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Well, it was kinda like that. What is it with everyone having to be drunk all of the time in these books? When I first started the book last night, I couldn't put it down. I wanted to get to the ship and I just knew I was going to love this book because I love the cover. I wanted to get to the ship and see what was going on. Then once we were on there, I wanted to keep going but sleep took me away.

The beginning of the story was bleh for me because I just wanted to get to the boat and I didn't see any reason for that beginning. Then when you're on the boat and the beginning is used against the main character, Lo Blacklock, I began to understand. Lo is a travel journalist and is finally getting to go on a trip because her boss is preggers.

Unfortunately for her, she sees a body get thrown off the boat, no one believes her, she has no proof and when she does get proof, it gets removed. She wonders if she's crazy or what. I just wanted to get to the end to see what in the world was going on and who did what, when and how. I certainly didn't think it was actually what happened. Then throughout the book there were reports of Lo Blacklock's death and they found a body and I was like, "What? Unfortunately, I didn't love it near enough to buy the book with the awesome cover. Or did I? Jan 26, Elise TheBookishActress rated it did not like it Shelves: elise-s-did-not-finish , read , released , marked-as-audiobooks , coverporn , 1-star.

I just realized I don't hate myself and therefore will not be completing this. They have the exact same plot. Lead observes I just realized I don't hate myself and therefore will not be completing this. Lead observes something. But no one will believe her because she is Un Re Li Able. Why is she unreliable? Some unspecific mental condition that will play into her character development absolutely zero! Or better yet, alcoholism! It is The Girl on the Train was a shitty book. Stop copying it. And listen, okay, I am fine with unreliable narrators.

You know what else we know? They would be wrong. Nothing could possibly be as pointless as this book. Also, you know, complex characters do need to have some vague veneer of consistency. She wants to solve all the issues in their relationship and be with him forever. So what does she do? Something nice?

Of course not, because that would be logical! She gets in a fight with him and proceeds to ignore all his emails for days. And you know what? You get a bonus fucking round for the cringiest thing that happened in this book. She knees him in the groin for touching her boob. Great, right? No, because Ruth Ware then promptly ruins the iconicness of the moment by having her protagonist apologize for it and say it was her fault. He touched her on the boob without asking. He absolutely deserved to be kneed in the balls. I'm going to bed. Blog Goodreads Twitter Youtube View all 24 comments. Unlike a lot of other readers, I found it to be kind of slow and predictable.

This one on the other hand - it totally worked for me.

Escaping ABANDONED Prison in TOP SECRET Location with Stephen Sharer! (Hidden Mystery Box Found)

A cruise ship in the middle of the ocean turned out to be the perfect setting for a chilling tale. I could feel the ebb and flow of the nausea inducing waves, the panic that set in with the claustrophobic quarters and the fear of being trapped on a ship in the middle of nowhere, with no connection to home. How creepy. Can you imagine your sanity hinging on a tube of Maybelline mascara? I know, it sounds kind of silly, right?

That she was inadvertently making everything up. That she was confused. Until the author managed to throw me off with some of the other shady passengers. Then I felt like maybe I was the one that was confused. I was back and forth so many times with my theories and in the end - I was wrong. I love being wrong. I am so glad, I gave this author another shot.

View all 43 comments. Dec 09, Emma Giordano rated it really liked it. I can't decide between 3. I struggled with it a bit, but I enjoyed the ending overall. TW: home invasion, anxiety panic attacks , substance abuse, lowkey sexual assault I feel as if this is one of those books that I don't have much to say on.

I wasn't the biggest fan of the writing and the beginning was slightly boring, but the ending of the story was thrilling and very clever in my opinion. I was surprised to find a very positive portray of medication I can't decide between 3. I was surprised to find a very positive portray of medication to treat mental illness. Lo takes antidepressants for her anxiety and treats them as an essential part of her functioning.

She suffers from a lot of stigma as a result of her medication, but she continues to be confident in her decisions related treatment and that really pleased me. There is a non-consensual groping scene that was swept under the rug, which made me very uncomfortable. I guess it's ignored because they are past lovers or they were both drunk but for whatever reason, I found this scene very troubling. Non-consensual touching should never be dismissed so easily. Overall, a mostly enjoyable read. The ending is twisted and well though out enough to make up for a not so great beginning, in my opinion.

