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Alison Saunders. Hi — Having ;looked at the cencus, it seems a close ancestor and family lived at Fulham Road and it looks like it was a public house ……can anyone tell me what it was called and also whether there would be any photos anywhere. Seems to be Mandaloun Restaurant and Wyndhams butchers now. This is in Kensington and Chelsea so probably best starting point is their archives. They will have directories, maps and rate books. Good luck in your quest. The Goat in boots was at Fulham Road, a very old historic pub, that was called the Goat up to He and previous owners of the site are described as beer retailers.

Perhaps they sold beer to pubs and shops etc. Can anyone tell me the the connection between Myles Coverdale, the bible translator, and the Primary School, in Shepherds Bush, apparently named after him? The Borough of Hammersmith had two public swimming pools. The libraries have a blog with illus. Thanks for that info — I assumed they ran a pub but maybe they sold beer to pubs as you suggested…. Has anyone come across a teacher by the name of Lillian Emmeline Martin.

She is on the reg as teacher living in east sheen av Barnes where did she teach? It was a mixed school. At the junction of Filmer and Munster rd lies Swift St on the corner of which is a bakers shop. I lived in Swift St. There are pictures of the buildings on both websites.

Thanks for all your information. I hope to visit it sometime soon. Kind Regards, Lynne. Does anyone know anything about a lady called Victoria Maud Polson names maybe the wrong way round. She was a book keeper for an electrical company in when she had my dad James wyse Polson. Her address was castle Street or road Fulham. He was then fostered out to lady in Brighton. Dad passed away 12 years ago and we have never been able to find anything out. Electrical company, could be absolutely anywhere?

Looking for photos with st Edmunds rc comprehensive winning west London cup in or 78,would really appreciate your help. HI — do you know details of any factories in the Lilly Road area of Fulham that manufactured or worked with dyes, leather, rubber, textiles, or paints by any chance please? I have found via Find A Grave where a relative is buried.

I wrote to LBHF to ask if they had any contact information for this grave, wrote a letter asking for it to be forwarded with my details of the connection. I have drawn a blank with no replies from either. She was brought up in an orphanage and a half brother killed in WW1 was the only relative she claimed to know of. Is there a way of finding out the owners of this grave? It appears to be well tended. Can you give any names of the relatives mentioned to look up, dates, places, occupations or do you want to keep names unknown to researchers.

If you find the relatives you mention in Ancestry you can send a message to people researching that family tree. Hello, I am searching my maternal grandmothers family, she was an orphan.

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The only definite I have of her is a school photograph which has a chalk board at the front stating Waterloo Street School Class 1. She had a brother she lost contact with before they were adults. I could not find a record of her brother. Can anyone help me please? Searching since Regards Sheila. One of our regulars on this page has researched Waterloo Street School and states that the registers are held at the London Metropolitan Archive.

Without names, dates and possible addresses it is difficult to suggest how to proceed. If you would like to leave names, dates, other useful information be happy to look up on Ancestry for you and then whatever else may be able to find elsewhere. Firstly thanks to all for the great work done on here — always a fascinating read. She died from septicaemia in Western Hospital, Seagrave Rd in They also have no records of her husband, my grandfather Albert Ballard Wall, who sadly committed suicide a little while after.

Can anyone help please? Also, I have heard that the Wall family may have had a pawnbrokers shop in Greyhound Rd? Thanks for your time. Thanks for your help. They were both born in and lived in Fulham, but I guess not everyone has burial records. Thanks again. I am trying to establish where he would have gone to school as these would have been his primary school years. What would have been the closest school to this street during this period?

Or is there somewhere you could direct me where there may be records I could look into? I believe it may have been a Catholic School he attended. Kind Regards, NR. The nearest school to Quarrendon would have been Peterborough Primary school, but this is not specifically a Roman catholic school this was in Clancarty Road with an entrance in Studdridge Street the other catholic schools are 1 along the New Kings Road, the Church of the Holy cross ,Ashington Road and 2 the other side of the Wandsworth Bridge Road the Church of our Lady of the Perpetual succour , Stephendale Road.

