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When I have my heart attack, I will never reach that level of badassery. Of course, rationally speaking, I could die of anything. Old age. Please let it be of old age and in my sleep just as I take my last bite of a glorious oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. But rational thinking has no business here.

In my mind, I am convinced I will die of a heart attack and no one can convince me otherwise. And how often does the thought cross my mind? So I take cholesterol medicine, fish oil pills, flaxseed pills, ground flaxseed, and a low-grade aspirin. I exercise every day, watch what I eat, except for the cookies, which I eat like the zombie apocalypse is near and I may never have a cookie ever again.

And I do yoga frequently and meditate semi-frequently, which basically is the same as never. But all of that does nothing to lessen that suspicion deep in my mind that the way I will shuffle off from this mortal coil is by clutching my chest and imitating Fred Sanford. A few months go, I felt like there was a tightening of my chest and I was convinced it was a symptom of an impending heart attack.

I'm the daughter of the chief.

Diagnosed with Heart Failure, Am I Going to Die?

If you weary dress, and you have animal sidekick. You're Princess. You're not a wayfinder. You're never be away find her. You're never be a way. Blow dart in my buttcheek. You are a bad person. If you can talk, you can teach. Way finding. Lesson one Pull the sheets. Not the sheets. Tried that one already. You're measuring the stars. Not giving the sky a hi five. If the current warm, you're going the right way. It's cold.

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Wait, it's getting warmer. Then it's disgusting. What's wrong with you? B lack c loud We're here. See, I told you, I can do it. I'm home? Enjoy your beauty rest. You know a real wayfinder, never sleeps. So they actually get what they need to go.

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Muscle up butter cup. We're here. You sure this guy's gonna have your hook. He's a skyvenger. Collect stuff, things that looks cool. And for Tomatoa. Trust me, my hook is the coolest collected. And he lives up there. Oh,ho, no, no, no That's just the entrance. To Lalotai. Realm of Monsters. We going to the Realms of Monsters. You are gonna stay here with the other chicken. That's what I'm talking about, give me some Come on, that was a good one, how you'd not get it.

I called her chicken, that chicken on the boat. I know she's human, but that's not. You know Forget it, I'm not explaining it to you. Cause that is not funny. Daughter of the chief. I thought you stayed in the village. You know, kissing babies and things. Hey, I'm just trying to understand. Why your people decided to send her.

How's my phrases? My people. Didn't send me. The ocean did. The ocean Can't sail. Obvious choice. It chose me. For a reason. If the ocean so smart. Why didn't you just take the heart back to Te Fiti itself. Or bring me my hook. The ocean straight up pooky dooks. But I'm sure it's not wrong about you. You're the chosen one. The ocean chose you for a reason. If you start singing, I'm wanna throw up. So, not seeing entrance. Yes, because it only appear after a human sacrifice. Kidding, Ha.. So serious. Do not worry, it's a lot far down there than it looks. I am still Maui. And he's sticks the landing.

Dumb-dumb, she's not even here. No mortals gonna jump into the realm of mon She's dead. Okay, let's get my hook. Maui's fishhook. I thought you were a monster, but I found your hook and you're right I'm the one who Maui : Listen. For a thousand years,I've only been thinking about keeping this hair silky, getting my hook, and being awesome again.

And it's not getting screwed up by a mortal. Who has no business inside of a monster cave except -Except Maybe as bait. And just like me, it's covered in sparkling treasure. Maui : You're not selling it. Moana :This is stupid, I'm just gonna walk up there. Just stick to the plan.

When he shows up, keep him distracted. Make him talk about himself. He loves bragging about how awesome he is. Moana : Well, you two must get along perfectly. Maui :Well not since I ripped his leg off. Moana : Wait, you did what!? Tamatoa : Huhuhuhuuu What have we here? It's a sparkly, shiny -wait a minute It's a human! What are you doing down here in the realms of the monst- Just pick an eye, babe. I can't- I can't concentrate on what I saying if you keep -Yep, pick one!

You're a funny looking little thing, aren't you? Oooh what's this? Moana : Don't, it's my grandma's. I ate my grandma!!! And it took a week because she was absolutely humongous. Why are you here? Moana : Cause you're amazing! And we mortals have heard And I got to know. How you did you get so crab Tamatoa : Are you just trying to get me to talk about myself? Because if you are I will gladly do so!!

In song form! Maui :Hey!

