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Here at the The Penguin Patrol, we have put together this comprehensive guide to the most entertaining zoos in the country, so you can plan your penguin visit with ease!

We've tried to be as accurate as possible with the information here, but please do double check with the official websites for any updates to avoid any disappointment. So, read on to check out which penguin species you can see, where you can get up close and personal with a fun penguin experience, and how you can even become an adoptive penguin parent.

Click your area to jump straight into the zoo's around you which have our favourite feathered friends :D. Website: www. Penguin Island is home to a colony of over 50 Humboldt penguins, and you can watch them being fed on Mondays at 2. Chester Zoo also has a penguin webcam , where you can watch the Humboldt colony live! Be quick though - these fill up quickly! You can still be a Zoo Keeper for a Day which is a full day experience, 8am - 5pm and is for over 18s. South Lakes Safari Zoo is the definitive place for penguin fans!

There are so many different types of penguin encounters for you to choose from, including a quick feed, a family encounter, Keeper for the Day, and even a summer camp for kids! At am and pm, you can enjoy a talk from the keepers at the penguin enclosure and even pay to feed the birds!

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For a more up-close and personal encounter for the whole family, you can have 20 minutes with the penguins with an introduction from their keeper. Kids aged years can become a Little Zoo Keeper for the Day. You also get a drink, a snack, and a souvenir t-shirt. You get to spend the whole day shadowing one of the zoo's animal carers, helping prepare food, clean out the enclosures and lots more - you even get to choose which type of animal you want to work with!

You get a morning and afternoon drink, lunch, a snack, and a memento of your day. Be prepared to don your wellies and really get stuck in! The kids' summer camp can be a single day experience or a whole week's worth of fun - you choose! At Blackpool Zoo you can find over 1, animals from all over the world including Tigers, Orangutans, Lions, Giraffes and even Reindeers to birds such as Flamingos, Pelicans, and our favourite Penguins. You can also take a ride on the miniature railway that runs through the zoo, check out the Children's Farm or have a fun game of mini golf whilst you're there.

The penguins here are Magellanic by species and are currently the only ones of their type in the UK! They originate from Chile, Argentina and the Falkland Isles where they inhabit coastal areas and steep, rocky banks. Sadly, Magellanics are now classed as near threatened as tens of thousands are lost annually to oil pollution. You can find out more about these penguins at their weekday talk and feed at Blackpool Zoo Entrance Prices.

The first penguins of the present group arrived in August , and three are still there at just over 25 years of age. At 11am and 3. Visitors who choose to visit Harewood via bus gain admission for half price. The Deep Aquarium is home to fish including sharks, rays and even Loggerhead sea turtles. It boasts a deep viewing tunnel that measures a massive 9 metres across which you can walk through to admire the marine life swimming right above you. You can see the penguins being hand fed at am and pm every day whilst you listen to an informative talk about the cheeky penguins. There are lots of different viewing areas, including one from above the enclosure and two sections where you can see them flying under the water.

Interesting or Nearby

You know what that means? Yep, unlimited penguin visits! Sewerby Hall is a historic country house and estate set in fifty two acres of parkland. There is plenty to see and do here; visit the house, see the fabulous walled gardens, pop to the children's adventure playground, play a game of gold and visit the zoo. In the zoo you can find pheasant, peafowl and ducks, visit the aviary and see finches, parrots, parakeets and even tortoises.

The zoo is home the fabulous Humboldt Penguin, where you can catch feeding time at 3pm every day!

Penguins Parade, Phillip Island, Victoria

Want to get up close and personal? You get time to ask the fabulous penguin keepers any questions, help with the food preparation and then go on to hand feed the penguins! The experience needs to be pre-booked and participants need to be at least 10 years old and accompanied by an adult if under the age of Waterproof clothing and footwear is a must! Flamingo Land is the ultimate fun-filled family experience!

With a zoo, a theme park, a Peter Rabbit adventure play area, holiday accommodation and regular concerts and events, Flamingo Land has everything you could ever dream of. The zoo features mammals, reptiles, farm animals, and birds - but the stars of the show are, of course, the Humboldt Penguins! Flamingo Land is part of a worldwide conservation programme intent on saving this species from extinction in the wild.

The zoo's own colony lives in a huge enclosure that has a beach, rocky areas for climbing on and hiding in, and a lovely swimming pool! There is a daily talk at pm, when the penguin keeper will tell you all about these intriguing and comical creatures.

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Want to get closer to your flippin' fabulous friends? Why not book a penguin encounter at Flamingo Land! Join their keeper at the pool side area at either or pm, and grab a bucket of fish to throw into the water! The experience lasts around minutes and is hugely popular, especially in the winter months.

November-March 10am — 4pm. You can also find some great attractions such as the Jurassic Journey section where you can learn all about prehistoric Dinosaurs, which sits within the Marshmouth Nature Reserve, a beautiful 2. The main attraction for penguin lovers is the fantastic Penguin Shore, where you can catch the feeding displays!

At 11am there is a small feed, with the main feeding display starting at 2. Watch them tuck into tasty fish whilst you listen to an informative and fun talk from one of Birdlands resident penguin experts. Want to join in with the penguin feeding fun? No visit to Birdland would be complete without seeing the resident celebrity Spike the King Penguin!

