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Sue Cowley's original list of nursery rhymes was an impressive collection of much-loved family favourites, but we wanted to see if our readers had any others to add to the list. So, without further ado, we present your 22 additions to the original list of top nursery rhymes, which can be found below.

Thousands took to edu-Twitter to assure Ms Spielman that, actually, they were still taught to our youngest pupils every single day. Below is the list she collated, from Twitter, of the top nursery rhymes being taught in schools today. Want to keep up with the latest education news and opinion? Der Goldvogel. The Gold-bird Nursery Rhyme. Der Hahn ist tot. The Rooster Is Dead Round. Der Mond ist aufgegangen Evening Song Lullaby. Der Sandmann ist da. The Sandman is Here Lullaby. Die Affen rasen durch den Wald. Dies Ist der Daumen. This Is the Thumb Finger Play.

Sleeping Beauty Children's Song. Drei Chinesen mit dem Kontrabass. Eia, popeia, was raschelt im Stroh? Ein Elefant ging ohne Hetz. Ein Schneider fing 'ne Maus. Eins, zwei, drei, im Wasser schwimmt ein Hai. Counting-out Rhyme. Eins, zwei, Polizei, drei, vier, Offizier. Ein Vogel wollte Hochzeit machen. Ene mene miste Eeny meeny miney mo Counting-out Rhyme. Es ist ein Ros entsprungen.

Es regnet, wenn es regnen will. Es schneit! The Songs are Sounding Round.

15 Preschool Counting Songs, Fingerplays & Rhymes

Fingerspiel von der Familie. Finger Play of the Family Finger Play. Fuchs, du hast die Gans gestohlen. Guten Abend, gute Nacht. Good Evening, Good Night Lullaby. Guten Morgen ruft die Sonne. Guter Mond, du gehst so stille. Washing Hands Children's Song. Little Johnny Children's Song. Hansel and Gretel Children's Song.

Five Little Speckled Frogs - CoCoMelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Little Rabbit in Your Burrow Lullaby. Little Rose on the Moor Traditional Song.

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Hejo, spann den Wagen an. Hier Hast du 'nen Taler. Hoppe, hoppe, Reiter. Hop, Hop, Rider Lap Rhyme. Hopp, hopp, hopp. Hop, Hop, Hop! Ich bin ein kleiner Esel. I am a Little Donkey Children's Song. Ich bin ein Musikante. I Am a Musician Folk Song. Ich bin ich. I am Me Children's Song. Ich bin klein I am Small Nursery Rhyme. Ich geh mit meiner Laterne. I Walk with My Lantern St. Martin's Day Song. In meinem kleinen Apfel. Ist das ein Hund? Is That a Dog? Nursery Rhyme. Christmas Carol. Nibble, Nibble, Gnaw Nursery Rhyme. Komm, lieber Mai. Come, Dear May Children's Song. Kommt ein Mann die Trepp heran.

Kommt ein Vogel geflogen. Kuckuck, Kuckuck. Cuckoo, Cuckoo Children's Song. La-le-lu La-Li-Loo Lullaby. Nicholas Day Song. Laterne, Laterne. Lantern, Lantern Children's Song. Leise, Peterle, leise.

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Quiet, Little Peter, Quiet Lullaby. Leise rieselt der Schnee. Grind, Grind, Porridge Finger Play. Maybug, Fly! Nursery Song.

Nursery Rhyme of the Week

Mein Hut, der hat drei Ecken. Ochs am Berg Ox on the Mountain Game. Onkel Fritz hat einen Bauernhof. O Tannenbaum. O Fir Tree Christmas Carol. Ri-ra-rutsch Ri-Ra-Roach!

Popular Nursery Rhymes for Babies

Rolle, rolle, rolle Roll, Roll, Roll Rhyme. Schlafe, mein Prinzchen, schlaf' ein. Schlaf, Kindlein, schlaf. Sleep, Baby Sleep Lullaby. Schlaf, Kindlein, schlaf! Spannenlanger Hansel.

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String Bean Hansel Children's Song. Martin St. Summ, summ, summ. Buzz, Buzz, Buzz Children's Song. Suse, liebe Suse, was raschelt im Stroh?

Taler, Taler, du musst wandern. Tochter Zion, freue dich.

Developing oral language through nursery rhymes

Daughter of Zion, Rejoice Christmas Carol. Trarira, der Sommer, der ist da! Add to your Rhyme Activity Box collection of all of our rhymes laminated and cut up for children to […]. Sung to the tune of Frere Jacques Great for morning meeting. Add to your […]. Ideal for combining early number with literacy. Peas Porridge Hot…. Healthy […]. Betty Botter Tongue Twister Rhyme…. Another Oldie but a Goodie!

Print this Happy Birthday Song so sing with your class — for birthdays