You can email me on talia dot shadwell at reachplc. Do you know when Rayleigh Road, W14 ceased to exist? I have found records that it was still in existence in so it could be war damage? Would you also know what is in its place now? And where would I look to find photos of it in the s? Any help greatly appreciated. I think it changed in the mid to late 40s. Before it was called Rayleigh Road it was called Wharton Road. My family came from there too.

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They ere on the , and censuses. Various houses but Nos 65, 23, 59 and Do you know if the houses in Lakeside Road are the same or have they been rebuilt.? The houses are still the same. I went there last year. They are four or five storey town houses. My family lived at various houses too; 95, 96, and others from through late s. How interesting. The males in our family were mainly labourers, corner cutters, coal porter, machine reeler. The women were laundresses. I only asked about the occupations as my great grandfather was a paper hanger and used to hire lots of local men.

I had noticed that a fair few of the males in and around Rayleigh Road were paper hangers so just wondered if yours were. Yes, you should go. My great, great aunt lived at number 23 in It seems to have changed names a few times. It later became Lakeside Road and,I believe, it still exists according to google maps. Hope this helps! When did they live there? My aunt was called Rebecca Bustard and this is her address on her wedding certificate in Oct She married an Austrian man, a hairdresser, named Jean Muller.

They left for Paris not long after that. She had previously been an acrobatic dancer in Paris. It looks like quite an affluent area so I presume she was in service? It seems to me that many families occupied each of those houses. I assume a floor each. Today the street is a mixture of slightly tatty rented houses still split into flats with others entire houses with all four of five floors incl cellar and attic and looking quite smart.

A nice quiet road. She was poor, well certainly by the time I came along. I have been researching my fathers family for a few years now but am having difficullty getting beyond his birth. I dont know if we are related but my Grandother lived at Rayleigh road in the year my dad was born. Her name was Ellen Smith but she was called Nellie. Three more children were born at that address. My dad never talked about his childhood but before he died he told me that he had been put into care.

I know the rest of the family then moved to surbiton in Surrey. Older children remained in Shepherds bush because I can remember visiting an aunt and uncle in Shepherds bush as a child. Probably not related, I think. My family were at 42, 70, 72 and 95 in Have you checked out the other smith families in the street? I find it fascinating. Are you looking on ancestry. That is my source of information. There is also something called the London Metropolitan Archives which has various records. Their enquiry team are very helpful. The details are: or ask. Does anybody know which laundry it was likely to be and where can I find any records of the Laundry please.

Does anyone know the location of the Hammersmith Citadel as it is pictured and I would be interested to know if it is still standing. The photo depicts members along with girl guides, were the two organisations linked locally? Kind regards Paul Sutton-King. My great grandfather was working there in Also, do you have any records of a football team called Hever United, in the Fulham area in the early 20th century?

Thanks, Chris. I am researching my family tree on Ancestry. From looking at census I believe that she was born around in Fulham. There is rumour that there was secrets of her childhood. If so I would love to hear from you It was run by by mother and father.

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I have also been surprised at how few photographs appear to exist of the Bradmore Lane market. As a consequence, I have decided to establish a Facebook group page to remember and celebrate the market and a part of Hammersmith history that spanned nearly 70 years. Re:the Rotunda, Shepherds Bush. She sued Robert Taylor for breach of promise and was mentioned in a home office report in as a coffee shop proprietor at the Rotunda.

In she was sent to Newgate Prison for her part in the infamous Wills Forgery Scandal after she had married my g. This is another example of where searching the British online Newspaper archive will pay dividends, its quite cheap and very useful. The Law case should also be able to tracked down fairly easily. It is stated that Taylor has left the country.

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Coleshill is a very old name, and actually means river hill. It may have been a stream that fed Fulham moat on its way to the Thames. If you check Hi Tracy Iam related to the Coleshill family my Nan on my father side was one. A huge family yes still think a couple of my distant cousins still live in Fulham Know I found them on Face book and there is a huge family tree on Ancestry.

Com of the Coleshill family. Does anyone have any clues about who the Harwath family were? It is a grand neo classical building, probably Edwardian, they must have been quite well established locally. Date of Birth: — Not known. He was reported to be 21 when he was killed, meaning that he was born about Address:- His last known address, which led to his being listed on the Dewsbury Cenotaph, was Ivy Cottage, Briestfield, where he is reported to have been a boarder with Henry Watson, a coal miner, and his wife. Parents and Siblings: — Nothing is known about his family background; he is said to have been born in Hammersmith, at that time in Middlesex, now part of London, but it has not been possible to identify him among the many boys called William Wright.