View all 4 comments. Apr 08, Susanne Strong rated it really liked it Shelves: audiobooks. Very Suspenseful! Lo Blacklock is a travel journalist who is invited to go aboard the Aurora Borealis to do a story on the new ship for her magazine. Lo thinks a week away on a luxury cruise liner sounds like a dream come true. Honestly, this got me thinking, who would do this? Would you? I sure wouldn't simply because of the germ factor, but whatever! Anyhow, I digress.. During the cocktail hour and dinner, Lo gets sloshed. Her work assignment is the last thing on her mind. That night, she has trouble sleeping and Lo is certain that someone was tossed off of the balcony from Cabin Lo reports it to security.

None of the passengers or staff are unaccounted for. Was she so drunk that she imagined it?

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Has she gone mad? No one believes her. Yet she is sure that something bad happened. As the suspense builds, we the readers feel the tension build in the pits of our stomach, wondering, is Lo crazy? What is going on? Ruth Ware did a great job in keeping me on the edge of my seat.

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I will admit that a few things about the book really bothered me … hence the reason for the 4 v. I listened to the audiobook version of this and thought the narrator did a great job. View all 41 comments. Jun 14, Lala BooksandLala rated it liked it Shelves: thriller-mystery. This started out so strong, it was well paced and suspenseful View all 11 comments.

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Laura Blacklock is a travel journalist given a career-boosting opportunity to cover the maiden voyage of a luxury cruise liner headed to see the Northern Lights. On her first night there she meets a mysterious woman in the cabin next to hers, cabin 10, and then later hears a scream and the sounds of a body being dumped into the sea, seeing what she thinks is blood on the neighbouring railing. A heavy drinker and us Laura Blacklock is a travel journalist given a career-boosting opportunity to cover the maiden voyage of a luxury cruise liner headed to see the Northern Lights.

A heavy drinker and using prescription pills for anxiety and depression, as well as dealing with the trauma of a recent home-invasion, is Laura imagining things — or is there a murderer on board? My biggest problem is with how quickly exciting events are dealt with and how looooong the dreary aftermath is dwelt on.

For example, the book opens with Laura being burgled while also being in her London flat: exciting. Dull, static, ordinary, and predictable to read but we still have to plod through the pages while Ware underlines to the reader that Laura is unnerved. Then we get on the boat, and, following too many pages of Laura schmoozing with vapid guests, we get to the murder in the night: exciting. But I guess Ware had to meet a certain page count. Ware is then content to tread water while Laura continues to question herself, wondering who she can trust, ie.

Reading this increasingly threadbare story as it painfully progresses is like wading through sludge! Awful stuff. What the book really needed was a compelling Poirot-type who could wring the drama and tension out of the situation. But no, we got plain, dull old Laura bumbling about uselessly instead. The setup has potential but Ware fails to realise it — The Woman in Cabin 10 is an immensely tedious chore to slog through.

As soon as I started reading this and posting statuses, I got several replies about how much people did not like this book. I cannot remember getting that much negative feedback about a book on my progress statuses. So, I figured I would either be joining the world in slamming this book, or I would be trying to make my case about how everyone was wrong. Well, I am kinda in the middle. It feels like it was intentionally written to fit in with the As soon as I started reading this and posting statuses, I got several replies about how much people did not like this book.

Maybe a few that could be slightly disliked, but nothing like the aforementioned books. The plot was a little silly, but I was willing to suspend my disbelief for the sake of a quick read. I do think that the general idea of how a mystery-on-a-boat was presented did feel unique and there were a few surprises that caught me off guard. View all 8 comments. Initial thoughts: I read it. I'm not mad about it. It was good. Not a favorite. Not a least favorite. Final Thought: Meh. They can't all clobber us over the head though.

For me, the second half of this was much stronger than the first half.

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  • I wasn't really invested in the story at all until the reveal. I would just say the reveal and events leading to the final conclusion were much more compelling than the build-up to the reveal. During the build-up, I totally had moments of, "who cares?! Gawd, Lo, mi Initial thoughts: I read it. Gawd, Lo, mind your business! Quit your whining!

