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These are simple strategies that will get you immediate results. You'll love implementing them and tracking your results. Every day that you are not correctly training for speed, you are missing out on the amazing feeling of accomplishment every time you cross the finishing line. All this can be yours. Especially with the events taking place in and around Llanberis, the hotel books up fast but that makes for a great buzz on race weekend and, of course, lots of like-minded people to swap banter with in the evening!

To book your room, click here. Swimmers traverse Llyn Padarn during the Slateman Triathlon, Adults 1 2 3.

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Promo Code optional. Message: include possible dates. Please do not enter anything in this box. Search for: Search. Subscribe to our newsletter for news, deals and offers Name Email Subscribe. Thursday Day off: Walk and stretch. Performance pointer: Your recovery week is planned. Friday Swim: 45 mins. Performance pointer: These are fast miles.

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Divide the intervals into sections and resolve to be strong over the last 2 minutes of each one, maintaining your start speed. This is where massive mental and physical gains are made! Performance pointer: When riding fast, be low, aerodynamic and steady. All your energy should go toward creating smooth momentum on the cranks, pushing the bike forward.

Ironman Training..a Minimalist Approach

Take turns leading each interval. The athlete trailing regularly touches the feet of the leader. Wednesday Run: Draw your own line and practice smooth mounts and dismounts in this session, including buckling your helmet strap a race rule. MS: 20 miles. Performance pointer: 3 miles off the bike is your best opportunity to practice locking in race pace and rhythm for an extended duration. Decide this will be a great day and do some positive visualization about race day during this session!

You will want to refocus on arm turnover after the mind was distracted by sighting. After completing this program, start your race taper. Follow with a couple days of final training sessions at threshold, but at 50 percent of the volume of your regular intervals.

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Do shorter aerobic base endurance workouts the weekend before your olympic race, about 50—60 percent of your regular duration. The week of the race follows a similar pattern, but reduce volume by another 50 percent from the taper week prior. Take a day off on monday, an easy aerobic day Tuesday and do some very short threshold sessions on Wednesday and thursday to activate your race pace energy.

Finally, resting Friday and saturday will prepare you for a great race day on Sunday. Keep a consistent training schedule: Prior to a big event, many athletes disrupt their regular training pattern by adding or deleting workouts and changing the time of day that certain workouts are done. These changes force the body to adapt to an unfamiliar routine—at the precise time when maintenance of a consistent schedule should be emphasized. Get organized: Create a race checklist.

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  7. Start packing these items and buying supplies like energy bars and drink mixes well before you leave. Travel can cause a high level of fatigue if you do not integrate it into your race plan. Plan to stay well hydrated not to excess , take frequent stops to stretch and arrive at least two days in advance. Check out the course: If you are unfamiliar with the course, it is a good idea to pre-drive the race route.