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To ensure the recovery of a debt in case of default, creditors should keep all documentation related to the transaction. This includes the original written contract, any documents related to the transaction e. The main factors influencing effectiveness in debt collection are the age of the debt the earlier the start of collection, the larger the chance for a successful recovery and the reason for non-payment. Amicable debt collection is recommended, because it remains cheaper for creditor compared to legal proceedings. Amicable settlements are also enforceable in court. The judge, convinced of the merits of the claim and without hearing the case, issues a payment order which is served to the defendant, who may either accept it or file a statement of opposition against it within fifteen days of its service.

If the debtor opposes the debt, then the process continues as standard court proceedings. It takes on average three months for a decision to be made, ranging from a minimum of two months to a maximum of six months. Ordinary proceedings are partly in writing parties filing submissions accompanied by all supporting case documents , and partly oral both creditors and debtors present their cases during the main hearing. In practice, ordinary proceedings typically last from one to three years before the court renders a final and enforceable judgement. Since this amendment, all correspondence from Czech authorities to legal entities is delivered electronically via registered data boxes with special legal regulations Act No.

Judicial enforcement is reserved only for matters specifically listed in the law. Enforcement by judicial executor is considered to be more effective, because the executor is a private-sector entity whose fees depend on a successful enforcement. A specific fees schedule applies based on the amount concerned by the execution. As part of the EU, enforcement of foreign awards issued by an EU member state will benefit from advantageous enforcement conditions, such as the EU Payment Order or the European Small Claims procedure. Foreign awards rendered by non-EU countries can be recognized and enforced, provided that they have gone through the exequatur procedure under the Czech Private International Law and Procedure Act.

An insolvency petition can be lodged by either debtors themselves or their creditors, but a creditor must provide unambiguous evidence to support its claim, with one of the following:. The creditor must in addition prove the existence of other creditors. Creditors are liable for damages caused by filing a bankruptcy petition where the conditions of insolvency were not met. This also allows for insolvency proceedings to remain transparent. The insolvency act introduces new methods and faster process, with single proceedings where the court decides on three particular solutions:.

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Insolvent debtors may initiate proceedings, but debt restructuration proposals must be approved by the court, with periodical inspection of its fulfilment by the creditors. The management retains the right to manage the business.

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Bankruptcy is a court-ordered method of resolving insolvency, whose aim is to monetize all assets of debtor and thus obtained yield to distribute between creditors who have lodged their claims into the proceedings. At this point; the business declared bankrupt is no longer allowed to conduct business operations independently.

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Used mainly by individuals non-entrepreneurs , this is a method of resolving insolvency which presents an alternative to declaring bankruptcy. The Insolvent debtor clears the debt, but under Court control he is obliged to pay only a reduced percentage of total debts.

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The liquidation procedure begins once it is decided that a company is to be wound up. All claims of creditors must be fully satisfied in liquidation proceedings. It is important to note that liquidation proceedings are not considered as a method of insolvency in Czech law: in the event that the liquidator finds there are not enough assets to satisfy all claims during liquidation, he is obliged to file a petition for insolvency.

At this point, the liquidation turns into insolvency; a separate proceeding. Language En. Our purpose : what drives us. Our mission. Our organisation.

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Our history. Financial summary. Corporate Social Responsibility. Working at Coface. A finely meshed international network Credit insurance.

Our economic studies. Coface Global solutions. Thanks to its interdisciplinary approach, it will give you a Thanks to its interdisciplinary approach, it will give you a solid background in advanced business economics and management and enable you to upgrade your skills in applied contemporary management techniques combined with gained knowledge of international entrepreneurial activities represented by a number of lectured disciplines of four specializations Marketing and Trade, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Finance, and Accounting and Taxes, for a career in business and entrepreneurship sphere.

After all, today's students are tomorrow's professionals. Come join us in new and modern study programme where cutting-edge research meets with the family atmosphere of the regional university Students in the graduate psychology program at the University of New York in Prague will be thoroughly prepared at both theoretical and practical levels. The programme extends a successful Quantitative Ecology Module lead by prof. Students will be trained in modern ecology research. The courses are focused on ecological theory and analysis as well as interpretation of ecological data using modern computational approaches.

The workload is about five courses per semester. Strong emphasis is laid on the students' own research; almost half the credits are awarded for a research project to be conducted throughout the entire two years of study, and will be the basis of the Master Thesis. The best projects will likely be published with the student as the first author. The lecturers and Thesis supervisors lead high-quality research, often in close collaboration with Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences As part of this discipline, there are one semester study stays carried out at a CEMS partner university abroad and internship abroad.

The International Management programme, with the embedded CEMS MIM programme, takes on the best management students who have an excellent academic track record and the potential to take on a senior international management role. Successful completion of this Master's programme enables graduates to have unique exposure to the business world while developing sound interpersonal and leadership skills, therefore greatly enhancing their prospects in the field of international business and related markets. A programme is only as good as its participants.

It is of equal importance to admit only those applicants who offer the highest probability of successfully completing it.

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Therefore the selection jury is responsible for choosing students that It comprises eight faculties at the present time and offers degrees in a wide range of disciplines, including medicine and other natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, as well as legal education. In the recent years, one of the highest priorities of the University is to strengthen international cooperation with other higher education institutions. The town itself is very old and picturesque and it is surrounded by sports facilities and nature.

The city of Olomouc is well-known for its high density of university students: over 24 students in the city of inhabitants make Olomouc the city with the highest density of university students in Central Europe. Previous studies in the same field are NOT a requirement.

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This interdisciplinary programme is designed as a four-semester curriculum. The language of instruction is English. They are knowledgeable in international relations, cultural and historical connections, and the distinctive realities of particular English-speaking countries. They understand the society of these countries as well as their internal and external relations. The program is drawn up to enable students to obtain the best level of knowledge and skills by taking specific subjects at CULS or BOKU and combining them. Students can freely choose optional and fully optional subjects from the offerings of both universities.

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For students and their future engagement, there are additional important practical subjects focused on the protection and remediation of soils, wastewater treatment, GIS, or management of protected areas. The program contains practicum, excursions, and semestral projects The studies finish with the final state exam, a pa The graduate is an architect with versatile training in architectural structure design, interiors and urbanistic works. The studies finish with the final state exam, a part of which are exams in the history of arts and architecture, supporting structures, building construction and a dissertation defense.

You will master montage as a natural way of your artistic expression and you will stand side by side with the director as his creative partner. You will have the expert ability and skills to solve various issues in composing sound and image. You will get film editing into your blood, the montage will become your way of thinking Modelling of environmental processes is a key part of daily practice in many public and private institutes.

Indeed, assessment of flood risk, climate change impacts on water resources, efficient design of adaptation measures or contaminant transport, to name just a few, all require modelling. This is why environmental modellers are increasingly sought by employers. Environmental modelling master programme therefore prepares the graduates to combine knowledge of applied mathematics, statistics and informatics with understanding of processes related to atmosphere, soil, surface and subsurface water, groundwater and contaminant transport.

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Master Degrees. Learn more about Master in Czech Republic programs below. Take the next step today! Read more about studying in Czech Republic. Programs Online Read more about studying in Czech Republic. Cosmetology Studies. Design Studies. Food and Beverage Studies. General Studies. Law Studies. Life Skills. Professional Studies.