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Accomplished faculty with years of experience working in graphic design positions teach the graphic design courses at Southern New Hampshire University. Students learn from experts in one of the most affordable online programs in the United States. Students learn to translate their own unique ideas through the concept of design, digital, and print media. The graduate certificate in visual communications and graphics design from Southern Polytechnic is designs for working professionals who want advanced certification in an area of expertise.

Dynamic business models that blend communications and design are followed. Online graphic arts and design programs at Stevens Henager College are offered online or in the classroom. The program is self-paced and accredited. Emphasis is on a career portfolio and skills easily translated into the workplace as a graphic design artist. Recognized as one of the premier arts and design schools in the country, The New School offers an accelerated and fast track schedule for students of graphic design.

The online program may be completed anywhere in the world with self-paced curriculum and requirements. The program is well suited for working professionals who are seeking advancement or career changes. The program is rigorous, requiring knowledge that extends beyond the basic technical skills of graphic design. Professional portfolios are required prior to graduation. The major prepares students to work in highly specialized areas of web design, motion graphics, graphic design, and animation.

The program is hands-on and requires a professional portfolio that may be used for career pursuits following graduation. The program combines a mix of print design and interactive media used on the Web and all other forms of media. Numerous design projects are required for the building of a professional portfolio. Students preparing for careers in print and media find the Westwood College Graphic Design program useful to hone skills needed to succeed in the field. Courses are taught online and designed to train students in a wide range of topics, including page layout, web design, and packing and publication design.

A final portfolio is required and may be used to emphasize learned skills to potential employers. Portfolios must include print, digital, and web format pieces. Graphic designers mix art and technology and create visual concepts that communicate ideas through images, whether on the printed page or via website layout. The goal of the graphic designer is to inform, captivate, and inspire consumers through production design, color, and layout. But, in order to acquire this unique skill set that combines art and technology, a graphic design degree is needed.

Online graphic design degrees are offered from accredited institutions, colleges, and universities, in a variety of educational levels. Many programs provide students with the skills necessary to fulfill a professional portfolio requirement, which assists in showcasing work to potential employers. Some schools offer certification programs in graphic design, which allow students to hone artistic ability and analytical skills required for advancement in their graphic design career path.

No matter what level of schooling you desire, online options provide you with the types of programs needed to move into the field of graphic design. Students hone their business skills and develop core technical skills required of the field. Students begin preparing a portfolio early on in their education. Some online programs require that a professional portfolio be completed prior to graduation. Classes, designed to assist with portfolio creation and design, are available, and sometimes required, by the program. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design accredits over colleges and universities, as well as independent institutions, offering programs in graphic design.

Some programs require applicants to submit a portfolio, along with a written statement, showcasing their best visual arts material. Once enrolled, online students take basic skills courses that lay the foundation for art and design in the field of study. Such courses include color theory, art history, introduction to drawing, and graphic design principles. Students are encouraged to keep their work readily available in their portfolio, even during their early years of study. Professional portfolio development classes are often a requirement for graduation. The higher the quality of work presented in the portfolio, the more likely the student is to land employment following graduation.

Both program objectives and expectations are generally the same. Program goals for graduate education in graphic design are different than undergraduate education in a variety of ways. Students learn more than the general skills and basic knowledge of an undergraduate degree in graphic design. Thesis preparation courses and seminars are required. Students work alongside a faculty mentor or with a professional in the graphic design world. Upon graduation, students may showcase their professional portfolio and real-life experience as a graphic designer.

Online graphic design certificate programs are available from a variety of accredited colleges and universities and provide basic skills and knowledge in graphic design. Basic and advanced certificates allow students to expand their skill set or learn the foundational principles of graphic design. Most programs require that a certain number of classes be taken through instructor or self-directed studies.

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Most online graphic design certificate programs provide insight into contemporary software applications, as well as standards and practices taught by professionals in the field. Students are able to expand skills in computer software used by graphic designers to create professional-grade print and media collateral.

