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I never heard the words, "Talk to me", and I never said them to my elders.

Seen But Not Heard: The Wisdom of Children

It was patriarchy all the way, with the word of Dad final, and opinions never welcome. Today an 8-year-old has the freedom and encouragement to ask questions, and questions are asked of him and her. This is wonderful.

What questions would I have asked my parents as an 8-year-old? I would probably want to know what they were like as children. I would ask them what they thought they would be when they grew up when they were children, and if that ever happened. I would want to know if they were happy with the way their lives turned out.

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My Mom gave birth to 11 children and my Dad was the son of a wealthy doctor who chose a life of religion and having many children after leaving the US Navy. I am full of questions and I'm sure they are full of answers. There was no talktome back then, and I am full of gratitude that I can give my own 8 year old the gift of asking me questions. Real Life.

Children Should Be Seen and Not Heard

Real News. Follow the rules. Listen to and do not question adults. The fasten seat belt sign remained lit the entire time it took the plane to taxi, take off, and reach 10, feet.

The most ridiculously ageist idea concievable

She didn't get out of her seat. We are all socialized to behave on airplanes.

She did that too. This should not have been able to happen this way. Not at all. Encourage children to feel the physical reactions they experience in their bodies. To be fair, that requires us as parents to be aware in our own bodies, too.

"Seen And Not Heard" lyrics

I know I did a pretty thorough job numbing myself with booze during my divorce. What else are they for? Do you know where your own boundaries are? You might think you have no boundaries or that you're okay with everything, but would you be okay if someone tried to pick your nose?

I didn't have the language to do it on my own. Lanae St. She is also the proud mother of two daughters with whom she actively embodies her message of empowerment, freedom of expression, and a sex and body-positive mentality.

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