Born To Die

Crab cakes. I'm back. It's Maui time. Giant hawk? Coming up Get it? I got something shiny for ya. Tamatoa : The heart of Te Fiti. You can't run from me! Oh, you can You keep surprising me. There's only so far you can get on those two little legs. The power of creation Where is it?

Moana : We gotta go. Maui : Wait, what about the heart? Moana :He can have it! I've got a better one. Tamatoa : Hahahahaaa Yes! I have the Wait a minute I see, she's taken a barnacle and she's covered it in bio illuminescent algae Come back here!!! Moana : Yahooooo!!! Tamatoa :Hey! Did you like the song?

We're alive. Took guts. I'm sorry. I'm tryin' to be sincere for once, and it feels you're distracted. Cause you looking at me like I have a Shark head. The point is For little girl, child thing, wharever who had no business being down there. You did me a solid. But you also almost died. And I couldn't even beat the dumb crab. So chances of beating Te Ka. Bup kiss.

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We're never making it to the Te Fiti. This mission is curse. It's not cursed. What can I say, except we're dead soon. We're dead soon. Can't you at least try? Giant hook. Hey, it's okay Alright, play time is over. Get up. Take a hike, tiny. How do you get your tatoo's. They show up when I earn them. How do you earn that one. What's that for? That's a man's discovery of Nanya, What's Nanya?

Non ya'll Business. I just keep asking. You need to stop doing that. I said back off. Is that why your hook not working. You don't wanna talked. Don't talk. You wanna throw me off the boat. Throw me off. You wanna tell me, I don't know what I'm doing. I know I don't. I have no idea why the ocean chose me. You're right. But, my island is dying. So I am here. It's just me and you. And I want to help. But I can't, if you don't let me.

I wasn't born a demigod. I have human parents. They took one look. And decided they did not want me. They threw me under the sea. Like I was nothing. Somehow I was found by the Gods. They gave me the hook. They made me And back to the human, I went. I gave them island, fire, coconuts. Anything they ever want. You took the hard for them. You did everything for them. So they loved you. It was never enough. Maybe the Gods found you for a reason. Maybe the oceans brought you to them.

Because it saw someone who worthty of being saved. But the Gods are the ones who make you Maui. You are. Okay, okay. I, I love you too, buddy. Next stop, Te Fiti. I figured it out You know the ocean used to loved when I pull out violence. Cause your ancestors would sail the seas. Find them. All those new island, new villages It was the water that connected them all. And byway the ocean. I think I be looking for, ehh Curly hair, non a princess. To start that again. That is little even nicest thing. You've ever said to me. Probably should've saved that for Te Fiti. I did. Moana of Motunui.

I believe. You have officially delivered Maui. Across the great sea. Moana, Moana, Moana. It's time. Go, save the world. Finding you better way in. Are you okay? I told you to turn back. I thought we can make it. I thought I can make it. We can fix it. It was made by the Gods. You can't fix it. Next time will be more careful. Te Ka was suck on the barely island. It's lava. It can't go on the water. We can find a way around.

I'm not going back. We still have to restore the heart. My hook is cracked. One more hit and it's over. Maui you have to restore the heart. Without my hook, I am nothing. That's not true. We are only here because you stole the heart in the first place. No, we're here because the ocean told you, You're special and you believe it, I am Moana of Motunui. Sail across the sea, I'm not killing myself.

See a Problem?

So you can prove you're something - You're not. The most common reason is that your heart muscle has been damaged, for example after a heart attack. It can be very frightening to hear that you or a person close to you has heart failure. Personally, I think, arming yourself with information makes it easier to come to terms with the diagnosis.

Therefore, I highly recommend these pages from the BHF website:. Understanding Heart Failure. Living with Heart Failure. Myths and Facts About Heart Failure. Like it or not, death will happen. The important part, for me anyway, is when?

When Somebody Dies (for Kids) - KidsHealth

If you read most of the blurb on Google, 5 to 10 years seems to be the figure bandied about. But, like all things Google, take it with a pinch of salt another bad pun for heart patients and only listen to your medical team. Prior to my diagnosis, I was a nightmare. I could and did wind myself up over the most trivial of things.

I also worried, a lot. Needless to say, none of this was good for the auld ticker!! In one respect, the diagnosis of Heart Failure has been good for me. I now cherish every day and try my best not to waste a single moment.

Kane Strang - My Smile Is Extinct (Official Video)

The stage describes how severe your heart failure is. Knowing the stage of your heart failure will help your doctors decide which treatments they think are best for you. What is wrong with me, can it really be Fibromyalgia.