He even has his own facebook and twitter account! Observe and admire the penguin's unique behaviour above and below the water thanks to Birdland's specially designed penguin enclosure. There's a window in the water that really demonstrates just how powerful and elegant these birds become when they've done waddling on land and they start swimming!

Can't get enough of the penguin party? This webcam showcases live coverage of Birdland's penguins for your complete penguin pleasure! Natureland rescue and rehabilitate orphaned and injured seals that become stranded on Lincolnshire coastlines, and are also home to tropical butterflies, alpacas, goats, fish and our favourite bird, the penguin! The penguins at Natureland are African penguins, but they're also know Jackass penguins, named because the sound they make is similar to that of a braying donkey or jackass!

You can find the penguins across from the baby seals and rearing pool. Head down to the penguin enclosure at Twycross Zoo has lots to offer penguin lovers! With daily penguin feeds at and , you can marvel at how graceful these birds are in the water as they dive and swim to catch fish. When you're done having fun, create a memento of your day at Twycross by adopting a penguin! Dudley Zoological Gardens is paradise for penguin lovers! The zoo has a large colony of Humboldt Penguins, with one of the most successful breeding groups in Europe.

There are around 70 parent-reared birds in Penguin Bay; see if you can spot the zoo's oldest resident penguin, Pingu! There's a daily penguin feed and talk at pm, where visitors can learn all about Dudley's adorable penguins. If you want to get really wild and enjoy a close encounter, you can book a special experience - choose from being a Little Keeper for the Day or the popular Feed the Penguins Experience! Feed the Penguins includes exclusive access for you and a friend, where you can feed the critters and learn more about them from their knowledgeable keepers.

Uniquely, Dudley Zoo also runs Tea Time Tours on select dates, where visitors can enjoy a guided tour in the early evening to observe the keeper's night time routines! The 2-hour tour ends with a fun BBQ.

Little Penguin South Eastern Australia Chardonnay 2016

You won't be short of things to do at West Midlands Safari Park! The park houses a drive-through safari experience, walk-through zoo, a super-scary dinosaur land, plus an adventure theme park with thrilling rides! Newly completed, the penguin's space allows them to behave completely naturally, and lets visitors get superb close-up views! The birds have their very own semi-submerged beach, large pool, and a house to retreat into - sounds idyllic!

Day trip to Penguin Island in Perth

There are daily penguin feeds that you can watch from the specially-designed viewing area. In love with these adorable aquatic birds? Throughout the experience your keeper will be taking photographs that will go on a CD as a memento of the encounter too! You also get to prepare the penguin's lunch, clean out the pools, and be the VIP guest during the Sea Lion show! A photo package, unlimited theme park rides, and the safari drive-through are all included in the cost. This is one of the most comprehensive keeper experience packages around, so don't miss out on the chance to become fully immersed in the penguin's unique world!

Website: visitsealife. The Gentoo penguins arrived In in their 'Penguin Ice Adventure' habitat which is kept at a chilly 8 degrees Celsius. There are a few special penguins at Sea Life Birmingham - here you can find Pablo the Gentoo penguin, a cheeky bird who loves to cause mischief with the keepers! This adorable little chick is being cared for by its doting parents. Here you will get a look 'behind the scenes' and meet one of the knowledgeable Aquarists at the Center to learn more about the Gentoo Penguin colony. Here you will have your briefing to learn about feeding techniques and the penguin diet, and then you will get a minimum of 20 mins to see the penguins up close and feed them!

Guests under 16 must be accompanied by one, free adult over 18 as the second feeder they will need to have an entry ticket. Woburn Safari Park combines a classic drive-through safari with an on-foot walk on the wild side! You can see a wide range of species, large and small, as well as watch a variety of animal shows involving owls, parrots and sea lions. The park also incorporates Go Ape! Woburn has a large colony of Humboldt Penguins, including the very special Gilbert!

He is easy to spot thanks to his unique markings and also his greedy nature! Visitors will often see him scoffing down spratt fish or cuddling up to his partner Gil on his little nest site. Penguin World features a huge swimming pool with viewing window plus a raised walkway so you get incredible all-round views!

There are two talks and feeds every day. There are a number of VIP experiences on offer at Woburn. For penguin fans, the Up Close Encounters are essential.

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Penguin Encounters are only available on selected dates. Website: banhamzoo. From big cats and reptiles to domestic livestock, Banham Zoo has got it all! The real stars though are the Black-Footed Penguins. Endangered in the wild, Banham's Black-Footed beauties are part of a vital European Breeding Programme, which aims to boost their numbers and save the species from further decline.

Your visit to Banham Zoo contributes to the protection of this incredible species of penguin! Banham is a great place to see a more unusual species of penguin, one which isn't often found in UK zoos.

