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Had it not been an 'Amish' novel, I would have wished for a little more gumption to stand up for herself, but all things considered I felt she had the most real life of any one character. Lastly, the true chaffing occurred in the premise that's repeated over and over that Suzanne's identity and purpose are fragmented by her inability to find a man pleased with her.

This is a slap in the face to anyone who prides their self on any little bit of female independence. The prior issues were just ones of plot preference while the travesty of the theme ruined any hope I had for liking this novel. Apr 01, Charlene Amsden rated it liked it Shelves: romance , christian-romance , christian. Not the best Amish fiction I have ever read — not the worst. I finished the book — read every word cover to cover. The characterization was consistent. The story had a large cast of characters and it was easy to tell them all apart. Because the problems were over far to quickly and too easily solved.

All the plot packages are tied up a little too neatly and a little too sweetly; and a couple scenarios were too far-fetched to be believed. Worse yet, all the emotion in this story is surface. Other than that it was just a sweet story without any thing remarkable to recommend it. Sep 16, Karen rated it did not like it Shelves: genre , romance , youth , fiction.

This is a great book for a third grader. Not even sure if it is written at the 6th grade reading level. The character development is minimal, the dialog is wooden and phoney and the jumping back and forth from city to city really makes the chapters short.

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Almost like reading the USA Today. You want MORE! I skipped to the last chapter to get through it. Sorry Wanda. I know a lot of people think you are an amazing writer, I'm just not one of them. This is book one of the series, but it might be a spin-off. The way that happenings were referenced made me feel like I should known about them past kidnappings and deaths and such.

Anyways, I thought this was a clean adult romance, but it felt more like a middle grade or maybe YA vibe to me. I do like those types of books, but for some reason, I just couldn't get into this one. May 03, Kelley rated it it was ok Shelves: I have determined that Brunstetter's writing is inferior to that of other authors in the Amish fiction genre. The dialogue is not authentic nor natural-sounding and some of the story lines are too contrived for my taste. However, I did like the continuation of the characters from an earlier series and I do want to see what happens in the next installment in this series.

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May 13, Joan Bolen rated it it was amazing. One of her best. Great story about how its never to late to start over. Highly recommend it.

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Such a sweet story. Looking forward to the entire series. The narrator gave an awesome performance. Feb 18, Tina Watson rated it it was amazing Shelves: read. Exciting the whole way through; twist and turns. Jan 09, Margaret Domer rated it it was amazing. This story take place Paradis, Pennsylvania. Tituss and Phoebe. Tituss was 23 and had all ready join the church he was wanting for Phoebe to do the same so they could be married.

Phoebe had other plans she wanted to go California and see the Pacific Ocean. So a friend of Phoebe.

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Darlene planned a trip to California. Phoebe ask Tituss to come with them. He told her no. So Phoebe left for California with her friend Darlene. In the meantime Tituss was left with a broken heart. So one day a friend of Tituss was tell him about a job in Pembroke, Kentucky in wood working. Tituss thought this could be good for him to get away and find him self. So the Journey Phoebe and Tituss was come to a end. The one find the Lord again and come home to start over the other found love and him self by the help of praying and ask for the Lord help.

This book really got to me they talked about for giving and ask God for help. It also say the hardships we experience and the trials we face here on earth teach us to trust more in God. Some one told me one time that he only give what we can handle. Nov 11, Nissanmama rated it it was ok Shelves: audio-book. Apparently someone told Brunstetter to end each chapter with some kind of tension. Unfortunately, she's so dedicated to this concept that the story suffers. If there isn't anything handy, she invents something as unprobable as a pack of wild dogs or a run away horse with no precedent anywhere in the story before they show up.

The story reads very predictable and rather than being the sweet unfolding of a clean love story, it's a choppy that leaves the reader with almost no attachment to the char Apparently someone told Brunstetter to end each chapter with some kind of tension. The story reads very predictable and rather than being the sweet unfolding of a clean love story, it's a choppy that leaves the reader with almost no attachment to the characters.

Also randomly thrown in are POV's from peripheral characters that are not significant to the story arc. The worst sin in this book is the reader of the audio version. She would have a nice voice if she read it straight, but instead she attempts to do "voices" with a no German for the sprinkling of traditional Amish terms and a painfully bad southern accent that comes and goes for Kentucky characters.

When Phoebe Stoltzfus breaks off their courtship, Titus Fisher decides he needs to start a new life and moves from Pennsylvania to Kentucky and it turns out to be the best decision he's ever made. He finds rewarding work that he really can see himself making a career of and he starts to wonder if he may be ready to move on from his relationship with Phoebe and risk getting his heart broken again.

When he starts thinking about whether or not he should try courting again, he has two young women to When Phoebe Stoltzfus breaks off their courtship, Titus Fisher decides he needs to start a new life and moves from Pennsylvania to Kentucky and it turns out to be the best decision he's ever made. When he starts thinking about whether or not he should try courting again, he has two young women to consider: one seems like she'd be the perfect Amish wife and the other seems to challenge long-held ideas of women's' roles.

And to further complicate things, the girl that challenges him also happens to look a lot like his ex-girlfriend, Phoebe, even though they couldn't be more different in personality. I really enjoyed the beginning of this series. I've always liked Wanda Brunstetter's books and this one has her signature talent for character creation and storyline that her books are known for.

As always, she manages to create characters that are dynamic and that you can't help but bond with. This sweet story has themes of forgiving others and yourself. It also deals with feelings of not measuring up to what your family expects you to be.

