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U.S. High-Skilled Immigration, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship: Empirical Approaches and Evidence

Students may not use a required course from their major in their chosen cluster. Other courses, such as technical electives, out-of-college electives, and general education courses may be able to be used to meet requirements in major as well as the ENTI Minor. In all clusters, students may substitute up to 3 credits of research topics, internship or independent studies courses focused on relevant entrepreneurship or innovation topics in consultation with an adviser.

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Both advisers and advisees share responsibility for making the advising relationship succeed. By encouraging their advisees to become engaged in their education, to meet their educational goals, and to develop the habit of learning, advisers assume a significant educational role. Program Description Skills attributed to entrepreneurial behavior and innovative thinking are beneficial for students in most if not all majors, and are critical to career success in established companies and new organizations to address pressing needs around the globe.

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Arts Cluster College of Arts and Architecture This specialization prepares students for entrepreneurial action in an arts context. Digital Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cluster College of Information Sciences and Technology This specialization prepares a student to harness digital technologies and digital business models to develop their own concepts into commercial concerns or to contribute to the innovation activities of existing organizations i.

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Entrepreneurship as Advocacy Cluster College of the Liberal Arts This specialization empowers students to utilize the process of entrepreneurship as a form of advocacy to improve the human condition and enhance public life. Food and Bio-innovation Cluster College of Agricultural Sciences This specialization will develop future entrepreneurs and innovators to address opportunities and challenges in the agriculture and life sciences space. Hospitality Management Cluster College of Health and Human Development This specialization prepares a student to create and develop novel but sound entrepreneurial concepts related to the hospitality industry in such businesses as lodging and food service.

New Media Cluster College of Communications This specialization examines opportunities and challenges in the creation and distribution of news, entertainment and information. New Ventures Cluster Smeal College of Business This specialization helps students develop the skills and ways of thinking required to create, develop, innovate and manage entrepreneurial companies.

Social Entrepreneurship Cluster College of Engineering This specialization focuses on creating sustainable social impact within marginalized communities. Technology Based Entrepreneurship Cluster College of Engineering This specialization develops skills and knowledge through a practical entrepreneurial experience in a technology based environment. What is Entrepreneurship and Innovation? You want to learn what entrepreneurs do and how innovators create and solve problems in any field. You can learn to be one, too. You want to learn the skills and develop the mindset of an entrepreneur and innovator.

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Send Page to Printer. Download PDF of this page. Prescribed Courses: Require a grade of C or better. In particular, the premier promised more effective support for student entrepreneurs facing a very difficult employment market in China.

Currently, precious few hold academic entrepreneurship titles in China and fewer still have experienced an entrepreneurship education. The fact that entrepreneurship education in China is a relatively new concept comes as no surprise. The first MBA programme at a mainland Chinese university, Tsinghua, was not launched until and it was not until the mids that regular exchange programmes with leading US and European business schools began to emerge.

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So what is the way forward for Chinese universities and business schools and the teaching of entrepreneurship? Recent research points to the significant impact that good entrepreneurship education can make towards entrepreneurial success and the promotion of an entrepreneurial culture. Hence the plethora of entrepreneurship academics and academic programmes at UK and US universities. Although China may have arrived late to the table when it comes to entrepreneurship education, it may provide the country with a key advantage. In China, where entrepreneurship education is still very much in its infancy, Chinese universities have a real opportunity to construct programmes that include input not only from typical business school academic areas such as finance and marketing, but also from the social sciences such as psychology and sociology.

It is also vital for Chinese universities to appreciate the importance of a localised approach to entrepreneurship education where course development should be built around national and regional cultures. Entrepreneurial success in the US will not be repeated easily in China without an acute insight into many aspects of Chinese consumer culture.

ITMO University with its strong core in technical sciences was no exception, even though it maintained ties with the industry and continued its collaborative projects to the degree possible. In , Russia was ranked 12th in the Bloomberg Innovation Index. Between and , investment by Russian companies into high-tech innovation went up 2. Russian universities have traditionally used their tech transfer offices to deal with domestic IP protection and patent filing.

Over the past several years they have begun to reassess their innovation and tech transfer opportunities both domestically and internationally, and began to create a system of university spin-outs with the idea of bringing product to market and creating valuable businesses. Some were created strictly to secure grant funding and had little business experience or resources to do more. In many cases there is also strong resistance from professors used to working with theoretical and fundamental science to connecting with business.

The movement got a serious state push with the creation of the Russian Academic Excellence Project, where selected participating universities were encouraged to develop such centres as one of the factors contributing to boosting their competitive advantages.

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For example, Lobachevsky University in Nizhny Novgorod launched a successful technology commercialisation centre with an emphasis on proof of concept, and partnered with LG, Bosch and Intel, among other global corporations. As ITMO University began to draw its development roadmap, it decided to reassess its philosophy of strict reliance on government funding and to bank on its expertise in technical disciplines and a fruitful environment for innovation and research.

It was imperative to find ways to external income and establish mechanism for sustainable research funding in the future. Numbers speak for themselves. The volume of funding has grown more than 20 times over the past ten years, and this growth placed ITMO University in the third place among all Russian universities for research funding in A synergetic effect came about where education and scientific research were developing at the same time as new directions were arising connected with foresight, entrepreneurship, and social development.

I believe that in order to successfully interact with businesses, universities should function like a corporation. The modern model of an entrepreneurial university implies that a scientific and educational centre, just like a successful export-oriented IT company, must have its own development strategy, developed on the basis of a foresight and in-depth market research. Hence it requires the establishment of university departments that are engaged in marketing, analytics and strategic planning. Furthermore, the university, as with businesses, must attract talented, professional and motivated people.

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ITMO strives to address this requirement on two levels: on the one hand, attracting the most capable students, and on the other, drawing best educators and researchers from all over the world. One of the new directions taken by the university has been developing a system of international research centres IRCs headed jointly by accomplished Russian and foreign scientists.

This approach allowed the university to tackle large international projects, and participate in collaborative consortiums. I think the new system for international research is our key achievement in We currently have 40 such centres, which are still growing in number.