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These influencers can be parents, teachers, famous business leaders, iconic entrepreneurs — or other relevant people being encountered. Negative experiences can prevent the imagination from running free and act as filters to free thinking. Your power to imagine opportunity in things you see and how they can be developed could well be the key to your future success. I believe fear is a powerful deterrent to imagination and to succeed I think we must think and imagine without fear. Walt Disney had such a creative mind that he employed Imagineers in the making of DisneyWorld in Florida.

Building upon the legacy of Walt Disney, Imagineers bring art and science together to turn fantasy into reality and dreams into magic. When you think of your market, what image springs to mind? What does it look like? Where is it?

Elements of Imagination: Seven Keys to Develop Your Creativity as a Writer

This is crucial to the subsequent actions you will take. Many people only have an image of the town or city they live in. What do your customers look like? Can you imagine what it is like to be one of your customers? Are they old, young, middle aged, American, European, Asian, African? These choices are only limited by what your imagination is bringing to you from what your mind has become.

“PURE YANNI" - Keys to Imagination, Live from Englewood, NJ

Of course, your choice images are not static. Your image and your business will change with discovery.

These concepts may be difficult to grasp, upon first viewing — but they are crucial to the path you will undertake. It is your imagination that rules the direction you will follow. Your image will change with experience and become more connected to the real world. One of the greatest satisfactions I get from business is the successful realizations that my imaginings have brought out and made viable for me. The customers buy the product. My business model worked. You just have to imagine or embrace a great story and write a fantastic script.

Seven Keys to Imagination. Creating the future by imagining the unthinkable and delivering it

Everything else — the actors, set, editing, distribution, and production, and even the direction — can and should be done by other people. Your job is to find, inspire and orchestrate all these extra people your employees.

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Morosino also says that the future is what you imagine, not what others tell you. Recent history shows that the likelihood they are right is less than two percent. Look around and trust your observations. Sarvathy et al in Effectual Entrepreneurship details the process of discovery and confirmation through action. Most companies are frightened of imagination, or keen on using it only as a sort of spare-time stimulus for the real business of running an organisation. In corporate land, "Very imaginative" is a bit of a put-down.

Creative thinking is something we leave to our "creatives", the people who write the advertising. Wrong, says Piero Morosini. Imagination is the key to finding a way into that great unknown, the future. Organisations need to discover how to use it. So do people who want to be in charge of their own careers. The creator of the Spanish multinational fashion chain Inditex, Amancio Ortego envisioned its future by imagining what its women customers wanted: the thrill of an ever changing range of clothes to look at in its chain of Zara shops, rather than stock that changed in the time-honoured seasonal fashion cycle.

Monthly or weekly or even twice weekly stock changes demanded an utterly different supply chain to the one conventionally used by fashion stores.

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Imagining what it was like to be a financially constrained customer who wanted new ideas every time she shopped created a new sort of store chain based on extraordinary logistics. Instant fashion, from manufacturer to transportation to purchase point. Inditex used its imagination to revolutionise the fashion industry, and become in the biggest fashion chain in the world.

The book has other examples where active imagination has transformed corporate fortunes: at the Swiss drugs company Novartis, a merger of two also-run pharmaceutical businesses, or the extraordinary revitalisation of Nissan by the Renault executive Carlos Ghosn. He brought to the cultural minefield of a French-Japanese collaboration imagination Very rare indeed.

There is all sorts of magic in Piero Morosini's book, with references to some powerful Peruvian creation myths that seem to have business resonance in these turbulent times. But the main idea is imagination: the ability to move out of the organisation trap of doing things in the way they have been done for decades and actively think a way out. In that way huge business disasters can become the most enormous opportunities, says Piero Morosini.

Imagination and emotion are things deeply distrusted by conventional businesses.

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  • Piero Morosini thinks they are vital resources to be harnessed to help organisations face the future Peter Day returns to Bolivia to report on a country split down the middle in several ways. Peter Day reports from Brazil to see how the country has fared in the global recession. Peter Day looks at the great expectations in landlocked Bolivia and its part in the auto revolution.

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