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Your bull cane will be the life of any party and one of the best "conversation pieces" in your home. These canes are absolutely beautiful and built to last a lifetime.

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Most of our canes are inlaid with novelty items like the indian head penny or the buffalo nickel. However, if simplicity is more to your liking, you may purchase one of these canes in it? Click Here to order a plain cane, or customized cane. Legend has it that Doc Holiday, Bat Masterson, Jack dempsey and others all carried similar canes in the past.

Inspired by his great grandfather John taylor, Ross Taylor has been making these canes here in West Jordan Utah for years now. Due to popular demand, we have decided to offer these unique items to the public through dealers as well as internet and mail order. We are sure that you will be happy with your Bull Cane for years to come and it will surely become a family heirloom. Take a look at the different models and styles that are available and make your selection.

Legendary Buffalo pro wrestler Dick 'The Destroyer' Beyer dies at 88

Both come with an inlay arrowhead that is an exact replica of an arrowhead found at the sight of the "Little Big Horn Battlefield". The General Custer Cane comes in brass. The Crazy Horse Cane comes in chrome. As you can probably see by now, We love America and we love the West!

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Most of our products have a unique western flair about them and these canes are no exception. This unique part of western Americana will be a conversation piece for years to come.

The four buffalo coins are minted by the U. These products are extremely durable, built to use and last a lifetime. All Rights Reserved W.

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Bull Canes Here at Ross Taylor Originals we create and handcraft some of the world's most unique products. He was Beyer's career spanned nearly 40 years and included nearly 8, matches in the United States and Japan, where he rose to superstardom. Beyer, who famously fashioned his first mask out of a woman's girdle, wrestled under his given name and without a mask when he began in But he gained worldwide fame when "The Destroyer" was born in He also wrestled for All Japan, becoming the first American wrestler to sign with a Japanese company, and the American Wrestling Alliance, among other promotions.

It's been a blessing. The WWE issued a statement expressing sadness about the death of the "masked wrestling pioneer" and noting that "Beyer thrilled fans and terrified opponents for three decades.

Buffalo Dick’s Radio Ranch

He was an insanely important personality in Japan at the time and was the measuring stick for an American's success in that country. Last year, the Japanese government presented Beyer with the Order of the Rising Sun under the Gold and Silver Rays class, which is the second-highest level. The honor was bestowed for a lifetime spent promoting goodwill and bi-cultural exchanges between Japan and the United States.

It was almost a riot.

Lion Kill - Suffocating and eating Testicles and Penis OFF - World of Animals

It made news over the world. It really put Dick over as the No. It had been frozen the night before. He literally did a wrestling match, but nobody knew the alligator was dead. The fans thought the Destroyer killed the alligator.

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To hear him tell it, it was hilarious. He also is the only guy to beat Victor the Bear, the pound bear. He beat up the bear. I am instant identity.