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Most programs are taught by certified instructors in Adobe or by faculty with years of experience teaching graphic design or working in a professional art and design environment. Fundamental courses typically offered in an online graphic design certificate program include Foundations or Principles of Graphic Design and Production.

This entry-level course, or variations of it, is open to those interested in learning how to create professional projects such as advertising campaigns, publications, brand books, or direct mail pieces. The program courses, like the foundational one, address the basics of updating career skills in graphic design.

Students learn how to manage client projects, improve the artistic and creative eye, and bring to life skills required of a graphic designer. Taking graphic design classes online can be as effective, and more efficient, than taking traditional classroom courses. Experienced faculty and professionals, who are experts in the field, teach online classes in graphic design that provide students with a thorough understanding of skills and techniques useful in the world of graphic design.

The difference between graphic design and other disciplines, such as fine arts or computer science, is that graphic design combines the best of both worlds — art and design through multiple landscapes. Graphic design programs offer more than textbook study. Most online programs require hands-on activities that prepare students with professional skills seen in the workplace. An immense volume of the work is comprised of visual material production, as well as digital media and design.

Very little bookwork, apart from art history and theory, is required.

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A professional portfolio is typically a requirement in the graphic design classes online, as well as in the classroom. The portfolio consists of the activities and creative work of the student. The portfolio may be used to show potential employers how creative and skilled the student is in the area of graphic design. Few disciplines require the professional portfolio that a graphic design program requires.


Careers in graphic arts and design can be rewarding and fulfilling. Graphic arts careers are found in a variety of organizations and institutions. Graphic designers work in private studios, large organizations and publishing firms, or enjoy work as a freelance graphic designer. Freelance graphic artists and designers create their own schedule and work with individual clients. There is a certain degree of flexibility for graphic designers on the job, especially when working freelance projects.

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  4. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, within the last three years, approximately 24 percent of all graphic designers were self-employed. Below is a graphic design careers list, complete with job title and description. The list is comprised of the more common jobs found within the graphic design field.

    The art, or creative, director is the head of any graphic design team.

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    4. This Don Draper type usually sits in an office and manages a full workload of projects. Creative directors often have graduate-level degrees in fine arts or graphic design and ten-plus years of experience.

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      Many art or creative directors have worked their way up the graphic design ladder to reach their current role as director. They are often the highest paid member of the graphic design team and sometimes the owner of the organization. These positions are available in a variety of organizations with creative departments and require leadership skills and budget acumen. Freelance graphic design jobs allow freedom to choose which type of designer you want to be.

      This career path also allows you to choose what type of project you want to work on day to day. Perhaps you want to specialize in logo design and company branding, or hone your skills as a print publication specialist. As a freelance graphic designer, you may do so. Freelance graphic design rates vary depending on expertise and experience. Logo and branding designers are needed in the contemporary world of marketing, advertising, and publication services.

      Logo specialists who focus entirely on crafting the perfect logo for company branding or individual purposes find employment opportunities in a variety of fields. Historically, the publication industry was among the heaviest hitters when it came to the employment rate of graphic designers. Today, print publication has given rise to web-based publications. However, there is still a need in print publication materials. While the publishing landscape continues evolving, print publication designers remain in demand, but their skill set is modified.

      Graphic design career paths in print publication now include web expertise and application expertise. Print publication designers utilize all forms of media, with print as just one of many types of publication. A senior graphic designer is more a level of experience than an actual job title; however, senior designers are among the most important roles in any graphic design organization or team.

      The senior designer is the voice that less experienced team members listen to when handling projects. The senior designer usually reports directly to the creative director or manager concerning direction and ideas. Online Graphic Design Certificate Programs Online graphic design certificate programs are available from a variety of accredited colleges and universities and provide basic skills and knowledge in graphic design. Graphic Design Classes Online Taking graphic design classes online can be as effective, and more efficient, than taking traditional classroom courses.

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