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If you need early drop off, please check those options as you complete the form. We can't wait to meet you and your child ren in person, and help them reach their goals with martial arts. Phone: What if they could have the best summer ever, all while learning to defend themselves in a program specifically designed with their individual cognitive, physical, emotional, and social development in mind?

If you want to see it at its best, don't look straight at it, but just to the side of it, and you will appreciate how incredibly bright it is in your peripheral vision. Look to the east this week to see The Pleiades coming up on the horizon. Straight above the Pleiades in the east is the Andromeda Galaxy, though it can be tricky to find unless you're under very dark skies.

This, the next galaxy along from our own Milky Way is one of the most distant things you can see with naked eyes. Yes, it's just a fuzzy patch, but again, look slightly to the side of it and you will see more of it. If you have trouble, there's more help in the link below.

Missed The Perseids? Although it's beginning to getting lop-sided in the west just after dusk, it remains the anchor of the fall night sky. I'm an experienced science, technology and travel journalist interested in space exploration, moon-gazing, exploring the night sky, solar and lunar eclipses, astro-trave Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Mars is still bright and dominates the southern sky. Jamie Carter. June 4-Aug. Austin Craft Lounge is located on 5 acres of Hill Country land shared with horses, bunnies, and chickens. Ages 12 and up. Ages 5 and up. Austin Creative Art Center, W.

Kids will do more than just cover classic rock tunes, they'll learn to compose their own jams. Camp culminates with a performance at Stubb's. Beginners and experienced players are invited. June 3-August Finally, every student will take part in a student concert at the end of the week, free to all friends and family. June ; July Aug.

PXV – Echo

They offer everything from art safaris and dinosaur sculptures to Photoshop and flying clay on Laguna Gloria's 14 lakeside acres. Feeling jealous of your child? Adult classes are also available on a wide variety of topics. Cordovan Art School, Mesa. There are a variety of themes to choose from all summer long.

Dragon Alliance Product Showroom 12222

Have your kid explore their creativity through art, theatre, music, and creative writing. June ; July Kids Kitchen, Dandridge, Cedar Park. Kids learn multiple instruments and different genres of music through educational classes, high-energy activities, and jam sessions. End session band performance will be available for parents to attend. Parkside Community School, W. Students will learn to play and arrange songs using notation software, record their arrangements, and end the season with a live performance onstage with professional musicians.

Instruments are available for loan or purchase. Guitarists, keyboardists, vocalists, and drummers are placed in bands based on their ages and abilities.

China Holidays & Festivals

Andrew's Episcopal School; showcases at the North Door. Campers have two weeks to form bands, rehearse, record a CD, and play live with an audience at the end of their journey.

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June and July Austin School of Music, B W. Ben White; Hwy. In addition to photography, children will work with other mediums, including painting, collage, and more. Dance camps are available too, and others focus on puppeteering, improv, audition techniques, and more.

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  • These are the Welsh castles where you can see Caerphilly's gigantic dragon this summer;
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Kindergarteners to 5th graders. The fully equipped studio will have the little crafters working alongside professionals. Creative Side Academy of Austin, W. Various locations. Courses culminate with a show for parents and friends. Students are encouraged to dance to the rhythms of their own heartbeat. Each week has a different theme. She or he is sure to love this overnight camp run by UT, where kids spend most waking hours immersed in the study and performance of the Bard's works.

Rancho Pillow, Schuster Rd. The folks from ColdTowne Theater offer a different focus for different age groups each week. Dance, jazz, hip-hop, theatre, tumbling, ballet, and more keep the limbs active with one of these themed weeks. Kids explore a number of themes, from ancient civilizations to food art to tall tales and everything in between.

Esther's Follies, E. What could be better to satisfy the bug for trickery and illusion? Prepare for puppetry, ventriloquism, storytelling, and, of course, magic. Journey IFC, Woodrow. Campers will explore both, with a theatre performance at the end of the week. In just one week, campers will go from auditions to opening night. The young'uns can test out their feet with half- and full-day camps with themes.

7 weeks untill the summer [Demo] - McFly [Español & Ingles]

More experienced dancers should register for their summer intensives in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, and more. Each session concludes with a mini student showcase. Research Other camps cover musical theatre, acting, playwriting, and design. Grades There will be a staged reading of all of the students' new plays at the end of the week, and visits from guest published playwrights.

Change and Tradition

Scottish Rite Theater, W. After a week of working on flexibility, coordination, confidence, and strength, campers showcase their abilities at a performance. Does your kid already know a step ball change from a shuffle ball change? Then one of the studio's intensives might be more their speed. There are offerings for every level of performer including themed weekly variety camps, advanced musical theatre workshops, and teen actor intensives.

Kids receive hands-on instruction from industry professionals. David's Episcopal Church, E. Teens dive a bit deeper into coding, hardware, motors, and more. Campers participate in challenging labs and then apply their new smarts during fun, aquatic field trips: scuba diving, snorkeling, and more. Classes run June , July , and July Aug. See website for details.

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They will also be partnering with Game Worlds for camps on different aspects of game production, such as audio, design, and business development. Austin Fencers Club's camps introduce kids to the modern sport of fencing - a fun and safe way to learn to wield a sword. Fencing trains both body and mind, developing fitness, agility, critical thinking, and good sportsmanship.

It builds strength and reflexes, while teaching students to think analytically and solve problems. All equipment is provided. All supplies are included, so all you have to do is drop your child off and see what they create! Austin School of Fashion Design, S. Each week has a different theme to explore and is designed specifically for that age group.

Campers will spend time out on zoo grounds as well as in the air-conditioned classroom. Austin Zoo, Rawhide Trl. Hone poetry, prose, and playwriting skills and add work to the anthology, which is released at a camp-concluding party. Kids afraid to get messy knead not apply. Chinese With Meggie, E. This is an all-levels camp for youth ages , and no previous experience is necessary. Lache Movement Co. Code Ninjas, E. Palm Valley Blvd.

Dragons | Senegal Summer Travel Abroad Program in Africa

Fans of critters will want to check of the Wild Texas camp, while kids with energy to burn might be into Rocks and Rivers. Ages 8 and up. June June May ; July These summer camps will teach your kid about healthy food options alongside the science and joy of the kitchen.