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When you are far away from home and in a totally foreign culture, your friends become your family. I went to China out of a strong interest in Chinese language and culture. Through trying so hard to understand a different culture, I came to learn more about my own culture, upbringing and identity as well.

Settling abroad: registering with the embassy or consulate

They say that people who have studied abroad are more flexible, creative and resilient than those who have not. My top tip for anyone studying abroad is: be confident, open-minded and optimistic, and you will succeed. I think the stars really aligned for us.

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We all got along and it was really because of them I got to truly experience Parisian culture. With them I experienced Bastille Day, walked along the Seine and had picnics in a ton of different parks.

My mum came with me for the first week or so. When she left, I was a total mess.

How Living Abroad Helps You Develop a Clearer Sense of Self

I felt sick, I wanted to go home and I felt so far away. Once you start working and having a family it all gets a lot more complicated. And also remember you can always go home. When I think about going home I always appreciate life here so much more.

“Your friends really become your family”

Why would I go home to bad weather and inferior coffee? Nope, not for now, thank you. Apart from the obvious language skills and general benefits that come with obtaining a double diploma, moving and studying abroad has broadened my mind immensely about other cultures and countries. I grasped a greater understanding of how differently Chinese people think compared to British people.

During the meeting, it is your job to show the opposite party how you differ from other candidates. Also, you have to ensure that the interviewer realises they need you for the job. Last week, I spoke with a client who struggles with job interviews. He was used to showing his resume, have a quick chat about hours and wages etc. Nowadays, he was asked all kinds of questions he did not see the point of.

The Dangers of Overselling Yourself

Especially questions about his qualities and achievements, which made him shut down. He was afraid that the employer might find him cocky if he would start talking about those. Besides, his CV was self-explanatory, right? A resume is not a self-explanatory document; recruiters wish to learn more about the candidate, hence the request for a few examples. However, in providing examples of oneself, the chance of overselling yourself increases. Effects of Too Much Talking Only claiming to be able to do something does not really sound convincing.

I Smuggled Myself On A Plane to Another City and IT WORKED!!! (IN A SUITCASE)

Giving detailed examples of achievements to back up your claim of being able to do something is better. But the danger lies that a sincere explanation can turn into an endless ramble. Talking too much can be the result of stress, overconfidence or desperation of landing the job—possibly giving the interviewer the false impression of someone who is trying too hard, or worse, someone who is just bragging.

Either way, the interviewer will lose interest in you. The difficulty is that recruiters do not always show this during the interview. Avoid Rambling. Avoiding overselling yourself is not difficult. It may require some training, but the most important thing to remember is that an interview is a two-way conversation.

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  • It is not a question and answer session. Obviously, the recruiter will be asking questions.

    Traveling and finding yourself is good for the soul. Here are my major takeaways:

    After all, they wish to know more about the candidates they have invited. It is also important to ask questions in return, and to inquire after their initial question. For example, the first question often asked during an interview is: tell me something about yourself. It is very tempting to dive straight into the answer, letting loose of the build-up tension.

    But what is it that the other party wishes to hear?