North West

In , the birds were given a brand new and improved enclosure, which they clearly loved as they soon got down to business laying eggs! Significantly more spacious than their previous enclosure, the penguin's new pad features a raised boardwalk for visitors and a high canopy net to protect the birds from seagulls. These little cuties measure just 50cm tall so are sure to delight both kids and adults with their diminutive stature and amusing antics! Seeing them safe in their enclosure and knowing that they are part of an initiative to bring their kind back from the brink of extinction will give any penguin lover a warm fuzzy feeling!

Closing times vary between and depending on the season. Colchester Zoo has a vast array of different animals, from the exotic to the everyday! See everything from tigers and bears to donkeys and fish. Penguin Shores is home to the zoo's group of Humboldt Penguins - many of the birds have been born and raised right there at Colchester. There is also a second breeding colony at the Inca Trail area of the zoo.

You can enjoy the feed and talk daily at am, where you can step onto the penguin's beach to learn about how the keepers identify each individual bird. Please note this doesn't include direct contact with the penguins. There are penguin presentations at the Inca Trail at and every day too. You also receive a souvenir gift pack, zoo admission, and a meal voucher.

The Wild Encounters Experience for Two and Extra-Ordinary Animal Experience allow you to meet and feed a variety of species, including those cheeky penguins. This VIP experience includes admission, a souvenir photo of yourselves, a gift and a 2-course meal at Penguini's Pizza and Pasta Restaurant. You can also upgrade your experience to include Prosecco, a sharing platter, or both! One of the most distinguished and cherished zoos in the country, ZSL Whipsnade has so much to offer for penguin fans! As well as working hard in the field of conservation, the zoo has a focus on fun and allows visitors to get up close and personal with its animals to help educate and entertain!

Whipsnade's fabulous penguin enclosure has tons of enrichment for the birds, and recreates their natural habitat in glorious detail. The zoo's colonies of Rockhopper Penguins and African Black-Footed Penguins live in a custom-built environment that features rock formations and pools, and has amazing views over the surrounding area of Dunstable!

There are penguin feeds and talks every day. The dedicated team at Whipsnade really do want you to get close to their creatures - they offer a number of incredible experiences for kids and adults. Be a keeper or junior keeper for the day, or why not join the Zoo Academy to learn more through hands-on field work?

Zoo admission is included in the cost. See London Zoo's resident Humboldt Penguins in their fab new enclosure which features an enormous sq metre pool that holds , litres of water! Get amazing underwater views from the specially designed area and see how these aquatic birds truly "fly" in the deep. Penguin feeding times are and daily. This experience is understandably not available during July, August and September as this is when the penguins go through their moulting season.

They don't want visitors when they're not looking their best, now do they! Ricky is a truly comical character who likes to be centre of attention! Australia has 8, islands - that's a lot! From Fraser Island and the Whitsundays, to the less known but just as amazing islands of Great Keppel and Fitzroy - each island paradise in Australia has its own unique beauty. The largest of the islands - Whitsunday Island - is home to the iconic Whitehaven Beach, a beach where the sand is so pure that you can actually brush your teeth with it! It was once used as a military base during the war. The Quokka, a unique Australia animal, can only be found on this island.

Fantastic Reef, plentiful beaches and great for swimming. The best way to explore the island is by bike! Ferry transfers are available from Townsville and the Greyhound bus will drop you off and pick you up right at the ferry terminal. Check out our Magnetic Island guide.

Just a short ferry ride from Cairns, Fitzroy Island is off the beaten track and a little less crowded than neighbouring Green Island. There is a trampoline in the ocean, a nudist beach, beach front bar, kayaks, snorkels and paddle-boards for hire and some fantastic rainforest walks - oh and of course we can't forget to mention - the Great Barrier Reef.

The beaches surrounding the island are not great for swimming due to rough waters, but the lakes within the island are what make this paradise unique! Eucalyptus Forest, Dingos, Lookouts and beautiful swimming lakes. The best way to explore the island is by a Tag Along 4WD Tour that will have you driving along the beach made Highway! Located around 1. Phillip island is a favourite summer getaway for Melburnians and a popular surf spot. This absolute paradise can be found km south east of Sydney. A volcanic remnant that boasts tall mountain peaks, coral pools, walking trails and an abundance of wildlife.

This island is Australia's 'prestigious' island and the only way to get there is by plane - so it may be a little out of the backpacker budget. You will need to catch a flight from Sydney or Brisbane. Like nowhere else on the planet! The Aussie wildlife here is everywhere: Kangaroos hence the name , seal colonies, Koalas and Wombats. How to get there? We recommend 2 or 3 day tours from Adelaide. Ok it may not be a 'paradise' but if you are interested in learning a little bit about Australia's convict history, a day trip from Sydney is worth while! Today, it's a popular place to venture for a picnic, a history lesson and a great place for a BBQ.

The Natural World: Guards of the Fairy Penguin

Keen to explore beyond the backpacker trail? Great Keppel Island has 17 white sandy beaches and its clear waters make a great base to explore the Great Barrier Reef. A great little stop over between Fraser Island and The Whitsundays. The second most southern island on the Great Barrier Reef and a popular spot for Aussie locals. Walking trails, fantastic snorkelling and glass bottom boat tours.

Boat trips depart from the Town of - where the surf coast meets the reef. Another great spot to chill between Fraser Island and the Whitsundays.