    Yah, so keeping it short and sweet, those are my thoughts. A: No. Q: Will I read another Ruth Ware book? A: Definitely. Take from that what you will. View all 16 comments. Jan 17, KAS rated it liked it. It was also my first read by this author. A quarter of the way through, I was not impressed.

    Thankfully the crux of the plot line encouraged me to stick with it, if only to find out who was responsible for the dastardly deeds. A big thank you, again, to my local library for offering a wide selection of ebooks and audiobooks. Caution: This storyline may make you think twice about taking a cruise where you might be trapped on a ship in the middle of the ocean with a murderer. View all 88 comments.

    This one though was fast-paced and had me entertained and engaged right from the very first chapter. I was really intrigued with the setting and plot of this novel as I have always wanted to take a vacation on a Luxury Cruise Liner. Awesome embossed cover of water spots on a porthole window with the ocean waves in the background! Her sanity is questioned here as Cabin 10 was unoccupied but she is determined to prove that someone was indeed in Cabin 10 and murdered. RUTH WARE delivers an atmospheric and suspenseful story here with a few good twists that had me questioning and guessing what actually happened and who was involved.

    Although there were a few things that happened in this book that I felt were never answered or was missing from the plot. To sum it all up it was an entertaining, enjoyable, suspenseful, fast-paced, quick and easy read with a twist ending. Would recommend!! View all 29 comments. Between panic attacks from not taking her meds an 3. View all 18 comments.

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    Feb 16, Lindsay - Traveling Sister rated it really liked it. What an intense, suspenseful book - I really enjoyed this! The author, Ruth Ware, does a fantastic job of creating an extremely vivid atmosphere - I felt like I was a passenger on the cruise ship observing the story unfold. I had a hard time putting this book down as the suspense starting building from chapter one and didn't stop until the very last page of the book.

    And I just loved that ending! At first I wasn't sure how I felt about the main character, Lo, as she seemed secretive and 4 stars! At first I wasn't sure how I felt about the main character, Lo, as she seemed secretive and mentally unstable. However, after a few chapters, she really grew on me. I even doubted her suspicions throughout her journey on the ship as I thought she might be delusional, yet I still felt sympathy for her.

    I found myself getting confused at times trying to keep track of the secondary characters on the cruise ship. It wasn't overly confusing, but slightly took away from my reading experience which is one of the reasons for 4 instead of 5 stars. Another small issue I had was accepting the fact that someone would actually knock on a neighbouring cruise ship door to ask to borrow mascara from a stranger which is a pivotal point in the plot.

    Do people actually do this? Perhaps I'm a germaphobe, but I found that strange and unlikely. Once I could accept and move past that, the rest of the story worked for me. Overall, this was a highly addictive mystery that I would definitely recommend. I look forward to reading more from this author! View all 36 comments. Mar 15, Book of Secrets rated it it was amazing. This book was a wild ride. It's going to take a while for me to calm down, lol.

    Travel reporter Lo Blacklock is given an amazing assignment, a week-long cruise aboard an exclusive luxury ship. Only ten cabins, so you know the small group of guests will be pampered as they sail from England to Norway. The excursion is lovely at first, but Lo's fun comes to an end when Whoa! The excursion is lovely at first, but Lo's fun comes to an end when she sees a woman tossed overboard from the cabin next door.

    I really enjoyed the setting of this mystery. A small ship, alone on the chilly North Sea, spotty internet, seemingly cut off from the rest of the world, possibly with a killer on board. Very eerie and ominous atmosphere. With all passengers and crew accounted for, the others doubt Lo's story. Then odd things start to happen. I enjoyed this clever mystery very much. It made me nervous, but it was a good kind of nervous.

    Lo's character was kind of a mess, always teetering on the brink madness, which was understandable given the circumstances. Loved the ending too, including the final twist. Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the publisher through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. Shelves: , adult , contemporary , standalones , mystery.

    The bad It's a real pity that the author used so many awful descriptions of weight and illness. It's not exactly shaming, but the language serves to dehumanize people who are fat, very thin, or ill. We're frequently reminded at how easily one overweight The bad It's a real pity that the author used so many awful descriptions of weight and illness. We're frequently reminded at how easily one overweight character becomes out of breath at the slightest physical movement. It is said that the rest of the group "looked almost obscenely healthy in contrast" p. The main character says "it was impossible not to think of death and illness" p.

