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Princess Pigsty by Cornelia Funke is a fantastic story about a little princess who is different. She is so disgusted with being perfect and pretty that she chucks her crown into the pond. I love this book and cheered throughout.

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There is room for all sorts of princesses in this family, well eventually there is. Good book. I like how simply blunt the book is and it should be because the lesson should be about acceptance and allowing people, especially children to express their true self. I think I was expecting more of a story even though I knew it was non-fiction. It opened a great dialog with my 5-year-old son about how he would treat a male friend if they wanted to dress in a dress. Good discussion at our house, worth the read for sure! Leo the Late Bloomer by Robert Kraus is a childhood favorite.

I think as the youngest child I always felt behind the curve, always playing catch up. I think this book is more for parents. His dad is more than a little anxious but Leo blooms in his own good time. The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf is a classic tale about doing your own thing and not letting any amount of pressure change you.

I love the message this book has about being who you are no matter what environment you are in. The text is just the right length and the illustrations are so expressive. Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester is such a cute and funny story, your kids will love it! Tacky is an odd bird but when hunters come to get some pretty penguins, it is funny the odd ways he does things to turn off the hunters and saves Tacky and his perfectly not odd companions. This is a sweet look at being different and being happy as pie about being different.

My son loves this book and will often point out that Tacky is proud to sing just the way he wants. I love that it can preach to kids without preaching at all. Frederick by Leo Lionni is a fable about the importance of imagination. When all the mice are working hard to gather things for winter Fredrick is quietly taking in the sun, and colors they will need to help get them through the dark, cold, and hungry days ahead.

Great commentary about art being vital and being yourself. The kids tease her and her teacher reprimands her for squinting. I like this book because it really allows children to experience what Ginny goes through. How being different and not knowing it can be fixed feels. Ginny is given a patch and that too could be a source of humiliation but she is proud to be a pirate!

Great and unexpectedly tender look at being different at school. Elmer by David McKee is another book with a great message. Elmer is quite different.

Like all of us it takes some time for Elmer to accept who he is. But in the end, he sees that patchwork is just who he is! The story is about Stephanie, whose friends, and even teachers start copying how she wears her ponytail. She moves it to the side, to the top of her head even right in front of her face and they keep copying her. So she outsmarts them all with shocking results.

The message though is about being your own person. A powerful one for kids today. Willow by Denise Brennan-Nelson is another wonderful book about artistic spirit. This story is really worth a look!

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Moosetache by Margie Palatini is an absurd book about a moose with an out of control mustache! Kids love this book! They laugh at the poor moose who is quite anxious about his unusual facial hair.

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The book has a valuable message about accepting yourself and the quirks that make you, you. Parr is renowned for his bright silly illustrations. They help kids find his deeper messages fun and more importantly makes them memorable. This book opened a good dialogue between my son and I as we were reading about how both the tallest and the shortest bunny in the class got picked on.

The part that hit me the most was when the teacher lined the kids up by height, and Amelia the tall bunny was always last. It just made me think of how adults so often single kids out without trying to be terrible, but really end up hurting them. A Bad Case Of Stripes is about a little girl so worried about impressing others that she keeps changing and loses who she really is. This story is a cautionary tale about being yourself, and not being yourself. A great book for older preschoolers and young elementary aged children.

At 4 my son is starting to get the message of this book. But enjoys reading it and giggling at the antics for sometime now. I really really like this book, the message is fantastic! Her grandma gave it to her and she likes it. Being yourself is hard and the author connects to that while still creating a strong lovely heroine. When you start this story you are told three things about naked mole rats. One of which is they are all naked, except Wilbur. Wilbur loves clothes. He loves how he looks and how different clothes enable him to express his varying personalities and moods.

The other naked mole rats are shocked by this behavior. After many attempts to convince Wilbur to shed his clothes, the naked mole rats seek help from the Grand-pah, the oldest and wisest naked mole rat. But the placement and font usage makes it interesting on the page.

This is a great book to encourage kids to have courage and belief in themselves and others will follow. I love the sentiment in this book. How adamant she is about knowing what she wants. I like the message about following your own dreams. Not what society tells us we should be. The rhyming text is perfect for this sassy tale. See, Hilda is big and when she dances she shakes and rattles everything.

