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A grey rectangle like FRE indicates a particular translation usually one set to music exists but isn't yet available. Alfonso und Estrella , D. Duett Text: Georg Friedrich Treitschke no. An Lina , D.

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Ilmerine , D. Almerine , D. Hofkapellmeister in Wien , D. Psalm , D. Psalm , op.

Weise , D. Schubert's last task in life was the correction of the proofs for part 2 of Winterreise , and his thoughts while correcting those of the last song, "Der Leiermann", when his last illness was only too evident, can only be imagined.

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However, he had heard the whole cycle performed by Vogl which received a much more enthusiastic reception , [11] though he did not live to see the final publication, nor the opinion of the Wiener Theaterzeitung :. Schubert's music is as naive as the poet's expressions; the emotions contained in the poems are as deeply reflected in his own feelings, and these are so brought out in sound that no-one can sing or hear them without being touched to the heart.

Elena Gerhardt said of the Winterreise , "You have to be haunted by this cycle to be able to sing it. Although some individual songs are sometimes included separately in recitals e. Over the course of the cycle, grief over lost love progressively gives way to more general existential despair and resignation — the beloved is last directly mentioned only halfway into the work — and the literal winter's journey is arguably at least in part allegorical for this psychological and spiritual one.

Wintry imagery of cold, darkness, and barrenness consistently serve to mirror the feelings of the isolated wanderer. The cycle comprises a monodrama from the point of view of the wandering protagonist, in which concrete plot is somewhat ambiguous. After his beloved falls for another, the grief-stricken young man steals away from town at night and follows the river and steep ways to a coal burner's hut, where he rests before moving on.

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He comes across a village, passes a crossroads, and arrives at a cemetery. Here being denied even the death on which he has become fixated, he defiantly renounces faith before reaching a point of resignation. Finally he encounters a derelict street musician, the first and only instance in the cycle in which another character is present. The mysterious and ominous nature of the musician, along with the question posed in the last lines, leave the fate of the wanderer open to interpretation.

12. Einsamkeit - Winterreise Op.89, D.911 (Schubert, Franz) - Accompaniment

The two Schubert cycles primarily for male voice , of which Winterreise is the more mature, are absolute fundamentals of the German Lied , and have strongly influenced not only the style but also the vocal method and technique in German classical music as a whole. The resources of intellect and interpretative power required to deliver them, in the chamber or concert hall, challenge the greatest singers. These have all been restored in Mandyczewski 's edition the widely available Dover score and are offered as alternative readings in Fischer-Dieskau 's revision of Max Friedlaender 's edition for Peters.

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A few of the songs differ in the autograph and a copy with Schubert's corrections. In this edition the key relationships are preserved: only one transposition is applied to the whole cycle. The following table names the keys used in different editions. Major keys are shown with upper case letters, and minor keys with lower case letters. Schubert's Winterreise has had a marked influence on several key works, including Gustav Mahler 's Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen [28] and Benjamin Britten 's Night-piece.

Winterreise, song cycle for voice & piano, D. 911 (Op. 89)

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