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Character-structures all look as though they're falling apart. But now we only have the almost reversed, in a sense. He listens to my ideas now with great respect, restrictive morality and the scatological repressions and the suppressed universal cancer. You see how bright the lights are. But wait, I wasn't finished. The great Dracula-magician has become a great you for a very specific reason--everyone is mad on their behinds to one another. Everyone feels like a zombie, but l don't believe I feel like a geek yet, I don't think I'll buy that.

Wait for me just a minute while I make a phone call, I'll ride on the subway with nonsense and idly biding real medieval ghastliness. Virus X -- it's written all over you. Are you an author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more at Author Central. Previous page. Kindle Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Next page. Blog post. Picture of Me Made by Com-pu-tor, which was a big deal in You had to ride around and tour Beautiful Kailua for like half an hour, then race to the booth off the bus at the end of the tour and annoy the shit out of Com-pu-tor Photo Guy.

This was my turn. Never buy the T-shirt. Been a while since I read anything to anybody out loud. And been a while since I read The Light Princess. These forests are very useful in delivering princes from their courtiers, like a sieve that keeps back the bran. Then the princes get away to follow their fortunes. In this way they have the advantage of the princesses, who are forced to marry before they have had a bit of fun. I wish our princesses got lost in a for.

First published story in a while, life is nucking futs, etc. I got the notice from Neon today, that Issue 43 was available. Say I. How I wanted to love you. The only reason I'm watching one more is we're getting Sif, who deserves her own movie. Maybe the writing will turn around, but I'm not expecting it to. The show runners do not seem to remember the first rule of television: burn story. The show feels like it's run by fans, and not in a good way.

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Clara Zetkin, founder of International Women's Day, on solidarity. Clara Zetkin, socialism and women's liberation SocialistWorker. In the same way, it can attain its liberation only if it stands together without the distinction of sex. The incorporation of the great masses of proletarian women in the liberation struggle of the proletariat is one of the prerequisites for the victory of the socialist idea and for the construction of a socialist society.

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Labels: quote. Saturday, March 8, The difference between sex and gender, especially for the trans athelete suing CrossFit. In essence, that they'd have to "out" themselves, even if they sought privacy, the lawsuit alleges. After her sexual reassignment surgery, Jonsson changed all her records to reflect her sex change to female, including her birth certificate, according to her lawsuit. Jonsson kept her background a secret and did not identify herself as transgender, according to the complaint. Your gender is a cultural construct, but your sex is not.

Your gender is how society treats you—do you meet the cultural definition of a man or a woman? Your sex is how medical people treat you—for your health, they can't ignore your sex. You can change your gender, but you can't change your DNA. So Chloie Jonsson's gender is female, but her sex is male, and she has male physiological advantages like greater upper-body strength that make it unfair for her to compete with cisgender women.

I keep wondering if we'll give up on gender sometime soon. It seems less and less relevant. Friday, March 7, my first Amazon review for my latest book. Anderson said, Shetterly is a fascinating writer, and he covers a LOT of material here. He is consistently thought-provoking, and he is at his best here, struggling with complicated issues and walking through his thoughts and personal journey. That's about as good as it can get. Don't worry. I probably won't share any more. But that's a lovely one to start with. My Social Justice Warrior book is done. Wednesday, March 5, Dogland made me who I am: a second video.

Labels: autobiography. Stoker made me want to look at the story simply as a socialist. Like renting space in your womb or being a medical test subject, sex work is one of the purest forms of capitalism. The only ways you could more literally sell your body would be to sell your organs. From the simplest socialist point of view, workers are united.

Insulting a sex worker is no different than insulting a dock worker. But there's also Marx's notion of alienation to consider. His idea is that our labor and our sense of self are separated when we work for someone else's profit rather than for what we think is fun or necessary.

Which means porn stars are alienated in the most extreme sense. They're alienated from their bodies. I watched a couple of Belle Knox's tapes. The fascinating and sad one claims to be her first interview to do porn—the real interview probably happened before, when she agreed to be on camera.

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The interviewer notices she cut herself in the past, and she says she did it because she thought she was fat. That moment changes the story from "this is a cute woman who likes rough sex" to "this is a human who has hurt her body in the past and is now selling it. But I want a world where no one wants to hurt themselves, and no one wants to make porn for any reason other than the love of making porn.

Dance is changing my idea of female beauty. My standard for female beauty was probably set when I was ten or twelve and first saw Diana Rigg in The Avengers: I don't mean racially. My standard for female beauty includes Michelle Yeoh: and Pam Grier: and Buffy Sainte-Marie: and a great many women with dark hair and bodies that look tall and strong, on-screen, anyway.

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But since I've started dancing, I'm finding shorter and heavier women attractive too. Right now, I'd say the second is dance. Dancing, like smiling, can be completely goofy and completely enchanting.

Saturday, March 1, time to accept my aspieness. About every ten years, I'll come across something about Asperger's, take a test online, find I score in the 30s, wonder if I should get professional testing, then forget about it because a professional would only tell me to accept I'm a bit aspie. I need to embrace it. I need to love my limitations to make them my strengths. The person usually has a strong desire to seek knowledge, truth and perfection with a different set of priorities than would be expected with other people. There is also a different perception of situations and sensory experiences.

The overriding priority may be to solve a problem rather than satisfy the social or emotional needs of others. The person values being creative rather than co-operative. There may also be problems expressing the degree of love and affection expected by others.

Fortunately, we now have successful psychological treatment programs to help manage and express emotions. The amusing part to me is "social justice". Clearly, it's meant in the broadest sense, but I do wonder how many social justice warriors are aspies. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Vladimir Putin President. Barack Obama President. Series continues after issue 1 as "Spider-Man Unlimited " Series continues after issue 2 as "The Spectacular Spider-Man " Series continues after issue as "The Spectacular Scarlet Spider" 1 and returns to after 2 of that series.

Series continues after issue 74 as "Peter Parker, Spider-Man " After issue 21, series skips to to reflect original numbering. What Price A Life? The Prodigy!

Venom, 4th printing? Spider-Verse: Warzones! Series continues after issue 31 as "The Amazing Spider-Man " 1. Issues 32 and 33 were added later for the "Spider-Verse" crossover. More than 80 artists were asked to participate by drawing a custom sketch on the blank cover of a specially produced "Ultimate Spider-Man ".