    And her thinness is frequently described using the word "skull" - a literal symbol of death. This certainly isn't the only book to use these types of descriptions, but I'm just saying it made me uncomfortable while reading. This is pretty ableist language and I felt it should be pointed out in case that would affect your decision to support this book. The good I haven't felt this gripped by a mystery in a long time. I really enjoyed how we'd get quick little glimpses of a few days in the future between each section of the book and then were left wondering how things would lead to that.

    This kept me intrigued. The writing and pacing flowed very well for me. I have a misconception in my mind I know it's a misconception that adult novels are difficult to read. While some have certainly proven that to be true, I really love when some prove me wrong. Once the climax hit I was on the edge of my seat, heart pounding, ignoring sleep until I finished. That's exactly what I like in mysteries! Other things of note Mental health is a topic explored here with the main character.

    She has PTSD from events that occur in the first chapter, and a history of anxiety. As someone with anxiety, I personally had no issues with how it was portrayed and I appreciated the acknowledgement of stigmas surrounding medication without it passing judgment on using them. But since I don't share much of her experience with it, I feel like it's not my place to say if this is good or bad representation. I haven't heard much said about the portrayal of mental health in the book so if you have personal experience and have a different view on it, please let me know your thoughts.

    I think it's worth noting that since this book is set on a boat, the dangers of shipwreck and drowning are explored and may trigger you if you have a fear of either of those things. It did me. Bottom line Overall, I would recommend this book if you love whodunit psychological mysteries, but with the caveat that it uses harmful language toward weight and illness. Please read discerningly. I do want to read more mysteries by this author, but I will approach her books cautiously to see if those types of descriptions continue. View all 6 comments. I devoured that one in a single sitting.

    I have to say, lately, it seems like the books that I really look forward to have been letting me down, but luckily, not this one - I loved it! I had to force myself to take breaks, so I could also enjoy my family over the holiday weekend. Meanwhile, even without the book in hand, it remained in my head - kept me guessing - even had me trying to play a game of guess whodunit So Meanwhile, even without the book in hand, it remained in my head - kept me guessing - even had me trying to play a game of guess whodunit at work with my coworkers yesterday.

    View all 21 comments. The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware is a thriller set aboard a luxury cruise ship. Being one that loves cruising this has been on my list to read since I first heard about the book for two reasons, one I've heard great things about the writer and two I can't help but be drawn to a story set at sea. Lo is offered the chance The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware is a thriller set aboard a luxury cruise ship. Lo is offered the chance to go on the cruise through her job as a travel writer and thinks getting away is just what she needed.

    Boarding the yacht Lo sees this as the opportunity of a lifetime, a week of pure luxury with only a handful of cabins and a few other passengers. However, one night at sea Lo witnesses something from the cabin next door and thinks she saw someone go overboard. The security and crew however can't find anyone missing and don't take Lo seriously.

    The first thing I noticed picking this one up is that people are perfectly right, Ruth Ware is a talented writer as it didn't take long at all to become immersed in the story. However, with this story I did find a couple of things that I didn't absolutely love. One being that I found myself really doubting even a smaller yacht wouldn't have security cameras to monitor outside safety so the mysterious someone overboard should be something answered quickly.

    But even overlooking that fact there's few suspects aboard too so it wasn't hard to start figuring things out. In the end I'd give this one 3. This book kept me on my toes …. Classic who dunnit I loved the setting the Luxury cruise with its chandeliers and opulent cabins. A small group of guests Journalists, photographers and distinguished guests have been invited to join the Aurora as it makes its maiden voyage along the Scandinavian coastline.

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    Laura Lo our protagonist, a travel writer has managed to secure herself a place on the coveted maiden voyage, she jumps at the opportunity… this could take her career to the next level. Duri This book kept me on my toes …. During the early hours of the morning Lo wakes to the sound of someone screaming, coming from the balcony of the cabin next door. She races to the balcony and hears a loud splash, like someone has been thrown over the balcony….

