Manual Deer Hunting: Attracting Deer To You

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Standing corn and soybeans are both extremely attractive to deer. While corn offers mostly carbs useful to add fat on a deer , soybeans have fat and protein to help rebuild muscle tissue as well.

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Limit yourself to only hunting food sources in the afternoons, since deer will likely make their way back to beds before daylight and stay there for the day. Take a step, scan ahead of you in every direction, wait and listen for activity, and then take another careful step. But this approach can be great when the conditions are right and bucks are spending their days resting up.

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How to attract whitetail to your land | My Land Plan

If you have concerns, please contact your local DNR official. The Rokon is a light-weight all wheel drive, off-road motorcycle that goes where other ATVs can't! Buck Magic Owner with Ted Nugent. Learn from the best!

Three Top Locations for Deer Hunting Properties

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  • We sell our special, US patented Buck Magic formula to outfitters, game preserves, deer-study scientists, private hunters, and photographers with outstanding results. At Buck Magic, in addition to providing our customers with the best deer attractant available on the market today, we also believe in giving our customers the best service possible. The tree will continue to grow for a few years from the downed tops, creating thick growth. Deer, and bucks in particular, will often bed right at the base of these trees looking out into the open areas.

    How To Attract Deer To Your Yard

    That way they can smell predators from behind them and see anything in front. One of the best things you can do to enhance the attraction power of cover on your property is to simply leave it alone. Sure, go ahead and do some TSI maintenance every few years, but otherwise leave these areas completely untouched.

    Try to keep a 5- to acre sanctuary if you can, but smaller ones will attract deer too. Food plots can offer a tremendous amount of calories for deer herds almost year-round.


    The key is to plant species that will provide food when most of the surrounding area is deficient. For example, if you live in an agricultural area where surrounding farms are covered in corn, try planting a late-season brassica mix, which will provide calories after the corn has long been harvested. The other key to food plot success is diversity. Instead, plant each plot with a different species or blend. Does will move around between these plots to eat, while bucks will do the same and use them to check for estrous does.

    20 Tips To Make You A Better Deer Hunter

    Deer require water to survive year-round, but it is especially important in the hot summer months. Actually, multiple smaller water sources are better for deer so they do not have to travel so far and feel comfortable using them. One simple way to add water is to cut 55 gallon plastic drums in half so that you have two pieces you can counter-sink into the ground.

    These small pools will collect rainwater for deer to use.