The Army apparently had no knowledge of anyone to whom effects and gratuity could be paid and medals issued. The census shows a family living at 41 Devonshire Road Chiswick with a son William whose age matches the above. I am trying to find my father after no contact for 33 years! All I know is that his name is John Arthur Cocks.

He is roughly around years old and lived in Putney,Wandsworth and married my mum Louise Belinda Blanchard in the year ? I hope this helps and I look forward to hearing from you. Putney and Wandsworth our outside our area but someone reading these pages may come up with something relevant. From personal experience I can tell you it will take some hard work and time to track down a person within the year rule. The latter will give you more info about your father, there will also be witnesses who may still be alive and have knowledge of where your Dad is.

Obviously original documents are the easiest ie that your Mum may have or have had. Free BMD here allows you to search for them online you can then request copies for a fee. The other approach is to use an online search company such as They will charge you a fee but you could end up with a number of addresses worth investigating and you may get info such as job type which again could be useful. If you search J Cocks in London entry 22 looks interesting so may be worth paying.

Join us for a series of special events in celebrating the th anniversary of the birth of Sir Thomas Gresham. In an age of violence, rivalries and persecutions, Sir Thomas Gresham was inspired by the new learning in the adventurous and magnificent Tudor Age to promote education that was free and open to all. His legacy has continued for over years, as our programme of lectures continues to flourish — here in London and across the world. Hello, Can anyone please aid me in researching the life of Horace Edward Edalji?

I have picked up on the Census that he was living in Fulham. I know this is vague, but can anyone offer more details?

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ALAN go on to ancestry see your man in census look at all the clues on the right he changed his name to magee his wife name? Thank you for the info. I have all of that plus more as he led a roaming life. What I am attempting to do is to try and add more specific details to his life in the locations where he lived. A very complex story. After all of that I am interested in any snippets of info about the man. My great great grandfather William Hart was born in Essex but lived all his married life in the Hammersmith area.

He died at Pennard Road in He was a florist, on his death certificate it said Master Florist. I remember my mother saying he had a nursery. I would love to know where this could have been, and also to find out where he is buried. Is there anybody out there to tell me more information. The houses on the south side of Colehill Lane look like they are post-war construction but it is unclear exactly when they were built. Many thanks, kind regards, Hugo Farne. It can take a while to find the relevant approvals in council minutes. In the local archives at Hammersmith Library there is a photo file and sometimes a press cutting file for most streets that may give more information.

Also checking the online catalogue for Colehill Lane shows there are some other documents too. So it may be worth a visit to the Archives on a Monday or Tuesday to check this out. Hopefully someone reading this may have direct information. Does anyone have any information on Fulham training college?

My grandmother Mildred Olive Holmes was a student there around Fulham Training college was in Finlay Street. There should be snippets of information in the local papers. Please could someone offer any information regarding an unexploded bomb that fell on — Lewis trust dwellings, vanston place- during ww2. A photo would be very much appreciated, my father lived in the building at the time and my son would like to show his teacher for a class project. Thanks in advance. She was my mums cousin.. She moved and I lost her address after the death of my mum.. If anyone can give me that it would be lovely to catch up with Karen.

My name is Lisa.. I was phyls daughter from gloucester Any info would be just lovely Thanks. I am looking for information on Fulham Palace Road. My grandmother was born there in , and I am trying to find out who lived at that address during this time. Her mother worked at 91 Bishops Road around the same time so any information on this address too would be fantastic.

Would it be possible to find out what regiment he would have enlisted in. Regards, Peter Perkin. There are about records for J Perkins. In forces-war-records.

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There are 13 for Perkin. Were there Any other forenames. You can Get brief details of a regiment without having to pay if you can find the correct group of names on this website and it does list service nuumbers. Hello, I am trying to find a newspaper article from the fulham and hammersmith chronicle dated between and of a story about a missing boy who was then found and he had been hiding at his friends house in a cupboard, there is a photograph of the boy and his 2 friends twins.