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These are things that many of us can relate to. That's another thing I really enjoy about Wanda's books. They're all very relatable, even if you aren't part of the Amish lifestyle. The themes are universal. And, she manages to write the story in a way that makes you almost feel as if you're a part of the story. I know the rest of the series will be just as good and I'm looking forward to getting to know my favorite characters better and to having others introduced in greater detail.

May 13, Slid rated it did not like it Shelves: did-not-finish. I tried.

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It's a DNF for me. Another reviewer, Rachel Brand, said all the things that I was thinking about this book, so read her review! Basically, too many contrived and just plain silly plot points, too many dumb decisions by the characters, too much telling us what's in the everyone's head.

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I listened to the audiobook and found myself just yelling out loud out of frustration. Also, the reader was pretty good, but she mispronou I tried. Also, the reader was pretty good, but she mispronounced many of the Amish words, which kind of bugged me. I do like a good Amish romance, but Wanda Brunstetter just isn't for me. This is the third book of hers that I've tried. I'm done.

Oct 17, Rosemarie rated it really liked it. Excellent book! Brunstetter has written another trilogy about the Fisher family. In this book, Titus Fisher, now grown up, has his heart broken and decides the best thing to do is to leave Lancaster County and move to Christian County, Kentucky, where his brother Zach's best friend and Englisher lives. It's a tough decision, but one he feels is best for him - not only to heal his heart, but also to find his way in life.

I found this book especially interesting to read because I am familiar wit Excellent book! I found this book especially interesting to read because I am familiar with the Hopkinsville, Kentucky, area, and just recently learned that there is a thriving Amish community there. Aug 20, Rachel rated it it was ok Shelves: amish-fiction , audio. Manufactured crises, stilted dialogue, and poor overall writing make up this story, set in Lancaster County and in Kentucky. I've enjoyed brunstetter's work in the past, so this was a surprising disappointment.

Worse than the writing itself, though, was the poor quality of the audio version. The reader had a distracting accent and pronounced the Amish words very badly. Also, she used confusing inflections to add drama to the wrong parts of the storyline. May 13, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: amish. I enjoyed this Amish story. It is about how three young people try to find themselves and fit in and how their lives intertwine. It contrasts kindness with selfishness as well as comparing themselves with others.

The romance develops at a nice pace so that I could keep up and was onboard for them. The choice that is made in the end, is done in a pretty logical and mature fashion which included relying on the Lord for guidance. I did feel that our selfish person made a change to abruptly in the en I enjoyed this Amish story. I did feel that our selfish person made a change to abruptly in the end, it didn't feel real to me. Can their marriage survive, and will they find love and contentment in each other?

Josie Bainbridge dreams of finding a husband, but there aren't any available men in Pullman. Evan Taft thinks mail-order-brides for the single men in Echo might save the town. Can he and Josie overcome evil forces and keep their love alive? Erin Avery and Dr. Winslow Wu strike a bargain: Echo, Montana needs a doctor, Erin wants her own practice, and he wants a wife.

They find love together, but a lurking darkness threatens to kill their dreams of happiness. Men are optional. That's the credo Emma Chandler's suffragette aunts preached and why she started a successful women's colony in Harper's Station, Texas. But when an unknown assailant tries repeatedly to drive them out, Emma admits they might need a man after all. A man who can fight - and she knows just the one. Best-selling author Tracie Peterson begins a compelling new series set on the s Frontier.

Grace Martindale has known more than her share of hardship. After her parents died, raising her two younger sisters became her responsibility. A hasty marriage to a minister who is heading to the untamed West seemed like an opportunity for a fresh start, but a cholera outbreak along the wagon trail has left Grace a widow in a very precarious position. Having learned natural remedies and midwifery from her mother, Grace seeks an opportunity to use her skills for the benefit of others. This book is just the first installment of the stories we will be able to share about the Miller family and their Amish community.

The American Civil War is the setting of many novels, but have you ever read a story from the Amish perspective of the War Between the States? Published by Thomas Nelson, this book is an intricate tapestry that spans a vast range of emotions, from soul-numbing grief to the hope which only the redemption of Christ can endow. Although external action is not the focus of this story, the inner worlds of the three POV characters are compelling, heart-wrenching, and at times even haunting. Every once in a while I enjoy giving a new Amish novel a try, and usually it is the Beverly Lewis titles that catch my eye.

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With a graceful storyline set at a relaxed pace, The Photograph introduces us to a sweet new friend, Eva Esch, and the close-knit Amish community she calls home. You should read this book if… You enjoy learning about the lifestyles and value systems of the Amish and Mennonite communities — what they believe and how they portray their faith in everyday situations. A treacherous journey across the Atlantic. A story of forgotten love renewed. A ship filled with scheming officials and uncivilized sailors.

Do these elements sound like any Amish story you have ever read before? Are you looking for a sweet, heartwarming story to read this Christmas season? Maybe you like a story with a little drama, a hint of mystery, and enough emotional twists to make you laugh and even cry — just a little? Or perhaps your ideal Christmas story contains personable characters who find a home for their hearts during the holidays.

Well, your search may be over. A story that fits each of these conditions is available from bestselling author Melody Carlson, and is called A Simple Christmas Wish. Published by Revell in the fall of , A Simple Christmas Wish is a continuation of the annual tradition started by Melody Carlson, who delights readers with a heartwarming Christmas novella each holiday season. For readers who have enjoyed her stories in past Decembers, or those just discovering these holiday treasures, A Simple Christmas Wish is sure to delight with its unique simplicity.