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But Bede also wrestles with the difficult question of how the Church relates to and serves the political order. The attraction and fascination of his work is partly in seeing the tension between the strategic use of wealth and political power for religious ends and the example of self-effacing service and simplicity of life offered by some of Bede's greatest Christian heroes.

The issues around these questions are not academic or antiquarian. Understanding Bede is a key to understanding British society in the present as well as the past.

Bede's ecclesiastical history of the English people;

Lucid and attractive because it is highly readable , this is an excellent short lead-in to later study of the work as a whole. A good deal of fresh light has been thrown by modern scholars, among whom it would not be invidious to mention Wilhelm Levison, on Bede's methods of work and upon the times in which he lived. Archaeologists, place-name experts, historians, and philologists have all had their contribution to make and, although the notes supplied by Plummer are still and will continue to be a constant help to students, yet it is hoped that the notes to the present edition will supply some guidance to the new material.

Bede has not been altogether fortunate in his translators, even though Stapleton's translation of set a splendid example.

An Introduction and Selection

The present translator has attempted to produce something which is as near to the original as modern usage permits and at the same time does not altogether miss the nuances of thought and turns of speech in which Bede delighted. In this edition the reader will, at any rate, have the Latin original constantly before him.

Ecclesiastical History of England / Bede

The whole edition is intended for the average student, to provide the best possible text, an adequate translation, notes which will explain some of the difficulties met by the modern reader, and guidance as to where to find further information on points in which he is interested. Each of the two editors is responsible for his own portion of the edition, Sir Roger Mynors for the Latin text and the relevant part of the Introduction, myself for the rest of the Introduction, the translation, and the notes on subject-matter; but we have of course worked in close collaboration throughout.

I am indebted to a number of scholars and institutions for much valuable help, and particularly to the following: Mrs. An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page. He heals a lame youth, and after denouncing or converting the heretics, restores the British Church to the Catholic Faith The Britons enjoy a respite from foreign invasions, but exhaust themselves in civil wars and plunge into worse crimes The holy Pope Gregory sends Augustine and other monks to preach to the English nation, and encourages them in a letter to persevere in their mission Pope Gregory writes commending them to the Bishop of Arles Augustine reaches Britain, and first preaches in the Isle of Thanet before King Ethelbert, who grants permission to preach in Kent Augustine is consecrated bishop: he sends to inform Pope Gregory what has been achieved, and receives replies to his questions Gregory sends Augustine the pallium, a letter, and several clergy Pope Gregory writes to Augustine, warning him not to boast of his achievements Pope Gregory sends letters and gifts to King Ethelbert A note on Peter, its first Abbot On the death of Pope Gregory 2.

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Augustine urges the British bishops to cement Catholic unity, and performs a miracle in their presence. Retribution follows their refusal 3.

Augustine consecrates Mellitus and Justus as bishops: his own death 4. Laurence and his fellow-bishops urge the Irish to maintain the unity of the Church, particularly in the observance of Easter: Mellitus visits Rome 5. At the deaths of Ethelbert and Sabert their successors revive idolatry: on this account, both Mellitus and Justus leave Britain 6. Mellitus and Justus are recalled 7. The prayers of Bishop Mellitus put out a fire in his city 8. The reign of King Edwin: Paulinus comes to preach the Gospel to him, and first administers the Sacrament of Baptism to his daughter and others Pope Boniface writes to the king, urging him to accept the Faith King Edwin is moved to accept the Faith by a vision seen during his exile Edwin holds a council with his chief men about accepting the Faith of Christ.

Ecclesiastical History of the English People

The high priest destroys his own altars Edwin and his people accept the Faith, and are baptized by Paulinus The Province of the East Angles accepts the Christian faith Paulinius preaches the Word of God in the Province of Lindsey. The reign of King Edwin Pope Honorius sends a letter of encouragement to King Edwin, and the pallium to Paulinus Before engaging the heathen in battle, King Oswald sets up a wooden cross: a young man is later healed by a portion of it, and innumerable other miracles take place 3.

Oswald asks the Irish to send him a bishop: when Aidan arrives, he grants him the island of Lindisfarne as his episcopal see 4. How the Picts received the Faith of Christ 5.

The Life of Bishop Aidan 6. The wonderful devotion and piety of King Oswald 7. Earconbert, King of Kent, orders the destruction of idols.

The "Fall" of Rome & The "Arrival" of the Saxons - Early Medieval History

His daughter Earcongota and his kinswoman Ethelberga dedicate themselves to God as nuns 9. How the earth from this place has power over fire On the death of Paulinus, Ithamar succeeds to his Bishopric of Rochester. An account of the wonderful humility of King Oswin, who was treacherously murdered by Oswy Bishop Aidan foretells a coming storm, and gives seafarers holy oil to calm the waves The wooden buttress of the church against which Aidan leaned as he died is untouched when the rest of the church is burned down.

His spiritual life The life and death of the devout King Sigbert Fursey establishes a monastery among the East Angles: the incorruption of his body after death attests to his visions and holiness On the death of Honorius, Deusdedit succeeds him as Archibishop of Canterbury. The succession of the bishops of the East Angles and of Rochester Cedd receives the site for a monastery from King Ethelwald, and hallows it to our Lord with prayer and fasting: his death On the death of Penda, the Province of the Mercians accepts the Faith of Christ: in gratitude for his victory, Oswy gives endowments and lands to God for the building of monasteries