I have searched online for a while but have had no luck as yet. You could check to see whether Hammersmith archives have any newspaper index for the period, but it may well be a question of going through a hard copy or microfilm. Are you able to provide me a copy of the article and any info about Jane Kimber and any other Kimbers living in those areas — names and addresses etc as I believe my great uncle William settled at Hammersmith. He was born around to Jeremiah Charles and Jane nee Pritchard. I did however myself have a relative who married a William M Kimber, who had property in Cadogan st and Shorrolds road Fulham, but no Hammersmith connections.

His older brother George settled at Islington, London. I am still looking for info but was advised he had a son who he called William too. I know you lot are the font of all knowledge in most things Fulhamish! Help me, o wise ones! They do pride themselves on friendly customer service and also having very good stocks though apparently! My name is Caner. Me and my team are film students from the University of the Arts London and we are tasked with a project to make a short documentary film based in the Hammersmith area. We are interested in making a film based on the Furnivall Sculling Club and we are hoping we can discuss this short film further with someone who works with the club or heavily associated.

Trying to find information on the life of Edward William Butler. He resided in Pennard Road, originally the family where from Essex but he was born Wolverton, Bucks in Hi there, Do you have access to copies of the Fulham Chronicle from the s? My grandad played for Fulham youth football team and was featured in the paper in he thinks. There was a picture of him heading the ball. The game may have been against Chelsea youth. His name is Jimmy Jones. I look forward to your response and appreciate your help. Hammersmith archives andLocal history dept has the Fulham Chronicle. Andy, Papers are stored at British library Kings Cross may be on film and may be to order over 2 days.

If you get stuck I will be going there this month and can check it out But helps to be certain of year and also month if possible Brian. I was searching the Brighton newspars for an item on the Newspaper library web site ,when I discovered something I thought I would pass on. There was a list of the local hotels and guest houses together with their guests or residents names.

So much for security issues. The scheme will involve a rear extensionto knccrease trading area at ground floor level, refurbishment of the existing timber shopfronts and the removal of the existing aluminium shopfront in no32 replacing this with a timber shopfront that is more in keeping with the age of the property. I understand that these properties fall within the conservation area. Can you please confirm this.

Before I submit anything to the council for planning permission I would very much value your views and contribution on the design direction for the frontage and rear extension. I think your enquiry should be to The Fulham Society. They have a watching and lobbying brief on planning and conservation. Our focus is very much on fostering an interest in history. Check out the term Parsons Green conservation area on Hammersmith council web site, for complete picture.

The properties are in the conservation area and it mentions, specifically on the intro page. Hello I am trying to find out the history of The Queen Caroline estate. Does anyone know exactly when it was built? I understand there was a big fire in or around the site in the s and the estate was built to rehouse people whose homes were being demolished on Hammersmith Rd. Is there any further info and maybe who decided to change the name of Queen st to Queen Caroline st.

In presentations taking us from the archaeology of the s to archaeology in the future, a terrific range of speakers will look at developments in archaeology from museums to major sites, from excavations to finds, from industrial to foreshore archaeology, from volunteers to professionals. To book your tickets, which include the full day conference, morning coffee and a drink at the party, go to the Eventbrite site here:. Note that at time of sending, we also still have a few free tickets available for students in full time education on Eventbrite.

Iam trying to find out if anyone one did manage to find a photo thought to be of the first ever Fulham St Andrews football team know there was one a very grainy and someone whose name I have forgot sorry who wrote a blog and who put the photo up Reason I would love a copy is my great great uncle played for them.

The family lived at 20 Prothero Road in the latter years and possibly Bear Alley earlier. Ellen the mother had her first child in so I know that she worked there for many years. My question is how can I confirm this information please, are there any records that have survived perhaps. My kind regards, Pam Hausler. Internet forums, family history Internet forums, specialised, e. Good Morning from Pennsylvania! I am wondering if you have info on a place called Munster House Asylum.

I would love to know more about the place and possibly find out what his story was. Thanks for your time! I have a relative noted to be in an asylum but understand from the record this to be a place of shelter if you were both sick and poor rather than insane. Munster house or Mustow house Was A house that was most probably built in Elizabethan times it is said to have been used for hunting exploits of the Merry Monarch Around Charles Feret.