    I kept going back and forth on who dunnit. She has issues with alcohol abuse and a history of mental illness, her recollection of events were scattered and full of gaps. She starts to question herself did it really happen? This was my first Ruth Ware novel. It was an enjoyable read I give it 3. It was a little slow in the beginning. I am keen to read more of her books. View all 14 comments.

    Dec 17, Phrynne rated it really liked it. The big question is how do you rate a book like this? To be absolutely honest I ploughed through the first half thinking how poor the dialogue was, how irritating the MC was and pretty much why am I bothering with this book. And then suddenly it became tense and exciting and the MC got her act together more or less and then the ending was brilliant!!!

    The last bit view spoiler [ "Tiggers bounce" hide spoiler ] loved it: So how do you rate a book which is basically only adequate but which has The big question is how do you rate a book like this? The last bit view spoiler [ "Tiggers bounce" hide spoiler ] loved it: So how do you rate a book which is basically only adequate but which has a wonderful ending? Well I went out on a high and that's the bit you remember best so - 4 stars from me.

    View all 20 comments. May 20, Heidi The Reader rated it liked it Shelves: book-club , mystery. A so-so mystery with an unreliable narrator that takes place, for the most part, on a boat. It was ok thriller, but I would never have read it without the encouragement of my book club. In the desperate search for "the next Gone Girl ", The Woman in Cabin 10 was put forward as an option. I think that's unfair. The next Gone Girl or Hunger Games will be so clearly original and ground-breaking that it couldn't be titled the next fill-in-the-blank.

    And, with that sort of hype, it put an expectation on A so-so mystery with an unreliable narrator that takes place, for the most part, on a boat. And, with that sort of hype, it put an expectation on this story that it didn't live up to. But, that's not The Woman in Cabin 10 's fault. It was clear to me that Ruth Ware had experience as a journalist. Her character, Lo Blacklock, is completely believable in that regard.

    But, I found that I didn't like her much. She puts too much pressure on herself to succeed. It was an unmissable, unrepeatable opportunity to prove myself after ten years at the coalface of boring cut-and-paste journalism. This was my chance to show I could hack it But, if she had taken the time to stay home and recover from her PTSD, what sort of thriller would that be? So, off she goes, onto a billionaire's exclusive boat.

    I guess you had to get something for the eight grand or whatever it was they were charging for this place. The amount was slightly obscene, in comparison to my salary- or even Rowan's salary. Then, in classic thriller fashion, she hears a scream in the night, sees something that no one, even she, believes and is now stuck in an enclosed space with a potential killer.

    Even with that set-up, I didn't get into the story. Lo is overly-dramatic and doesn't take the time to think things through. I found myself wishing that she would slow down and start keeping a complete written record rather than running from one disastrous encounter to the next.

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    • She jumps to conclusions and accuses or dismisses people nearly on a whim. I'd read a passage and then say to myself, "Come on, is that really the best you could do? But still. That's what I thought. Plus, the "unreliable narrator" thing has been done. In this story, Lo's unreliable because she has anxiety and drinks a lot to forget that fact.

      That sounds like almost everyone I know. Recommended for fans of mystery. It is enjoyable, but don't make my mistake and expect too much complexity from The Woman in Cabin The Hook The primary location of The Woman in Cabin 10 is the maiden voyage of boutique luxury cruise ship seeking the Northern Lights and the break-taking Norwegian Fjords. The ship, fittingly named The Aurora, reminded me of a locked room mystery device which always intrigues me. A tad repetitive, with just the right amount of tense buildup, The Woman in Cabin 10 managed to keep me thinking while listening.

      I do not like to know a book has a twist. It can ruin the read for me and probably for others. I saw it coming. I was not surprised. This did not for one minute ruin my enjoyment of The Woman in Cabin Actually, I was quite pleased that I could figure this out, as it seems right that I should.

      Ange kod: play Du kanske gillar. Ladda ned. Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. Scott Blacklock works as an investigative agentfor the international corporation, Zirconia. But he has no ordinary office job, andhis latest case will take him on a journey of betrayal, revenge and murder. Going undercover to prevent the theft of a priceless diamond, Scott boards the Trans-Oceanic Express, a luxurious decadent train travelling from New York to Los Angeles. AsScott becomes acquainted with his fellow passengers,he isunaware thatsomething far deadlier than a theft is being planned.