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But to what extent? It is true that they have this innate ability to interact with new technologies. They browse, chat, play… but actually most of them do not use this technology to create or express their own ideas.

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We suggest you to watch an interesting TEDx Talk he gave, in which he explains his view on the importance of code and computer literacy in Education. Scratch allows kids to easily create their own interactive stories, animations, games, music and art. But Scratch is much more than just a programming tool. As they create and share their projects, children learn important mathematical and computational concepts, but also learn to creatively think and express their ideas, to reason systematically, and to work collaboratively. From its website you can download the catalan version of the software, watch tutorials, browse other Scratch projects or keep updated on the latest news.

At our Facebook page you can find all the photos of the Scratch workshops we have organized at our Space!

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Officially, all other users are considered regular Scratchers, but some users differentiate based on their level of experience, activity, and what they specialize in. Curators and Scratch Design Studio curators are also grouped separately by some, and so are Retired Community Moderators.

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This system was created to guard against spamming of the forums and comments, so New Scratchers have certain limitations that spammers are unlikely to want to work around. They can be promoted to Scratcher status when they meet certain requirements.

The Scratch Team has not published these in detail; however, the user must have been registered on Scratch for at least two weeks and have been active and helpful around the site. When a user is eligible, they automatically receive an alert in their messages page and on their profile inviting them to become a Scratcher.

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If they choose to do so, the New Scratcher limitations are lifted for them. There are many users on the Scratch Website, with the number growing every day. Currently, there are over 40,, registered members. For Editors. In other languages.

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Help the wiki! The Scratch Wiki is made by and for Scratchers.

On YouTube, a community of scratch-off lotto enthusiasts gathers.

Do you want to contribute? Learn more about joining as an editor! See discussions in the Community Portal. This article is about people who use Scratch. For the engine which the Scratch Website was built on, see ScratchR.