or visit a mage!

The sheet of paper when printed can just be cut above the line printed and just handed to players at the end of the encounter if desired. Generates gems and coinage, and lists them at the bottom.

There are now additional option fields for rolling encounters on the Encounter screen - you can choose to add one or more Hit Dice to all monsters in the group, and another option to change the treasure level which is based on the Hit Dice of monsters. These give GMs an easy tool to increase or decrease difficulty of monsters, as well as control the rewards a little better.

Pct of Magic Items should be the percentage of loot items that ought to have a chance of being magical.

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Not all of them will end up being magical, but it allows the GM to keep the campaign in a low-magic or high-magic setting.