Hilda needs to move and groove! I love that a solution is found that makes everyone happy. With every full moon, he sprouts flowers from his head. At school he is an outsider and only when a new girl comes to school does he make a friend. A Little Fish Book. Children will delight in these titles that vibrate with bold, brilliant colors and a bit of sparkle and ring with wordsmith appreciation of language. Holub, Joan. In larger print, a rhyming couplet gives young readers a general idea of the road each subject paved, and on the opposite page, in smaller print, more information is disclosed.

The final spread asks kids how they will change the world someday, while showcasing a dozen more inspirational figures. The bottom right corner of the last page has a circle with a question mark, offering children the opportunity to see themselves as future trailblazers. An empowering collective biography for board book bins and shelves. Diaz, School Library Journal. Hutton, John. Blue Manatee. Baby-Toddler —Readers will be hard-pressed to find a hippo as cute as Fiona, the titular star of this joyful, photo-illustrated board book.

Jaramillo, Susie. Baby-Toddler —The enchanting bilingual nursery rhyme series gets a more circulation-friendly makeover. Each lift-the-flap volume presents a traditional Latin American song with bright images of charming animal characters and plenty of white space. As in the earlier, accordian-style editions, the English translations are accessible and elegantly done. The English text can be found on the verso in a bold black font, and the Spanish text is located on the recto, in gray.

Interactive flaps and sing-along apps for each make these ideal for storytimes and one-on-one lapsits. The smaller trim size is just right for little hands.

These candy-colored entries are even more inviting than the original versions. Kawamura, Yayo. Albert Whitman. Toddler-PreS —Tots will delight in reading about the day-to-day happenings of the cat and dog pair. From taking a bath to playing a time-honored game, Pepe pup and Millie kitty have sweet high jinks. The lift-the-flap and slide elements add an extra surprise for little ones during lapsits. These will encourage the youngest of readers to practice their fine motor skills and will perhaps elicit some chuckles.

The vibrant, primary color—based hues set against lots of white space and green grass make the adventures pop. Counting Things.

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Wide Eyed Editions. Baby-Toddler —An attractive primer from the creator of One Thousand Things , which is a great choice for encouraging dialogic reading and the development of fine motor skills in little ones. A small red mouse travels through different habitats, such as a jungle, a farm, and the sea. On the verso page, a question invites readers to count objects that can be found under the flap on the recto page. A sturdy and worthy addition to board book collections. This Way—That Way. Toddler-PreS— An oddball title that charms despite its slightly head-scratching resolution.

Certainly NOT! Why not stretch out between two trees, like a hammock? No answer is given by the end.

Instead, the author encourages young readers to think and imagine. Older kids and adults will want to do a quick Internet search to find the answer, but the toddler set are likely to simply revel in the silliness. Rodale Kids. Both are fruit because they grow on trees. From asparagus to zucchini, the greens get the ABC treatment in the Vegetable entry. Both offerings feature smiling subjects rendered with paint, runny ink, colored pencil, and digital art. The humor mostly hits the mark, and the vivid illustrations just might convert picky eaters.

Naberhaus, Sarvinder. Toddler-PreS —A simple line becomes a square, squares, and a town, while another forms a circle, circles, and wheels. Together they become roads, towns, and a planet, as the view expands ever outward.

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Subtle and original. Ormerod, Jan. Little Hare. The friends would like to go outside for some exercise, but first Maudie must find her sunglasses, their hats, her scarf, and the sunscreen and bug spray, as Bear patiently waits. Finally, they are ready. A charming choice. Ray, Mary Lyn. Frazee also showcases the places in nature where stars can be found in different seasons of the year and how they have been gazed upon throughout the ages.

The lyrical, engaging text and luminous images are perfect for one-on-one sharing at bedtime or in preparation for an evening stroll. Schwartz, Amy. Things That Make Me Happy. Abrams Appleseed. Toddler-PreS —What makes toddlers happy? Seeing themselves and those they love engaged in fun activities in the pages of a book. A rhyming text and bright artwork round out the appealing package. Qty: Add to Basket.

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