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He recommended treating stuttering with a "manly" diet of beef and beer. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was an Oxford mathematician, minister, and photographer. On July 4, , while boating on the Thames, he told a friend's children, including a daughter named Alice, a story of a girl named Alice. Somerset Maugham was the highest-paid writer of the s.

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In his autobiographical novel Of Human Bondage he substituted a clubfoot for his stuttering, because stuttering was too difficult to transcribe in writing. Elizabeth Bowen was from Ireland. Kim Philby was a spy. Stuttering once saved his life, by confounding a fast-paced interrogator. Patrick Campbell was a British humorist and 3rd Baron Glenavy.

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He wrote, "From my earliest days I have enjoyed an attractive impediment in my speech. I have never permitted the use of the word 'stammer. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson; p. Knotted Tongues. Category : Book:Speech-Language Pathology. Namespaces Book Discussion. I have been able to accept instead of question.

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It has become my sanctuary. Part one of three parts. A photo of the author as a small child wearing a cowboy outfit graces the book jacket, his innocent face both quizzical and apprehensive. Beyond Stuttering is a companion book for the McGuire Program , an intensive course and maintenance program for people who stutter. Thousands of people have attended the program since its launch in , with many of them becoming McGuire coaches and instructors.

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This was very helpful. Gabrielle, this is an excellent article! My son stutters and I am sensitive to how speech is used in characterization. One thing I wanted to mention is that some people do repeat a whole syllable. Plus, lucky for him, intense emotion like anger makes him perfectly smooth, but I doubt that would come across as believable in fiction. I really hope to see characters who stutter AND show how amazing they are!

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Maybe you can write another article on how friends and family interact, and what people should not do like finish the sentence. Great points, Sara.

My dad who stutters actually pulled me aside the other day to ask me why I was shy. He said that he could never imagine why anyone would be shy if they did not have a physical impediment like a stutter.

Stuttered Heart: Romance Novels with Stuttering (53 books)

It was very interesting to hear. Thanks for the correction. I made my character with a stutter shy and quiet, not because of the stutter though. I loved your article. Such helpful hints. My son stops stuttering when he is furious. So there is variation there too. Thank you. Thanks for this article, it really enlightened me!

For example, if they are with a close friend or sibling with whom they feel very comfortable, or if they have a passion for stand up poetry or singing, or talking about something they love- could a person who stutters NOT stutter in circumstances like these? Thanks so much for the article and any advice you can give me!

I just stumbled upon your blog — how awesome! I recently finished a short novel where one of the main characters had a stutter. A writer. An INFP. Nice to meet you, Miss Gabrielle. An excellent article, full of good information I can put to good use with an upcoming eventually character. Thank you! I have a character that I wanted to have a stutter. I fought with how to get it across for way too long. The character is very thoughtful and the major leader in his community. This was perfect thank you for sharing. Having an inside look helps, as I have gotten older I have developed a small stutter that is most prominent with the w and hard r sound and I was struggling to find a way to write that for this character I am reviving.

I am writng te character of Emily Blunt for a school play. She is an actor and she struggled with stuttering when she was younger. This article really helped me develop her and the script for the play. I have had a problem writing per batem what a studerer says. And reading what you wrote helped me. I want to point out that with vouls and some consonants dashes will do like I-I-I, but such consonants that just keep going like the s for example like the hissing of a snake I think it would be more appropriate to use … Like s…s…o l…l…ove you and it would also depend in how long they drag thst s or l.

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