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The book not only engages with Scripture to establish the connection between the perceived problem and the suggested solution, but also admirably lays out a pathway from problem to solution. Hoksbergen, who himself has decades of experience in Christian development work, offers his ideas as a way of spiritually forming young Christians. I have no doubt that this book will help potential volunteers for development work abroad.

Decades of teaching and international experience refreshingly merge with reflective theories in the commonsensical progression of Hoksbergen's book, a progression that smoothly proceeds from asking the 'what' and the 'why' questions behind international development to helping the reader move into a postcollege career in the field. Hoksbergen, displaying pedagogical mastery, does all this while expertly keeping his target audience--the college student--in mind. This is one fine and needed work, one that I highly recommend, and one that fits a much needed niche in the market. Hoksbergen provides an indispensable and exceptionally written tool--that could and should be used in any relevant classroom--for college students and many others who are considering a call to international development.

Many books have tackled these issues separately, but it is rare to find a piece that so articulately and intelligently speaks to the need for faith-driven development practice that is still enriched with a strong understanding of international development discourse. While faith can be an important motivating factor for wanting to help the world's poor, such faith must be coupled with a robust understanding of the complexities of international development to be as effective as possible.

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Hoksbergen demonstrates his knowledge of this reality throughout the book, weaving practical examples with theoretical underpinnings to illustrate that practice void of theory misses a key component to the struggle for poverty alleviation. Hoksbergen has presented a book that is challenging for Christians yet true to the discipline of international development.

Any student reading this book will develop a much greater understanding of the discipline, the importance of its study, and the reality of its practice. Kudos to Dr.