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When this happens, an unloading of unhelpful beliefs and subliminal programs comes out of a person. For the aware soul, this is seen as a great relief and a process of unburdening.

The Deep Impact of the Science of Kundalini Yoga

But, to someone who is unaware of what is going on, it can be likened unto walking through hell, as old patterns, experiences and beliefs surface on their way out of the body. The biggest mistake someone can make during a kundalini awakening is to identify themselves with the patterns coming up for release. By doing this, the chance one has to re-experience these things and make them part of their new reality being created is there. Those who teach the ancient science of Kundalini yoga warn practitioners of the possible pit-falls in awakening these subtle energy centers too soon or incorrectly.

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There is a formula for awakening, a process and a path by which one can experience a pain-less transformation. If aligned with the correct method, anyone can awaken their kundalini energy without detriment.

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In order to do this, the most important awareness to have is that of awakening the third-eye center first. Yogi Bhajan and various other kundalini yoga instructors offer specific techniques for clarifying the mind and awakening each center in a specific order, so as to reduce negative effects.

If you are newly embarking on the adventure of kundalini yoga, be sure to have a qualified guide, teacher or instructor to assist you on your path.


More than anything else, concentrate several minutes per day on the center of the forehead, known as the third-eye center. A person with an awakened third-eye can tell when something is simply coming up for release and not confuse the event or feeling for a new one. Kundalini Yoga comes to us from a lineage of Masters, Teachers, and Sages, and it is the energies of these spiritual beings that we tune into at the beginning of each practice.

If we so desire, we are blessed with their guidance and protection, aligning ourselves with our own intuitive wisdom, as well as the wisdom of these Ancient Ones.

The Deep Impact of the Science of Kundalini Yoga - Guardian Liberty Voice

We have Yogi Bhajan to thank for bringing the thousands-year old practice to North America in a time when he knew we'd need it the most. He began his training at the age of eight, and was declared a Master by his teacher at the age of 16 and a half years old. In , he came here from India to openly share and teach what was once a practice reserved only for the royal and elite. Yogi Bhajan's declaration was that everyone deserved to be "healthy, happy, and holy. You can read more about his life and accomplishments here.

Sat Dharam began training with Yogi Bhajan in In the Kundalini Yoga tradition, practitioners typically wear white clothing and white head-covers. You may have even seen some choosing to wear turbans.

The Science Behind Kundalini Yoga

Yogi Bhajan taught that wearing white expands the aura- which you can think of as being the magnetic field of the body. When we expand our aura, we not only strengthen our projection into the world, we also help to ward off what is not desired as well. Covering the crown of the head is said to enhance concentration and protect from taking in another's energy. Most teachers in Kundalini Yoga wear the white and head cover as a uniform of sorts.

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As a student, you aren't required to wear either, but you are encouraged if you feel called to! Many scientific studies have been done in the last 40 years on the health benefits of yoga and meditation.


These all seem to verify the traditional claims for these techniques. In addition, in our combined 40 years of teaching and practicing Kundalini Yoga we have verified, through our own experience, all the claims we make regarding the benefits of Kundalini Yoga.

As you progress in your yoga practice, you will begin to make obvious associations between the techniques and the systems they are working on.