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Welcome home, fellow nomad. Boutique coliving and coworking in Ucassaim, Goa. The Blue Lotus has been a symbol of the victory of the spirit over the senses, of intelligence and wisdom, of knowledge.

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We restored a year Portuguese heritage property to host digital nomads, passionate entrepreneurs, new-age freelancers and knowledge seekers from around the world. Located in the village of Uccasaim, in the lush Goan countryside, Blue Lotus is the perfect place for you to dive into work, while we take care of all your other needs.

The Right Environment. In addition to having all modern amenities essential for a productive work and living environment, at Blue Lotus you will find the headspace for you to do what you do best.

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Set up your workstation indoors or enjoy your workday out on the lawns. Nourish yourself with meals our all day menu created from vibrant local produce and an in-house herb garden. Meet fellow professionals and build your network, make new friends or find like minded people to collaborate with. Since the rules of working are constantly being redefined, we added co-living to the mix.

We live, work and play with each other every day. We offer four spacious bedrooms in a stunning heritage home, nestled in the lap of green.

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Our tranquil, creative space lets you focus on your productivity, allowing for as much privacy as you need as well as opportunities to meet and mingle likeminded professionals from all over the world. We celebrate the demise of the cubicle by being a creative, collaborative workspace that brings limitless opportunities. For those who want to work where they want, when they want and how they want, Blue Lotus creates the ideal environment where you can feel welcomed, inspired, creative, productive and relaxed. BS: Because it is based on the weather—where we live on this planet.

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But, in our country, we have rainy season retreat for the month. We have rain or hot. BS: Right, hot rain. BS: We have to think, why is stress coming to us? Because we exist. We all exist. As a family, as a husband, as a wife, we have some conventional guidelines in the society we have to follow.

If we are not following them, we are excommunicated, separated from society.

But you exist. If you want to exist, those are the things you have to do.

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Now we exist in this world, so how are we going to live? Now we live with those ideas of expectations because life is full of expectations. Now people are trying so hard to give. How big? People are worried. I think everything is materialistic in this society. The value is the material. How much money you spent is the quality. Holiday means your heart, how you feel. Making them feel better, not giving them a big gift. And so, I go and spend time with them. Sometimes, some poor people have one nice meal to enjoy for the holiday, sharing their ideas and thoughts.

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JJ: How do we get out of that, how do we find real authentic joy? BS: We have to be in the middle. The nature of our life is always our emotions pulling us in two different directions. Sometimes like, sometimes dislike. We are always in this modern world. Scientists, doctors, medical professionals, everyone is encouraging people to meditate.

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When you meditate you will learn how to balance your emotions and keep calm. Equal state of mind. Keep even. Then we understand the nature of this life, and that everything is subject to change. Everything is impermanent.