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This game is really fun, but to be honest, I mostly play it for the wardrobe. For example, upgrading you rooms should do more then just make them look prettier. Also, there should be more options with growing up, such as going to school, or maybe even getting married. Even though there is a lot of room to grow for My Talking Angela, I still give it 5 stars, not for the game but for its creators.

I know there are probably hundreds of reviews, but I really hope you get to read this, because I really do mean it when I say thank you.

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But please let Angela get out of the house and be able to control her. It would be cool. The new dance studio is really cute but it would be cooler if they had like set dances, like dance dance revolution where arrows pop up to show you how to make her dance.

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Plus the fact that you have to go through unlocking them all everyday for the same ugly colors is hella boring. It would be betters if the colors were more fun and maybe some sparkle items, and if you made it like unlock 1 new one everyday and have it forever. It could be seasonal and like every cycle you start new and the old ones are cleared.

📸 Picture Perfect! 📸 My Talking Angela’s Photo Studio (NEW Game Update)

Since the dance studio was added lipstick is really glitchy so you should probably fix that. Tom has tons of way better games to play. Before back in when I was about 4 I played a different talking Angela the one who was in Paris and I did think something was wrong she made the faces I made which scared me, I was too scared to move, Scream, or cry But something that is a problem is that if a 13 year old person gets the app and starts Cussing she hears it and Copies it!

Thanks a lot , Wolfy. Requires iOS 9. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad iMessage. Jun 23, Version 4. Information Seller Outfit7 Limited. Size Category Games. Person 2: that's Angela. If you like her you better make the first move. Angela name. The most amazing girl in the world.

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Perfect in everyway. Honest , kind, beautiful, loving, all around amazing. A girl every guy wishes he had. Angelas have an innocent look but also have a wild and naughty side it just takes the right man to bring it out of her! Angelas are known for having gorgeous long dark hair. Angelas also have sexy curvy bodies with a nice ass. Angelas are shy when they meet new people but give her time and she will show you her funny and crazy side! Angelas are easy to talk to and are good listeners! But they often have trouble deciding on what they truly want!

Angelas are stuborn and are hard to convince. They are also very strong and hide alot of their true feelings. Angelas will always remain loyal in relationships! They are talented in many ways especially at performing in front of large crowds. Angelas are amazing in bed and now how to pleasure her man but also appreciate a little pleasuring done to her.

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Angelas aren't afraid to try new things! Angelas often doubt themselves. Angelas love hearing sweet and kind things spoken to them but hate hearing negative things because they often take everything to heart! Angelas are beautiful girls and are hard to find so if you find one your a lucky man!

And keep her close or someone may take your place and make her happier than you do! Whos that girl shes stunning?! Boy 1: ohh thats angela ;.

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A girl who is perfect in every way. She has georgous dark hair and mysterious brown eyes. She has a beautiful hourglass figure and often has a boyfriend. She has lots of friends who all think she's georgous! Angelas get straight As, have an awesome sense of humor, are kind to everyone, and are adorable. Angelas are talented, amazing dancers who love music.

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The only flaw in an Angela is that she will never see these things in herself. She's very depressed and insecure. Person 1: "Angela, how are you so smart?

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The name Angela is given to people who are kind and sweet to others. She is very friendly and easy to get along with. Amazing personality. Sometimes sadness can get the best of her but to see her smile is like having the sun shine bright.