Wrote a lengthy account in Fulham old and new and which can be found on the web free to download there are a number of pages relating to the history of the house with photographs. Cyrus A. It is situated on the road from London to Fulham in the highest part of the parish and upon a gravelly soil. An additional house has been built containing a hall, large And lofty dining rooms, sitting and bedrooms , 17 separate rooms , washing and bathing rooms and a padded room and arefectory ward doing away with the mechanical restraint and rendering classification complete.

The ,51 and 61 census should list occupants. Thank you, Mr Burgess! Some great info. I will try to find the resource you mentioned. Since he was there only from , I wonder if there are other sources besides census records? Believe it or not, in Pennsylvania, I was able to apply for and get actual hospital records from 90 years ago…quite amazing!

My great grandfather had a bike shop his last name is Greenalghe first name Christopher. Help please anything about the family. Hi, Fulham and Hammersmith are a long way from Wigan in Lancashire so unless your greatgrandfather set up shop in London ist unlikely we would be able to trace anything here. This site for the Local Archives gives you a start for your Wigan search.

Suggest you try FindMyPast or look at similar area on Ancestry. Hope this helps. Good Luck. Hello, I was placed in Nazareth House in Hammersmith in till , along with two of my brothers, Barry and Jimmy. Can anyone give me any information please? I think this link may be of help if you have not already visited it. From the lack of replies it seems no one using this site has more detail. Good luck with your search. In the early sixties when I was in my last years at school, a few of us went regularly to take out children from Nazareth House.

I loved going and remember it as a happy place with clean, well fed children. But in the light of all that is going on I doubt my memories. My mum always gave me money to buy sweeties for the children and we usually went to the park. I just remember it as a happy place. I hope my memories are right.

I am enquiring whether there are any old photos circa of Fulham Road. My great grandfather ran a business there. This shop is located in the Fulham road almost opposite Brompton cemetery entrance. It located in Kensington and Chelsea. Thank you for your reply. I did find the shop recently i was just interested to see if any old photos of the building exijjst. They lived in a beautiful house I think in the Mall. Paul had a foundation in the parish of The Holy Ghost and St. Stephen Shepherds Bush. It was located at 30 Ashchurch Grove.

The sisters of Charity at 22 Upper mall who owned this convent and a few buildings to the east were in fact the Irish Sisters of Charity. They arrived in , and moved in on 25th Jan , and into a house originally housing the household of Catherine of Braganza, having knocked down a few cottages , and purchasing a piece of land , in they were able to open a hostel for Irish business girls.

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  4. The nuns did a great deal of visiting and social work and documents exist in manuscript recording their day to day activities, including the difficulty they had getting their furniture through the front door of no 22… A History or Hammersmith. I am trying to find out about my fathers history. Dads name was James Wyse Polson His mum was a book keeper for an electrical company, which I assume was unusual then. I think she must have been a single mum as no mention of a dads name on his birth certificate. Dad was fostered by Mrs Oddy who lived in Brighton but apparently kept in touch with his mum until he joined the Navy at My next traunch of research seems to have disappeared but looking at your posts came up with the same information:.

    A DNA test might be the answer to find your relatives unless you have other snippets of information to research. They had a massive selection and very knowledgeable staff across all genres. The shop was mid way down Shepherds Bush Market under one of the arches.

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    When you first went in through the door there were racks of records. The sales counter was at the back of the shop. Looking at the counter, to the right were listening booths. You could take a record to the counter and they would put it on a turntable. You then went into a booth and could listen on headphones. On a Saturday my Father always took me to this record shop such joy and the smell of vinyl when entering!! We never left without buying an LP. We had quite a collection of records! Sadly, when my Father passed way my brother who was clearing the loft came across them.

    He will keep them now. If you go to my page and look in the shepherds bush album, you will fing photos of the market and WG Stores where many brought their records. I had a soft spot for them for that reason. Hi Please can anyone help me locate Caroline Place, Fulham, where it may have been? Researching old family addresses so that I can visit and take photos, as close as I can. Thanks again, much appreciated. Motors of 20a Waterford Road, Fulham. This could have been any time between about and Any information at all would be most welcome.

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